CHAPTER 65: Megalomaniacal Scheme

Dai Shinnoma, rightful ruler of the Planet Earth, was amused.

The great demon could hardly believe that Earth's wimpy defenders would attempt to stand up to him - But here were four of them, three Super Saiyajins and a human, preparing to fight. The scene was so pathetic on the part of the Earthlings that Dai Shinnoma allowed himself the luxury of a slight chuckle.

"Find something amusing, little man?" the Saiyajin named Broli rumbled.

"Why, yes," Dai Shinnoma told him with a smirk - it would do good to make his opponents uncertain. "I find you four amusing. Super Saiyajins - PAH! You ARE aware that my men could defeat you all without much trouble."

Broli's face twitched a bit, but Nappa pushed past him with one great hand. "Bring on the freak show!" he called with a vicious grin. "Let's see some action!"

"Bring 'em on," Bra put in. Krillin said nothing.

Dai Shinnoma was mildly surprised by their enthusiasm, but managed to hide it completely. "You seem quite confident," he said quietly, then paused for a few moments before finishing his sentence. "Perhaps Riipuuruu will be able to change that."

Picking up the prearranged cue, the shadowy form of Riipuuruu flew towards Nappa, slashing with his scythe. The burly Saiyajin leapt backwards as Broli charged in, driving his knee at Riipuuruu's head. Dai Shinnoma smirked - He knew full well what would happen.

Broli's knee passed through Riipuuruu's head as if it were nothing but air. The insubstantial reaper didn't even flinch; however, he DID whirl and deliver a wicked flying slash which slashed through Broli's shirt, leaving a broad bleeding cut along his chest. His eyes wide, Broli leapt back, as did Bra and Krillin, while Nappa gaped from his aerial position.

"No way!" Krillin exclaimed. "He didn't even phase him!"

Dai Shinnoma was amused by their surprise. "Of COURSE Riipuuruu wasn't hurt," he pointed out. "Riipuuruu is already dead."

"A ghost?!" Bra half-screamed.

"I prefer the term 'spectre'," Riipuuruu hissed.

"As much as this banter amuses me," Dai Shinnoma said, "I'd much rather get this little confrontation over with, hmm? Do carry on, Riipuuruu."

"Coward!" Broli roared. "Can't even fight for-" He was interrupted as one of Riipuuruu's attacks forced him to leap back.

"Oh, I'd fight you myself," Dai Shinnoma replied. "But it's sooooooooo much more amusing to let my henchmen do it for me."

Even as Dai Shinnoma was speaking, Riipuuruu closed in on Broli again, hammering the gigantic Super Saiyajin with repeated scythe blows. Raising both hands, Broli swiftly erected a shimmering shield of white energy, deflecting the scythe blade. At the same time, Bra executed a Zanzoken technique (which Dai Shinnoma effortlessly detected) and blurred up beside Riipuuruu, letting fly with a beam of yellow-white ki.

The beam passed through Riipuuruu's body and kept going, with no effect at all. Riipuuruu ignored the Saiyajin girl and continued to hammer at the stronger Saiyajin who was Broli.

Dai Shinnoma chuckled slightly. "Don't you get it?" he called. "You can't defeat Riipuuruu. He may not be the strongest fighter of the bunch, but he IS invincible when it comes to defense."

There was no reply from the Earthlings. Dai Shinnoma merely smirked, settling to the ground again to watch the fight.


Raditsu couldn't believe his eyes.

"Food," Majin Buu said with a giggle, waddling over to pick up the Babidi chocolate-bar. "Yum." Grinning, he bit into the candy, finishing it off in six seconds flat.

"That is some incredible power," Piccolo Daimaou breathed.

"Well, it's been nice knowing you all," Kakarotto murmured.

Buu turned towards the Saiyajins slowly. Raditsu steeled himself and waited for the blow which would kill him.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

"You... hi!" Buu shouted, waving his chubby hands in the air. "Buu!"

"He thinks we're friends," Bardock said quietly. "Maybe it's because Babidi forced him to wake up when he didn't want to."

"You have a point," Kiwi replied in an equally quiet tone. "I once knew a guy who woke up a Betellian Giant Scratten. It ate him on the spot."

Raditsu watched Buu warily, seeking any signs of deceit on the pink being's part. One look at Buu's face, however, discouraged that possibility - Buu was DEFINITELY too innocent and vapid to be a liar.

"Me friend!" Buu shouted. "Buu!"

Cautiously, Raditsu approached the fat pink creature...