CHAPTER 64: The Battle of Satan City

AUTHOR'S NOTE: The FUNKYmation Man mentioned in this story may or may not have similarities to a FUNimation employee - Either way, he's there just as comic relief.

While Raditsu and the others went about their business near Majin Buu's location, another group of fighters had just landed at Satan City. The largest members of this group were Broli and Nappa, though Bra was also a noticable presence - not because of her size, but because of her figure. One would probably have been so busy staring at the two Saiyajins and the half-Saiyajin that they would hardly have noticed Krillin.

"I don't see anything," Krillin said as he looked around the bustling metropolis that was Satan City. "Do you suppose that Dai Shinnoma isn't coming?" He looked around again, but all that he saw was a weedy guy in thick glasses and a T-shirt reading 'FUNKYmation'.

"He's coming," Broli said, pointing towards the northeast. Krillin followed his gaze... and almost soiled himself.

A cloud had been rolling through the northeastern sky, but now that cloud was being torn apart by five blazing red fireballs. Flying at the forefront was the azure-robed and hooded figure of Dai Shinnoma; spread out behind him came his cronies, Devella and the Shi-ma Tokusentai. Before the little bald dude could speak, the five beings had descended a distance away from the group; a strange shadow hung behind them.

"Look who decided to show up," Nappa snorted.

"I can't resist a good party," Dai Shinnoma replied coolly. "They always said that I was a wild man."

"Let's get on with this," Broli said sharply, stepping forward and steeling himself; the FUNKYmation man had turned to watch.

"Sure." A smirk crossed Dai Shinnoma's visage. "Why wait to kill you?"

"Send to the next dimension," the FUNKYmation Man muttered.

Broli shot the FUNKYation Man a brief glance, then looked back at the demon group. "I'm afraid your plans are going to be cut short," he said with a small smile. He lifted his chin... And without any warning at all, Broli's hair shot up and flared to bright gold, and his eyes faded to green. Upon seeing the burly fellow go Super Saiyajin, Krillin nearly fell on his posterior in surprise.

Dai Shinnoma didn't seem too impressed. "How droll," he said simply. "You think that two Super Saiyajins can kill me."

"Send to another dimension," said the FUNKYmation Man.

"You shut up, or I'll send YOU to another dimension," Dai Shinnoma snapped at the FUNimation Man.

"Never!" shouted the FUNKYmation man, straightening and holding one hand in the air. "I am Sailor FUNKYmation, the Champion of Dubbing! On behalf of the innocent children, I will censor you!"

"Take care of him, Riipuuruu," Dai Shinnoma sighed.

The shadow behind the demons suddenly lurched, congealing into a black-robed skeleton wielding a scythe. Krillin stiffened with terror, watching as the Reaper aimed one finger at Sailor FUNKYmation. With a flash of green, Sailor FUNKYmation vanished.

"He's been sent to another dimension," said Riipuuruu in a voice like ice.

"How fitting," Dai Shinnoma murmured, turning back to Broli. "Bring it on," he said. "Let's get this little farce of a fight over with."

"One moment," Broli said with a smirk. "Nappa?"

"Right." The burly Nappa clenched both of his fists, letting out a loud roar that nearly deafened Krillin... And with a flash of gold flame, his beard and mustache turned gold; his eyes flared into green. Nappa, too, had become a Super Saiyajin.

[God,] Krillin thought. [This is freaking me out.]

"Well well," Dai Shinnoma chuckled. "Trying to level the playing field, I see. Well, it's not gonna-" he whirled around quickly enough to see Yamcha hurtling towards him, carrying a baseball bat. The robed demon hopped into a hover, kicking Yamcha in the head and sending him flying over the horizon.

"How the hell'd HE get there?" Bra inquired.

"I dunno," Krillin told her. "He shows up when you least expect him."

Dai Shinnoma rotated again to face Broli and the gang. "That's been taken care of," he said. "Shall we begin?"

Krillin steeled himself and prepared to do battle.