CHAPTER 63: Buu and Babidi

Babidi looked terrified enough to piss his pants.

Kiwi watched with amusement as the frightened little sorcerer tried to flee from the battlefield, running smack into Piccolo Daimaou. With a scream, Babidi ran in another direction, but Kiwi dashed in front of him, smiling innocently as Babidi screeched to a halt in front of him. However, he didn't give Babidi time to run; instead, he grabbed the critter by the collar and held him up in the air.

"Let GO of me, fish head!" Babidi screamed. He was actually crying now.

"This has started to lose its appeal," Kiwi said blandly. "Listen, insect. Cancel that spell on Bardock or I'll release it myself."


"I'll just kill you. You can't maintain a spell when you're dead."

"Don't kill me!" Babidi blubbered. "I'll release him. Just don't kill me!"

"I knew you'd see it my way," Kiwi said with a smirk. "Now release him."

"Put me down and I will."

Still smirking, Kiwi set him down. "One wrong move and you're dead," the squidlike warrior informed the cowering magician.

"Right," Babidi said before turning to face Majin Bardock, who was currently fighting King Vegeta - Kiwi was rather surprised to see the Saiyajin monarch alive again. Lifting two fingers, Babidi shouted out one word, twice: "PAPARAPA! PAPARAPA!"

Almost immediately, Bardock dropped sharply downwards, recovering several feet from the ground and bringing both hands up to clutch his head. And something else was also happening. Kiwi stared at the shimmering black sphere as it began to crack open.


Raditsu breathed a sigh of relief as the 'M' on Bardock's forehead vanished. The spell had been broken. "Thank God that's over," he said simply. "It was starting to-"

A loud tearing noise interrupted him. Raditsu whirled around quickly... To see the black sphere tear itself in two. He watched in surprise as the ebony halves vanished, revealing what lay inside.

The item concealed within the sphere was a being - a rather fat one. The creature was pink and bore a long length of flesh extending back from his head - a forelock. It wore a blue vest and a pair of baggy white pants... and its happy and perky expression hinted at a childish intelligence.

"YES!" Babidi screamed, thrusting his arms into the air. "FEEL THE POWER OF MAJIN BUU!"

"You are... Truly the master of evil," Darbura grunted between slashes at Cirell. His breathing quite suddenly degenerated into a choke as the girl stabbed him through the stomach. As Cirell coldly slid her sword out of Darbura's stomach, the pink fighter began coughing up blood, finally falling backwards with his sword falling from his grip.

Babidi didn't seem to notice that his henchmen had died. "THE UNIVERSE WILL BE MINE!" he screamed. "COME FORTH, MAJIN BUU, AND SHOW THESE FOOLS THE MEANING OF TRUE EVIL!"

"Buuuuuuuuu!" came Majin Buu's perky reply. "Hee hee!"

Raditsu began to laugh. [If this is the ultimate evil, then pigs have sprouted wings and flown!] he thought.

"Oh God!" Kakarotto cackled. "That is just GREAT!"

Babidi was staring at Buu with a stupefied expression. "Come ON!" he howled. "Show them your power!"

"Hungwy!" Buu giggled. "Food!"

Still chuckling, Raditsu descended to stand beside Cirell. Kakarotto did likewise; King Vegeta joined them, supporting the stumbling and bleeding Bardock.

"He's like a child," Cirell murmured. "Buu, I mean."

"The girl's observation seems accurate," Vegeta said with a nod.

"I don't HAVE any food!" Babidi screamed at Buu. "Go kill the Saiyajins! Kill them! Kill them!"

"Food foost!" Buu giggled.


Buu just grinned as he pointed a chubby finger at Babidi. "You... food," he said. "Give food?"


Still grinning, Buu fired a thin silver beam from his extended finger. The ranting Babidi wasn't fast enough to dodge, but he did scream as the beam hit him. A silver light engulfed his body...

And when the light faded, all that remained was a chocolate bar.

Raditsu couldn't believe his eyes.