CHAPTER 62: Rising Crown

Even as Majin Bardock squared off against his sons, Mr. Popo faced a far more intimidating creature - the coiling shape of the Eternal Dragon Shenron. It hadn't taken the fat genie long to gather the balls, and it was now time to carry out Kami's orders.

"State your wish and it will be granted," Shenron growled down at Mr. Popo.

Mr. Popo steeled himself as he looked Shenron right in the eyes. "Bring King Vegeta back from the dead!" he demanded.

"It cannot be done," Shenron stated. "King Vegeta has been dead for over a year."

"Listen, you overgrown lizard," Popo said irritably. "I have the permission of North Kaiou-sama and Kami in this matter. Bring him back here!"

"Then we are at an impasse. I cannot contend against the wishes of two gods, yet I am equally unable to resurrect the body and soul of King Vegeta of the Saiyajins."

"Can't you at least try?"

"I shall. Perhaps the word of North Kaiou-sama shall empower me." The great dragon's eyes flashed to a brilliant red glow... and a few feet from Mr. Popo, a human-sized chunk of air began to shimmer and waver, condensing into a grainy image of King Vegeta. Shenron's body tensed and untensed as he fought against the limitations of the universe, struggling to hold King Vegeta in the mortal plane.

He's not strong enough, Popo thought with alarm. We could lose the King.

A moment passed, an agonizing moment which seemed to be an eternity. Popo sighed with relief as King Vegeta's form finally solidified.

"It's about damn time," was all the King said before he leapt into the sky and flew off, leaving Mr. Popo to stare after him in confusion.


Raditsu grunted with effort as he blocked one of Majin Bardock's kicks, fighting back with a one-two punch attack which connected with the Majin's head. The old Saiyajin merely clenched his teeth together and said, "That's two more minutes added onto your slow and agonizing death." He then launched into a flurry of punch attacks, forcing Raditsu to defend himself with both arms.

And then something smacked into Majin Bardock and sent him flying. Raditsu blinked as he saw that Kakarotto had delivered the hit. His gaze wandered to the other two battles going on below.

Cirell was still holding her own against the pink creature named Darbura. Her hit-and-run tactics, however, seemed to connect less and less as Darbura adapted, smoothly moving his blade to parry each strike as he switched to a more defensive style. His massive bastard-sword whistled through the air as he jumped at Cirell with a quick attack, which she blocked; Darbura then jumped back, dropping onto the defensive again.

Piccolo Daimaou and Kiwi continued to toy with Babidi - but they were now passing him back and forth like a sponge ball, ignoring the little wizard's cries of protest. Both the purple alien and the green demon bore smirks on their faces as they played Babidi-ball.

The black sphere nearby showed no signs of action.

Raditsu was quickly jolted back to his own battle as Majin Bardock leapt towards him... but the Majin was quickly thrown back down again as an all-too-familiar person materialized in front of him. Raditsu gaped.

The new arrival was King Vegeta of the Saiyajins.

"What the hell?!" Kakarotto exclaimed. "How'd HE get here?!" King Vegeta merely looked up at them with a sly grin, then looked back down at Majin Bardock, who was rising to his feet again. "Well now," the king said smugly. "Attacking our own children, are we."

"Get the hell out of my way," Bardock growled. "Old windbag."

"Sorry, but I'll stick around for awhile."

Bardock snorted once, then lunged at Raditsu again. But King Vegeta was once again there, giving a strange battle cry-

"Kaio-ken times two!"

As the king's cry rang out, Raditsu felt Vegeta's power shoot up dramatically. The Super Saiyajin stared as Vegeta's body was engulfed in red flame. The king drove his burning fist into Bardock's stomach several times before the flame winked out and his power dropped to normal again.

Clutching his stomach, Majin Bardock reeled slowly backwards through the air. "Bloody... bastard!" he growled as he straightened stiffly.

Raditsu watches as the two combatants squared off...


"Cirell was right," Broli shouted back at the group flying behind him. "I can sense Dai Shinnoma's power approaching Satan City. We should get there before him, but there won't be enough time to plan an effective tactical defense."

"So just fight him!" Bra snapped. "Kill him!"

"A tad vehement," Broli murmured as the group flew onward.