CHAPTER 61: Majin Mania

Clenching his fists tightly, Raditsu backed away from the softly chuckling form of Majin Bardock. "Listen to me, father!" he growled. "You can break free of this."

A smirk spread across Majin Bardock's face. "I don't feel like it," he said. "More than ever now, I have the power." His voice once again faded into the soft and malevolent chuckle as he raised a fist slowly. The fist's motion suddenly accelerated so that it snapped up at a fast rate... And with that motion, Bardock's hair flickered to gold and his eyes faded to green. Gold flames engulfed his body as a great cloud of dust shot outward from his body in all directions.

Raditsu could only gape, though his green eyes did blink once in disbelief. The two Super Saiyajins stared at each other, their golden hair rippling in the wind.

"Now kill him!" Babidi cackled! "G'ho ho, kill him! Let's see some fun!"

"This should truly provide most excellent amusement, master," Darbura murmured.

Majin Bardock merely grinned at the two aliens before turning and lunging at Raditsu with a backhanded punch. Raditsu leapt into the air, away from the punch, and called up the power of Bukujutsu flight in an attempt to bring the fight to the skies. However, he noticed a sword-wielding figure rushing at Majin Bardock.

With a brisk war cry, Cirell moved to attack Bardock from behind with a sword slash... But a pink form materialized in front of her, carrying a gigantic hand-and-a-half sword - a bastard sword. Darbura's six-foot blade easily deflected Cirell's strike, allowing Majin Bardock the opportunity to leap into the air after Raditsu. As the possessed Saiyajin did so, Kiwi and Piccolo Daimaou strolled leisurely towards Babidi, grinning like Christmas.

"Crap!" Bra shouted suddenly, even as Raditsu parried several of Majin Bardock's kicks. "Cirell! Dai Shinnoma attacked Satan City RIGHT NOW in our time!"

"We'll hold them here!" came Cirell's heated reply. "Take the others and go fight him off!"

"Right!" Moving quickly, Bra leapt into the air and screamed off southward, followed by Broli, Nappa, and Krillin. However, Kakarotto remained.

Raditsu was suddenly jolted back to the battle as Majin Bardock kicked him in the jaw. Spitting out a bit of blood, Raditsu dropped back into a defensive pose - if this were a normal opponent, he would've fought, but he didn't want to harm his own father. The younger Super Saiyajin allowed himself to be driven back...

And then Kakarotto was there, grabbing Majin Bardock from behind in a powerful bearhug. "Not so fast, Pops!" the short Saiyajin growled. "Hold still!"

"Let GO of me, you fool!" Majin Bardock roared. He strained against Kakarotto's grip.. and easily broke free, whirling and driving one elbow into Kakarotto's chin. Kakarotto fell backwards several feet. Steeling himself and facing the inevitable, Raditsu reluctantly moved in, executing a spin-kick and hitting Majin Bardock square in the head.

Spitting up blood, Majin Bardock stumbled in midair, but regained his composure quickly. Growling, he whirled towards Raditsu with a powerful backhand, which Raditsu caught in his right hand. Bardock then threw a hook punch, which Raditsu also caught. Locked in a strenuous grapple, father and son struggled to overtake the other.

Gritting his teeth together, Raditsu brought his right knee upward in an attempt to hit Majin Bardock from below, but the elder Saiyajin matched the movement, and their knees connected with a burst of energy. Raditsu tried with the other knee, but Bardock's knee came up to block it. Resorting to a desperate trick he'd seen in a movie, Raditsu brought his right knee up to distract Majin Bardock... and then bashed his head into that of his possessed father.

The pain was intense, ringing through Raditsu's skull like some gigantic bell. However, Majin Bardock seemed to be worse off, descending towards the ground rapidly but leveling off a few yards from where Darbura and Cirell duelled.

Raditsu took advantage of the free moment to glance at Cirell and Darbura. The pink critter seemed baffled by Cirell's tactics, which consisted of hit-and-run strikes with her sword. The quick strikes drew little blood, but they DID serve to piss Darbura off. Roaring, the pink warrior hurtled at Cirell, swinging his bastard sword madly at her... only to have his attacks deftly parried.

In the meantime, Kiwi and Piccolo Daimaou were amusing themselves by tormenting Babidi. The little bug-eyed magician whirled from facing Kiwi, rushing frantically towards the hills... until Piccolo Daimaou blurred up in front of him. Babidi quickly turned in a ninety-degree angle, but Kiwi was waiting for him, smiling with exaggerated innocence. And so it continued - wherever Babidi tried to run, Kiwi or Piccolo Daimaou would block him.

And then Majin Bardock was in Raditsu's face again, winding up with a powerful ki blast, one which Raditsu barely managed to block. However, Majin Bardock's knee hit Raditsu's stomach with force, causing the younger Saiyajin to spit up blood onto his BADMAN shirt. Clutching his stomach in pain, Raditsu floated backwards and looked up at his father with a scowl.

"Oh God, that was fun!" Majin Bardock grinned. "I haven't had THIS much fun fighting since that campaign on Botaccosei."

"Snap out of it!" Raditsu bellowed. "Come ON!"

Majin Bardock merely smirked. Raditsu steeled himself for another attack, hoping to God that he wouldn't have to kill his own father.