CHAPTER 60: A Confusing Turn...

High atop the earth hovered the bowllike shape of Kami's Lookout, home of the six thousand year old god known as Kami. This very same Kami was standing his courtyard, examining one of his palm trees.

Age had taken its toll on Kami long ago; unlike his counterpart Piccolo Daimaou, Kami was rather stooped and bore countless wrinkles across his frail green form. His pink muscles had long since withered to yellow, but said muscles were unseen beneath the old god's voluminous white and blue robes. In his hand he held a gnarled oaken staff.

Standing nearby was a chubby black critter in a vest. "What's wrong, Kami?" asked the fat being.

"I sense a strange force, Mr. Popo," Kami wheezed. "Almost as if something evil were stirring."

"What? Evil?" Mr. Popo's eyes widened slightly.

"Right. And I can't explain it... But I think I know who can." Closing his eyes, Kami reached out with his mind into the Void, making contact with the mind he needed after a moment. Kaiousama, he send the thought out.

The thought that returned brought with it irritation. WHAT is it?! I'm rather BUSY here!

Sorry, Kaiou. Could I ask a favor?

Fine fine fine, if it will get you off my back.

We're having some problems over here on Earth - there's an immense dark energy source out there which I can't pinpoint. Can you try it?

Honest to Dai Kaioushin, Kami. I swear, you Kamis whine to me every time you break a nail. Hold on. There was silence for a moment.

Well? Kami thought. Can you-

HOLY SHMEEEEEEYEEEEEEET! Kaiou thought intensely, his panic almost bowling Kami over.

"What?" Kami said aloud. "What's wrong, Kaiou?"


Cold fear gripped Kami's heart tightly. H-how...? he thought. How did they...?

Okay, it's like this, Kami. The sorcerer Babidi has come to Earth and is awakening Majin Buu from his confinement. However, Majin Buu's tossing and turning in his sleep is sending out ripples of dark energy. Not only that, the Makyo-sei is approaching. The sheer energy emitted by both these sources was enough to overpower the seal on Daimaha Volcano, allowing Dai Shinnoma to escape. It also shattered the Denshi Jar, freeing Piccolo Daimaou, and I wouldn't be surprised if Garlic Jr. made an appearance.

You're kidding.

I'M NOT KIDDING, Green Bean! Listen, get Mr. Popo to collect the Dragonballs. When he has them all, wish King Vegeta back from the dead. He's strong enough to be a major factor.

Right. I'll go to it. Scowling, Kami broke the connection. "Popo," he said, still staring at his palm. "Go find the Dragonballs and contact me when you're finished."

"Got it, Kami," Popo replied before scampering off, leaving Kami to struggle with the fear that had erupted within him.



This was the word, screamed from Babidi's mouth, that echoed around the barren plains as the little sorcerer aimed his hands at Bardock. Raditsu braced himself to defend his father...

But nothing seemed to happen.

"Let me guess, that was the Nothing-dama?" Kakarotto laughed. "The Paparapa? What a dope!"

"Oh, you'd think so, wouldn't you," Babidi smirked.

Before he could say anything, Raditsu was hurled forward by something striking him in the back with extreme force. He whirled around in surprise to gaze upon his assailant...


"His forehead!" Broli snapped. "Look!"

Raditsu got over his surprise and looked to the scowling Bardock's forehead. The big Super Saiyajin's jaw dropped as he noticed the 'M' emblazoned there.

"Meet Majin Bardock!" Babidi cackled. "Your own father will strike you down! G'ho ho, this is RICH!"

"You are truly diabolical, master," Darbura murmured.

Getting over his shock, Raditsu backed away from Majin Bardock. However, the Majinized old Saiyajin walked slowly after him, chuckling softly...