CHAPTER 6: Flight

Raditsu leaned against a pillar in the foyer. It was almost midnight; Kiwi and Zarbon would show up any minute now. He looked around at the other three Saiyajins present. Kakarotto was standing near the trapdoor, while Bardock and Nappa conversed quietly by a bench.

"We're here," came a quiet, accented voice from behind Raditsu. He rose to see Zarbon and Kiwi standing there, wearing their armor.

"About time," Bardock told them dryly. "Raditsu, Kakarotto, lead on."

"Yes, father," Raditsu said obediently, stepping over to the carpet.

"Wait," Kiwi said suddenly.

Raditsu and Kakarotto turned to face him. "What?" Kakarotto asked.

"Let me run a scouter sweep," Kiwi suggested. "If anyone's watching, we'll know they're here."

"He's got a point," Nappa rumbled.

"Scan, then," Bardock ordered.

The purple soldier lifted a purple finger to his scouter, tapping a button on the side. Numbers began to scroll across the scouter's visor as he looked about slowly. "I'm getting something," he hissed. "Five powers, running this way... three five thousands, a ten thousand, and a fifteen thousand."

"The fifteen and the ten are mine," Zarbon muttered.

"I've got the five thousands," Kiwi offered.

"What about us?" Raditsu protested. He hated being left out of a fight.

"Get Broli," Zarbon told him. "These are probably assassins, so we'll want to leave the planet."

And then there was no time to talk as five burly Saiyajins came charging out of the right hallway. Shouting a battle cry, they attacked, but Zarbon and Kiwi were ready. The blue-skinned ambassador lunged at the tallest Saiyajin, simuntaneously firing a small blast at a short, wiry assassin, while Kiwi began to unload powerful blasts of ki at the other three assassins.

"Stop staring and come on!" Bardock snapped as Kakarotto yanked open the trapdoor.

Snapping out of his reverie, Raditsu turned and jumped through the trapdoor.


The three assassins were caught off-guard by Kiwi's attacks, but managed to escape with minimal damage. Chuckling a little, Kiwi zeroed in on the shortest assassin, his fist flying into the man's stomach and exploding out his back, dripping blood. The Saiyajin coughed up a huge amount of blood, but none of it hit Kiwi, as he blurred and kicked another assassin across the room.

Off to the side, Zarbon was holding his own against the two assassins, but he was still taking a beating. Finally, he leapt back and grinned. Kiwi knew what was going to happen next.

Zarbon's body actually seemed to ripple as the transformation began. His arms burst into muscular tree trunk-like appendages, almost ripping his wristbands. His legs did likewise. With a loud roar, Zarbon's head expanded into the crude, lizardlike cranium of his transformed state. Finally, his chest puffed out, causing his armor to expand.

The four assassins gawked, their eyes bugging out as they stared at the transformed Zarbon.

Zarbon was first on the attack, driving his huge knee into the chest of the taller of his two assassins. The assassin fell back as Zarbon whirled on the other one, but Kiwi had no more time to watch as the weaker two assassins attacked him, their fists flying at his face. He easily batted aside the pathetic attacks and caught the taller of the two across the jaw with a roundhouse kick, following with a ki blast which vaporized the reeling Saiyajin. The last assassin tried to flee, but Kiwi blurred into his path and kicked him in the head, decapitating him.

Having already killed the other assassin, Zarbon finished off the tallest of the attackers with a ki blast to the head, then straightened. His bestial features sucked inward, reverting to his normal prettyboy self. "Let's go," he ordered.

"Right behind you," Kiwi nodded as he followed Zarbon into the trapdoor.


"We're going to have to leave," a huge, black-haired Saiyajin was saying as Kiwi and Zarbon entered the cellar. "Vegeta's figured us out."

"So the assassins were his?" Raditsu asked him.

"Without a doubt," the big Saiyajin nodded.

"So you decided to show up," Kakarotto remarked with a glance to Zarbon and Kiwi.

"Shut up," Kiwi muttered.

"The big fellow is Broli," Kakarotto added.

"Pleasure," Broli said blandly. "Now let's get moving. We're going to Sector Kappa."

"Kappa?" Bardock frowned. "That's the most vile hive of scum and villainy in Vegeta Capital."

"I know," Broli grinned. "Vegeta won't think to look there for us. MOST Saiyajin warriors avoid the place like the plague."

"And what will we do there?"

"We'll hop a freighter to Freeza Planet 1," Broli shrugged. "We'll fill Freeza in on the plot. Zarbon will vouch for us, so he'll have to believe us. Now, let's get going." Without another word, the massive Saiyajin shouldered his way towards the trapdoor and hopped upwards. The Saiyajins followed him, but Kiwi and Zarbon hung back for a moment.

"I'm worried about this," Zarbon admitted. "What if that damn monkey actually succeeds?"

"Don't even suggest that," Kiwi told him as he stepped towards the trapdoor, leaping through it. He did not, however, say that the same thing had occurred to him. He didn't even want to think about what would happen if Vegeta won.