CHAPTER 59: How To Make Things Even More Complicated

Also unbeknownst to the Z fighters and Piccolo Daimaou, a group of offworlders stood around a shimmering black sphere. The leader of this group was a short little critter who looked like a demented merging of a donkey and a catfish. He wore flowing blue and red robes, and tattooed in the center of his forehead was an archaic 'M'.

Standing behind the little critter was a much larger being, colored in pink and sporting a rather jutting chin, as well as a mustache and a goatee. He wore a dark black vest and a pair of blue pants, as well as a golden belt, and he carried a wicked broadsword. The 'M' was present in this being's forehead, as well.

The final being looked a LOT like an armored fish. The creature's head was quite long and plated in white, save for a smirking purple mouth and a pair of thin yellow eyes. His white breastplate bore a spike jutting back from each shoulder; as well, he wore a black jumpsuit, white boots, and white gloves. Also a part of his appearance was the omnipresent 'M'.

"This really bites," the little donkey-fish critter growled. "We don't have enough power to open the sphere."

"Shall I go and procure some?" inquired the pink being.

"No, Darbura," the critter told him. "I'll handle it."

"Yes, lord Babidi."

"And conveniently, there's a large group of powers heading in our general direction," Babidi said with a grin. "VERY considerable strengths. If we can puppet one..."

"Then we can use its energy," Darbura finished. "There's a demon with them; will you use that one?"

"Nah. I'll think of something on the spur of the moment and use it."

And then there was no time to consider, as the group of powers landed - a green demon, a bald little man, a purple fish thing, and seven others, including two females...


The first thing Raditsu noticed was the trio of beings standing around a strange black globe which was suspended several feet over the barren landscape. The second thing he noticed was that all the beings bore an 'M' in their foreheads. And the third was that they were all pretty powerful... except for the thing that looked like an armored fish.

"I guess we should've expected this, too," Cirell murmured. "In our time, Chaozu and Tenshinhan vanish after going to investigate a UFO sighting out here. I guess these people are what killed them..."

"Stop that," Krillin groaned. "It's disheartening to know how your friends die."


"Just be quiet," Raditsu muttered. "My head hurts." He shoved past the others and shouted at the trio of aliens - "Hey! Who the hell are you?"

"Very diplomatic fellow, isn't he," Kakarotto mumbled.

"Hardly," Krillin mumbled back.

"On Vegetasei, that passes for mild diplomacy," Broli pointed out. Krillin blinked.

The smallest of the three aliens, a thing that looked like an unholy unifying of catfish and donkey, spoke up. "You may call me Babidi," he called. "These are my associates, Darbura and Puipui." He indicated each one in turn.

"So what the hell are you doing here?"

"Nothing important. I'm just gearing up to destroy the entire universe."

"Oh." Raditsu suddenly caught himself. "Wait a second!" he snapped. "Get the hell off this planet or I'll rip you limb from limb!"

"Look at me, I'm shaking in my little boots," Babidi replied blandly.

"You aren't wearing boots."


"Just GO! We don't have TIME to put up with your shit."

"I think I'll stay."

Raditsu clenched his teeth. Fully intent on killing Babidi and his cronies, he let his ki blaze up around him, venting his anger into the transformation to Super Saiyajin, His hair flared to bright gold, and his eyes faded to green as a gold flaming aura erupted around him. A sudden massive rise of power caused Raditsu to look to the side... to see that Cirell and Bra had also become Super Saiyajins.

Babidi merely chuckled. "G'ho," he said. "I've anticipated this. Puipui?"

The armored fish critter stepped forward. "Yesh, mashter?" it said with a vicious grin.

"Take care of these Saiyajin."

"Hehehehe, okay Mashter."

Cackling insanely, Puipui lunged at Cirell and drove his fist into her stomach... with no visible effect. Cirell looked down at him, then smiled and grabbed him by the neck, drawing back her arm and then hurling Puipui into the sky. Raditsu's gaze followed the flying alien as it burned up in Earth's atmosphere. Oh God, that was great! he thought. If these two really ARE my daughters, then I'm bursting with fatherly pride.

"Holy... damn!" Babidi screeched. "He was training in ten times gravity! He should have annihilated you!"

"Sorry," Raditsu said with a smirk. "We've all been training in two hundred times gravity."

Babidi's jaw dropped, then snapped back up again. "No matter," he muttered. "It's time to unload the BIG GUNS!" And with that, he let out a loud scream of, "PAPARAPA!"...

And pointed two fingers at Bardock.