CHAPTER 58: Even More Confusion

Unbeknownst to the so-called "Z Gang" and Piccolo Daimaou, the Makyo-sei was once again closing in on Earth. And with it came enough energy to empower a certain demonic critter.

A memory ran through the head of Garlic Jr. even as he drew upon the Makyo-sei's energy...

Seated upon his throne within his dark fortress, Garlic Jr. could only laugh at the team of rebels facing him - A tall, bald and built human with three eyes, a little white floating midget thing, a short bald guy, and a fat, fat, fat, and SUPER FATASS human with a sword in one hand and a chicken leg in the other. "G'ho ho, this is absolutely pathetic!" the little demon laughed. "You stupid humans don't stand a chance!"

"Your confidence will be your downfall," the three-eyed man said darkly.

"Hey, got any more chicken?" asked the fatass as he finished off his food, tossing the bone aside.

Everybody ignored the portly human.

"You should've stayed away," Garlic Jr. said pointedly, lifting a stubby finger. "Now I'm going to kill you, stuff you, and mount you on my trophy wall."

"I really don't think so," the triclops said with a shrug as he stepped forward. In mid-stride, he looked over his shoulder at the floating doll-man. "Stay back, Chaozu," he ordered. "I'll handle this clown."

"Be careful, Ten," Chaozu replied, his expression creasing with worry.

"Krillin, if I go down, you take him, right?" Ten said, glancing at the other bald guy.

"Right." Krillin nodded, his expression one of determination.

"What about me?" the fatass shouted.

"If Krillin goes down, you and Chaozu get to fight him, Yajirobe. Just chop at him, since you're a wuss."

"Then why'd you bring me along, huuuh?"

"You're the only one of us who can pick locks," Ten shrugged.


"This should be good," Garlic Jr. chuckled. He knew that their attack would be futile.

Suddenly, Ten blurred out of view. Garlic Jr. was suddenly lifted off of his throne from behind. Startled, he yelped and thrashed, turning his head to see Ten holding him in the air. With another hand movement, Ten flung the little critter into a pillar. Garlic Jr.'s body screamed out in pain as he smashed right through the column, causing it to collapse.

Gritting his teeth, Garlic Jr. pushed himself out of the rubble. "That does it, three-eyes," he growled. "I'm sick of you! FEEL the power of the DEAD ZONE!" Cackling, Garlic Jr. raised both hands... and tore a hole in the fabric of reality.

It was a fairly exotic technique, opening the Dead Zone, and cost Garlic Jr. a considerable amount of ki. However, the effort was worth it - the Dead Zone would suck up and imprison anything, a prison guarded by the Makyo-sei's somewhat lazy vigilance. Beyond Garlic Jr's new tear undulated the bleak darkness of the Dead Zone, ready to engulf anything.

Still laughing, Garlic Jr. watched the pathetic humans being sucked towards the Dead Zone's bulk. However, he was unprepared for Tenshinhan's surprise attack. The triclops rushed up, grabbed Garlic Jr. by the collar...

And hurled him into his own Dead Zone.

Garlic Jr. howled a scream of terror and loss as ultimate dominion slipped from his fingers, and the Dead Zone slid shut as the energies used to hold it open were thrown into chaos by the wails of their diminutive user.

It had been this way for six years - trapped within an agonizing realm of pain, suffering, and blackness. Not even Garlic Jr. could stand the torment for long.

But now, the Makyo-sei was close, feeding energy into the Dead Zone. And Garlic Jr. was nearly ready to free himself...