CHAPTER 57: The Tale of Piccolo Daimaou

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I've altered the timeline a LOT here in regards to Kami and Piccolo.

As the smoke from the Daimaha Volcano eruption gradually died, Raditsu seated himself on a particularly large boulder. The others, including the green Piccolo Daimaou, did likewise.

"So what's the scoop, Green Bean?" Kiwi asked the being.

"I told you not to call me that," Piccolo Daimaou muttered. "It goes like this..." he paused. "I hope you're ready for a decently long story.

"I am Piccolo Daimaou, son of Piccolo Daichouma before me, and the ultimate product of my branch of the Piccolo line. My ultimate great grandfather was created six thousand years ago, when he was formed as a result of the current Kami ejecting the evil within himself-"

"You're evil?" Kakarotto interrupted. "Then why are you helping us and not the other guy?"

"Desperate times," the green being muttered. "Now where was I... Oh yes. Shortly after my ultimate great grandfather was spawned - his name was also Piccolo Daimaou - a dark force arrived on the planet Earth, originating from the Realm of Darkness. This evil was named Dai Shinnoma.

"Dai Shinnoma's team of five Shi-Ma-Tokusentai ravaged the planet, murdering and destroying and the like. However, they could not seem to destroy Kami - who was, thanks to some odd miracle of the former Guardians - rendered effectively immortal by the fusion of their essences with his.

"A final battle between the two was inevitable, but not before my ultimate great-grandfather Piccolo Daimaou went up against him. He was no match for Dai Shinnoma, who forced an acolyte of Kami to imprison him within the miniature realm inside the Denshi Jar. The family went on that way until now, but outside, Kami finally succeeded in sealing Dai Shinnoma within a volcano.

"But something has supplied Dai Shinnoma with the energy to escape," Piccolo Daimaou said darkly. "I can feel it, too, but I don't know what it is."

Raditsu paused for a moment, trying to sense anything unusual, but nothing was there. "I don't sense anything," he admitted.

"The ki signature is very subtle. I think that only beings who are technically demons can track it."

"Then it's a dark energy?" Bardock put in.

"Precisely," Piccolo Daimaou said with a nod. "It's a dark energy signature emanating from SOMEWHERE on this planet. It's almost as if something even more evil than me were awakening, and its tossing and turning is stirring up enough stray energy to feed Dai Shinnoma."

"Can you track it at all?"

"I can get a vague location on it, but nothing specific."

"Then let's go."

"Why the hell not." The old Saiyajin and the green demon stood up. Raditsu followed them, suppressing a sigh.

This was getting to be a VERY weird day.