CHAPTER 56: Demons on All Sides

Devella's incantation slowly died off, and Raditsu started as the air in front of the devil-woman began to shimmer and undulate, slowly forming into three globs of the shimmering mass.

"What the hell is she doing?" Kiwi muttered.

"It's a spell of summoning," Broli replied, watching Devella's spell take effect. "She's most likely summoned these Shi-Ma-Tokusentai that Dai Shinnoma talked about."

"So she's summoned more demons?" Raditsu said with a scowl.


Raditsu turned back to watch the shimmering air... and started as the wavering solidified into humanoid shapes. The first of the shapes was a gigantic man, eight feet tall and bare-chested, revealing his blue skin. He wore a metal mask over his mouth and a domed helmet over his head, leaving his red eyes as the only visible part of his face. Those eyes, cruelly angled, held no semblance of sanity. On the right side of the being's neck, a small silver disk blinked with a red light in the center.

The second figure was about as tall as Raditsu, but more slender of build. With long white hair and tanned skin, this one actually looked human - or he would have had it not been for the gills on his neck and the mottled greenish skin along the sides of his face. A jutting nose, high cheekbones, and a certain slant to his eyebrows added to a proud yet malevolent visage. He wore a red tunic and a pair of black pants.

The third figure was almost as big as Nappa. A blocky head sat atop a stumpy neck, bearing the crude and brutish expression of a barbarian. His nose was pushed up like a hog's snout, and his beady black eyes were sunk deep beneath a sloping brow. Crowning his bald, black-skinned head was a cap made from the fur of a raccoon - complete with the tail. Gripped tightly in his gigantic hands was a brutal war axe.

"Excellent," Dai Shinnoma remarked as he looked over the three new arrivals. The diminutive devil's smirk, however, slowly reversed. "Where's Riipuuruu? " he asked Devella.

"He's around," Devella replied, brushing back a strand of hair.

"Ah." His smirk returning, Dai Shinnoma looked at the group of Saiyajins (plus Kiwi and Krillin). "So which one of you wants to die first?"

"Cut the crap, Dai Shinnoma," Cirell snapped. "Your goons won't be able to beat three Super Saiyajins."

"Oh, I beg to differ."

"Prove their power, Dai Shinnoma."

"Alright." The blue-grey creature lifted one gnarled hand. "Gobuuriino. See to it."

"D'okay," grunted the axe-wielding creature in a deep and dopey voice. Lumbering forward, the crude Gobuuriino hefted his wicked axe a few times... then blurred in behind Raditsu, swinging a vicious blow at his neck. However, Raditsu had anticipated a back attack, and he whirled to grab the axe in mid-swing, blazing into Super Saiyajin as he did so. Swinging the axe almost by the blade, Raditsu hurled Gobuuriino away, but the primitive demon stopped in midair, lunging at Raditsu again.

Gobuuriino didn't make it halfway there. Raditsu started as a green blur flashed in and nailed the gigantic demon square in the gut. The blur moved to the ground, and solidified into another being - with green skin, pointed ears, and small antennae, the newcomer seemed to fit the description of 'little green man' very well. Only this little green man was taller than Raditsu and was VERY muscular, though not brutish.

"So that's why," Bra murmured.

"What?" Raditsu muttered at her.

"In our time, Dai Shinnoma came alone because his henchmen were dead. Now we know who killed them - this fellow, probably."

"And just who the hell are you?" Dai Shinnoma was asking the green newcomer.

"You might call me your kinsman," the being replied in a deep 'don't-mess-with-me' voice. "But if you really need a name, it's Piccolo Daimaou."

"LET KILL!" screamed the helmeted demon, straining towards Piccolo Daimaou. The implant on his neck suddenly flashed an even brighter red.

"Down, Belzubbo!" Dai Shinnoma snapped, and the blue demon slumped into motionlessness. "We can continue this fight another day. For now, we're headed to the old fortress. Come on, Devella. Bring the others." Without another word, Dai Shinnoma rose into the air, his ki flashing red about his body. Devella, Belzubbo, Gobuuriino, and the white-haired demon followed.

"And just where does he think he's going?" Kakarotto inquired as the five demons flew away over the horizon.

"I don't care," Raditsu muttered. "This is too damn weird. Especially Green Bean here." He jerked his thumb in the general direction of Piccolo Daimaou.

"Don't call me Green Bean," Piccolo grumbled. "Sit down and I'll tell you all about it."

Shrugging, Raditsu seated himself atop a rock. The others did likewise, preparing to hear Piccolo Daimaou's story.