CHAPTER 54: Daughters of WHO?!

Krillin sat upon a boulder, with the lavender-haired girl standing near him and the blue-haired young lass practically in his lap. The dull light of the stars made the scene seem even more mysterious. "So what is it you wanted?" he asked the sword-wielder, who had sheathed her weapon in the scabbard on her back.

Looking around, the lavender-haired girl stooped closer to Krillin's ear. "My name is Cirell," she whispered. "My companion is my little sister Bra. We're... from the future."

"WHAT?!" Krillin half-shouted. Raditsu looked over at them, scowling.

Cirell raised a hand to ward off the big Saiyajin, then continued speaking. "One week from now, a volcano will erupt near Satan City. You MUST tell Raditsu and the others to go there, because that event will change the history of the world."


"A demon is trapped in that volcano, a demon named Dai Shinnoma. He was sealed in there sixty thousand years ago by an ancient Kami, but the spell is wearing thin. He's impossibly powerful... but he caught everyone by surprise and killed them before they could put up a defense of any kind."

"Oh... Anything else?"

Cirell's voice dropped even lower. "Don't tell Raditsu yet, but Bra and I are his twin daughters."

"NO WAY!" Krillin burst out. Raditsu glanced at him again, but the bald human grinned a fake grin and waved him off.

"Don't tell him!" Bra whispered sharply. "If he knows, he might decide not to have us."

"Especially if you talk to him," Cirell said pointedly.

"I'm not THAT annoying!" Bra protested.

"Yeah you are. You're a slut, too."

"Don't call me a slut!"

"Well, you ARE practically giving Krillin here a lap dance."

Blushing a bit, Bra scootched away from Krillin.

"So is that all?" Krillin asked as he stood up, brushing off his orange gi.

"Yes," Cirell said with a slow nod, a movement which caused her rich lavender hair to ripple.

"Alright, I'll go tell them."


Raditsu watched as Krillin and the two girls approached the group again. "You won't believe this," the bald man said, his expression a bit skeptical. "These two claim to be from the future and told me that it's been ravaged by a demon named Dai Shinnoma."

"That's nice, but do they have names?"

"The one with the big sword is Cirell. The other one is Bra."

"I like your name," Kakarotto told Bra with a very evil grin. Bra glared at him.

"Both of you put a fricking cork in it!" Cirell snapped. "Now listen up. Next Wednesday, you MUST show up at the volcano near Satan City before noon, 'cause when that volcano erupts, Dai Shinnoma will break free."

"What happens if we don't show?" Nappa grunted.

"In the future we're from, you never show up at the volcano," Cirell said with a flat expression. "Dai Shinnoma's henchmen kill all of you save for Gohan and us two-"

"Who the hell is Gohan?" Raditsu interrupted. "We've been here four years and I don't remember any Gohan."

Kakarotto actually managed to look ashamed as he said, "He's my son."

Raditsu almost fell on his ass in surprise. "What the hell?!" he spluttered. "You have a KID?!"

"Yeah. He's one year old."

"Who's the mother?"

"Chichi, the daughter of Gyuu Maou. We named the kid Gohan after her friend, an old man who died just before the birth."

"I pity the poor kid," Broli rumbled. "With Kakarotto as his father figure, God only knows how little Gohan will turn out as he grows up."

"Hey!" Kakarotto protested. "I'm not THAT bad!"

"Yes you are," Kiwi put in.

In spite of himself, Raditsu started to laugh.



"Yes, my servant?"

"The time is close at hand."

"I am aware of that, my servant."

"What shall we do, Master?"

"You shall leave it to me. When our prison spews forth its molten content, we shall ride the crest of the magma wave into the land that is our birthright."

"I am excited, Master!"

"As you should be."

"Shall I rally the rest of the Shin-Ma-Tokusentai?"


"I hear and obey, Master."

Within the heart of the Daimaha Volcano, an ancient life stirred...