CHAPTER 53: Mirai no Babes

Unbeknownst to the people of Earth, a trio of metallic space pods descended through the atmosphere, colliding with the planet amidst an unpopulated meadow...


Metal Koola 01 stepped out of his space pod, rising up as his olfactory implants registered the scent of scorched grass and rock. Looking to the side, he saw Metal Koola 02 standing there. Metal Koola 03 had landed somewhere beyond the mountains.

The Metal Koolas had been sent by the remnants of Koola's scientists with one goal in mind: Destroying the Super Saiyajin Raditsu.

Suddenly, a strange sensor blip registered in 01's brain. He looked sharply to the left, his emotionless mechanical calm unruffled by the sight of a strange machine flashing into existence several feet away. The machine's dark glass cockpit swung open, revealing...

A pair of rapidly-moving blurs.

Metal Koola 02 was the first to be hit, staggering backwards and almost falling into his crater. 01 quickly tracked the attackers, looking up into the sky to see them floating there, unmoving.

Both of the attackers were female. The first one wore a black jacket with the insignia of 'CC' emblazoned on the sleeve; beneath it, she wore a white shirt and a pair of jeans. Her rich lavender hair hung to her waist, and her azure eyes seemed to glow... with hostility. Resting in her right hand was a formidable sword.

The other female was slightly shorter, and her eyes bore much less malevolence. This girl wore a red top that showed off an unwholesome amount of midriff, as well as a pair of black pants. Her hair was blue, and cut shorter than that of her sword-wielding companion.

"Lower your power levels and prepare to be destroyed," 01 hissed at the two girls - both of who couldn't have been more than eighteen years of age. "Resistance is futile."

"And if we don't?" asked the lavender-haired girl; her rich, throaty voice caused 01's aural receptors to twitch a little.

"Then you will be eliminated," 02 stated, stepping up beside 01.

"You couldn't eliminate us if you tried," the girl scoffed.

"State your objective."

"In short, we're here to kill you."

02 was suddenly knocked off his feet as the blue-haired girl hurtled forward, kicking the Metal Koola in the face. As 02 fell on his posterior, the girl brought both hands forward... and with a loud yell, her hair flared into bright gold and her eyes faded to green. The sword-wielding girl instantly underwent an identical transformation.

01 stared. The memory engrams of the original Koola had informed him of a Super Saiyajin transformation... this was it. But these girls couldn't be Saiya-

His train of thought was interrupted by the more scantily-clad of the Super Saiyajins placing her hand on 02's chest and firing off a huge ki beam that blew the Metal Koola apart.

"Nice shot," commented the sword-wielder.

"Thanks, sis," grinned the other. "You can take the last one."

Before 01 could react, the girl with the sword was in his face, slashing downward with a powerful blow of her weapon. The Metal Koola flinched... and nothing seemed to happen.

And then the girl began to split in two. It took 01 a few seconds to realize that he had been cut in two, but by the time he had, his neural circuits shut down, killing him instantly.


Strangely enough, Krillin was the first man on the scene - so he was the first to see the mangled robot and the two incredibly gorgeous blonde girls standing over it. As the little bald guy watched, the two girls suddenly transformed - one girl's hair changed to lavender, the other's to blue.

"What the hell?" came a familiar voice from behind. Krillin looked over his shoulder to see the Saiyajins standing there - it was Raditsu who had spoken, garbed in his favorite BADMAN shirt. With him stood Kakarotto, Bardock, Nappa, and Broli. The squidlike Kiwi stood a distance away, scowling.

"You have any clue what's going on?" Nappa grunted at Krillin.

"No idea," Krillin admitted. "My best guess is that those girls there chopped up that robot."

"I did feel some incredibly powerful ki being flung around out here," Raditsu noted.

The lavender-haired girl stepped forward and beckoned to Krillin. Slightly surprised, the little bald guy walked over to her, curious as to her intent.

This was going to be a strange day indeed.