CHAPTER 52: The Proposal

Two months slowly pass. Raditsu and Bulma have gone out on several dates, and discovered that they love each other dearly. Kakarotto has been making regular visits to Chichi's home, while Broli and Nappa have gone off to seek employment.

Now, Raditsu is ready to attempt the most trying technique yet...


Raditsu sat by the pool of the Capsule Corporation compound, clad in his white "BADMAN" T-shirt and a pair of khaki shorts. However, rather than his normal confident expression, Raditsu's face bore the evident lines of worry and concern.

Perhaps it was the object in his hand that spawned his worry. It was a small red box, hinged with gold.

[I don't think I can do it,] Raditsu thought to himself as he looked at the box. [I love her, but I don't think I can work up the guts to do it...]

[Nonsense. I'm a Super Saiyajin. I'm supposed to be completely fearless! I can't let a thing like this scare me.]

His mind made up, Raditsu rose from his chair and moved to the side of the house, where Bulma was busily watering the garden. She wore a one-piece red bathing suit with a pink towel about her waist.

Raditsu waited for a moment, then cleared his throat rather loudly.

Bulma looked up sharply, then smiled. "Oh, hi Raddy," she said happily. "What's up?"

Steeling himself, Raditsu approached her slowly. "I have to ask you a serious question," he said in a low voice. "We've been together for a while now, right?"

"Sure, it's been almost a year and a half since you first came to Earth, I think."

Raditsu looked down for a moment. [I... can't do it,] he thought. [But I've come this far, so I'm committed now.] "I..."

"Yes?" Bulma's eyes focused on him curiously.

Raditsu's hands actually trembled as he took Bulma's right hand and placed the box in it, flipping it open to reveal the diamond ring concealed within. "I... would be..." His cheeks burned. "...honored if you would... marry me."

Bulma's face immediately flared into a brilliant red blush. "Oh my God," she murmured as she stared first at the ring, then up at her Saiyajin suitor.

"Yes," she whispered. "Yes... I will." Then without warning, she flung her arms about his neck and kissed Raditsu with passion. Recovering from the surprise, Raditsu kissed back.

The two remained that way for quite some time.


About six months later...


Raditsu couldn't remember much of the wedding night. He vaguely recalled being on the verge of vomiting out of sheer nervousness, and standing at the altar reciting the necessary formalities that made human weddings so long and drawn out. A party had then been thrown, which he remembered little of... and then the real wedding had occurred in the honeymoon suite, since a Saiyajin couple was wed after the first time they...

I'm sure you get the drift.

The pillow and mattress were soft beneath Raditsu's body, but he barely noticed them, instead concentrating on Bulma's steady breathing and the warmth emanating from her. He had never really loved anyone in such a way before, and he was glad to have finally experienced this feeling.

It wouldn't be long now until he and Bulma were blessed with a child - he could hardly wait. A son to pass down the Saiyajin ways to... what Saiyajin warrior hadn't dreamed of it?

He had already decided that his son would be named Bardock, in honor of his aging father. He was certain that the elder Bardock would be pleased with the choice of the name.

Smiling, Raditsu let his eyes drift shut, and he fell asleep.


Gyuu Maou strolled down the hall to his daughter's bedroom, whistling a little tune as he went. He had ordered a huge meal prepared for this morning - of course, their Saiyajin visitor would probably eat it all and beg for more. But despite the man's huge appetite, Gyuu Maou rather liked Kakarotto.

Smiling, Gyuu Maou swung Chichi's door open... and almost went ballistic with rage.

Curled up within the pink silken sheets was Chichi. However, lying beside her with his arms about her body, was Kakarotto. Their clothing was strewn callously about the room.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!" Gyuu Maou roared.

Kakarotto was up immediately, jerking on his pants as Chichi also leapt up and pulled on a long sweater. "What does it look like?" the Saiyajin snapped.

"Get out of here! NOW!"

"If he goes, I'm going with him!" Chichi declared adamantly.

Gyuu Maou felt himself foaming at the mouth before his rage choked him and he lost consciousness. When he awoke, Kakarotto and Chichi were gone, and their clothing with them.


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