CHAPTER 51: Krillin-O-Rama

Raditsu awoke to find a note sitting on the kitchen table, signed by Kakarotto. Apparently, the short sibling of the Super Saiyajin had left to track down someone. "Little nimrod," Raditsu muttered as he threw the note in the garbage.

"What?" Bulma called from the den.

"Kakarotto's gone pimping," Raditsu told her.

His reply was a loud laugh. "Kakarotto?!" came Bulma's incredulous exclamation. "You're kidding!"

"He is a ladies' man," Bardock remarked as he stepped into the kitchen, wearing a dress shirt and brown pants. "Like his father."

"Keep dreaming, father," Raditsu said with a wry grin.

"He isn't dreaming," Nappa grunted as he lumbered into the kitchen, clad in a grey T-shirt and black jeans. "When he was younger, Bardock was a veritable pimp daddy. He settled down when he married your mother, though."

Bulma burst out laughing again.


Krillin was sitting with his back against a tree, looking into the crystal waters of a forest pool. He had just finished another rigorous training session, and was ready to check his power level again. Picking up his scouter, he aimed it at himself and touched the button, then put it on quickly before the reading clicked off:


"I really AM getting stronger!" Krillin said with a vast grin. "This is great! Soon I'll-"

He was interrupted by something large hitting the pool with a huge splash, drenching the little bald guy in water. "What was that?!" he exclaimed as he rose to look.

A man was rising from the pool, his long hair mussed and his right hand gripping half of a shotgun. "What the hell are you staring at, baldy?" he growled. "Gimme all the money you got and any Hoi Poi Capsules you might have."

Krillin scowled, dropping into a defensive stance. "You can't just take my stuff!" he growled. "You bandit!"

"Just shut up and do it."


"GIVE ME THE GOODS!" Without waiting for a response, the bandit moved on the attack, directing a punch at Krillin's head. The bald warrior leapt over his assailant, kicking him powerfully in the back. The bandit let out a labored breath and stumbled forward, barely keeping his footing.

Curiously, Krillin touched a finger to his scouter and looked at the bandit. The scouter flashed for a moment, and then registered...


"Just leave," Krillin advised the bandit. "I don't really want to hurt you. If you leave now, I won't have to."

"I'm not leaving, you bloody bald midget! Give me your stuff!"

Krillin sighed regretfully, then leapt into a Zanzoken maneuver, blurring in front of the bandit and picking him up by the collar, then hurling him over the horizon. The thief's scream faded into nothingness as he rapidly flew out of sight, landing a great distance away.

Krillin looked down at his feet, then up at the sky again. "I didn't have to do that," he murmured. "I shouldn't have hit him so hard. Maybe all this training is making me vicious..."

The nagging worries gnawed at the edges of Krillin's consciousness as he floated up into the air, calling up his white ki aura and blazing off towards his temporary home on Turtle Island.


While this was happening, Kakarotto was asleep, sprawled out on the couch in Gyuu Maou's spacious lounge. Chichi stood silently nearby, wearing a fluffy white robe and regarding the sleeping Saiyajin with a small smile.

[He's so peaceful,] she thought to herself. [I shouldn't wake him...] Her smile not fading in the least, she turned away and walked back to her room, her robe rustling against her body as she moved.