CHAPTER 50: Chichi

It was midnight, and the soft light of the stars cast subtle shadows about the Capsule Corporation compound. However, it was easy to miss the open window in the darkness, and the short but muscular figure slipping out of it.

Kakarotto, clad in a white CAPSULE shirt and khaki pants, stepped out onto the lawn and closed the window quietly. His reason for escaping the compound was fairly strange - there was someone he wanted to see again.

With one swift motion, Kakarotto whipped out a Hoi Poi capsule and thre it to the ground. It snapped open in a cloud of smoke, which faded away to reveal an aircar. Silently, Kakarotto slid into the driver's seat and took off, the car's engine technology barely giving a whisper.


Chichi stood at the window of her bedroom, clad only in a puffy robe. Her bare feet sunk into the soft carpet as she leaned on the windowsill, gazing out into the starry night and wondering where on Earth he was.

She had only seen him once, but his looks and his incredible power had thrilled Chichi. She had fallen in love almost instantly.

Even though she didn't even know his name, Chichi was nevertheless in love with the man who had blown up her father's old castle.

"Chichi!" shouted her father (Gyuu Maou) from somewhere in the castle - his huge voice DID have a habit of carrying far. "There's a guest here. Get dressed and come downstairs."

"Coming, Father," she shouted as she drifted towards her closet. She quickly picked out a red gown, daringly cut at the bodice and the back. Shedding her robe, she quickly slipped on undergarments and then the gown. Finally, she turned to regard her reflection in a nearby mirror.

The look still needed something.

A pair of gold earrings lay on her nightstand - they had belonged to her mother before she had died. Chichi scooped up the earrings and clipped one onto each ear, then dug into her top drawer and emerged with a golden necklace, draping it about her neck. Slipping into a pair of high heels, Chichi started towards the sitting room.


Kakarotto had seated himself in a large overstuffed chair and was talking idly to the oversized Gyuu Maou. The gigantic human wasn't wearing his armor this time - instead, he wore a white dress shirt, black pants, and a smiley face tie.

"So, what brings you back to my castle?" asked Gyuu Maou, leaning forward to examine Kakarotto more intently.

"Not a whole lot," Kakarotto lied with a shrug. "I was in the area and decided to drop in." [You have a hot daughter.]

"Well, we're just happy to have visitors," the huge man said with a grin. "By the way, how did your hunt for the Dragonballs go?"

"We got what we wanted, sort of."


"I'm here, father," came a familiar voice. His eyes alight, Kakarotto turned towards the staircase... and almost fell out of his chair.

It was Chichi, and she was even more beautiful than the last time he'd seen her. Her red dress was cut quite boldly to reveal a great amount of cleavage and lower leg, and she wore a smile on her face as she returned Kakarotto's awestruck gaze.

[Holy shit,] Kakarotto thought to himself as he continued to stare. [She's the absolute hottest woman I've ever seen.]

"Kakarotto, this is my daughter - Chichi," said Gyuu Maou, grinning as the smiling Chichi sat down on the sofa next to Kakarotto. "Isn't she pretty?"

"Y-yeah," Kakarotto replied, giving a small grin. "Just gorgeous."

Chichi blushed a little, but gave Kakarotto a quick smile.

Moving at a quick pace, a young boy rushed in with a huge helping of roast beef. Kakarotto resisted the urge to run up, grab the beef, and swallow it whole. Placing the beef on the table, the servant scurried away.

"Alright, everyone, dig in!" Gyuu Maou said enthusiastically, grabbing a fork and knife seemingly out of nowhere.

The feast was over in no time, thanks to the ravenous Kakarotto and Gyuu Maou. Chichi sat back and watched, giving a little giggle occasionally. The conversation shifted to more general matters after that.