CHAPTER 5: Foreign Aid

Kiwi sat across from the two Saiyajins, Raditsu and Kakarotto, unable to swallow the tripe they were feeding him. Somehow, he doubted that King Vegeta would risk defeat in some half-assed plot against Freeza. "I'm not convinced," he told them.

"Neither am I," Zarbon said from his spot beside Kiwi.

"What will it take to convince you, then?" Raditsu asked.

"Some solid proof, for starters," Zarbon told him.

"We have a page of King Vegeta's diary proving that he's guilty," Kakarotto told him.

"Then where is it?"

"Our father has it," Raditsu replied blandly. "He should be along at any moment-"

As if on cue, Bardock and Nappa stepped abruptly into the room, not even bothering to knock.

"You could've knocked first," Zarbon said dryly.

"Why?" Nappa asked him bluntly.

"Nevermind. Sit down."

"I'll stand," Bardock said in a quiet voice. "Read this." He handed Zarbon the rather rumpled page from Vegeta's journal.

Zarbon's eyes skimmed carefully over the page. "This is his writing, alright," he agreed. "I didn't think he would be dumb enough to write this shit down, though. Kiwi, read this."

Kiwi took the paper from his blue-skinned superior and read it over. [What an idiot,] he thought. Another part of his brain screamed to run into the throne room and blow Vegeta's head off, but he knew that it would be futile - King Vegeta's power level was over three hundred thousand according to the scouter. "Bitch," was all he said as he lowered the paper.

"We HAVE to strike first," Zarbon declared. "If we can bring this to Freeza, he'll be able to use it to smash Vegeta's plans to bits."

"Wait," Raditsu said. "Let's talk to Broli first."

"Who in the blazes is Broli?"

"A friend of ours," Bardock told him. "You'll understand tomorrow at midnight. Meet us in the foyer."

"Got it," Zarbon and Kiwi said simultaneously. A strange thought gnawed at the back of Kiwi's mind - the suspicion that he was about to get in deep, deep shit.

He failed to notice the short, thin Saiyajin hiding in the airduct...


King Vegeta watched as the thin spy scampered away, restraining his fury. How DARE that freak Broli steal from his journal? And how dare he rebel against a royal command? If infuriated the monkey-tailed monarch to know that someone would go against HIS word! He was a veritable god! NOBODY questioned him!

Vegeta was not the brightest of men, but he knew an opportunity when he saw one. Thus, when a shunned noble had approached him with the prospect of gaining control of Freeza's empire, he had eagerly accepted - what ruler would NOT pass up the chance to increase his dominion? And now, a freakish Saiyajin was trying to stop him.

He was NOT about to let that happen.

King Vegeta had hidden the fact that he was a Super Saiyajin from his court; as a result, they did not know that his power level was five million, for he was masking it cleverly. Scouters would read him as a mere one hundred and fifty thousand, but he was far stronger indeed. At his five million limit, no one was a match for him.

However, King Vegeta preferred to let others do the dying for him. Smiling a little, he pressed a button that would summon a group of assassins to his chamber.

It was time to deal with the Super Saiyajin and his little friends.


Koola stood on a deserted hilltop a few miles from Vegeta Capital, looking out over the blasted wasteland. This was a hellhole of a world, certainly, but it had spawned what could be the greatest warrior race in the North Galaxy.

Soon, he would own this world, AND the numerous worlds under his hated brother, Freeza.

Ever since the death of their father, King Kold, Freeza had been in charge of the Frozian Empire - an honor which the elder Koola should have been the recipient of. However, with King Vegeta as his pawn, he would finally gain his birthright... and as a coronation present, he would give himself the Saiyajin Empire.

Koola could only chuckle. Everything was going according to plan.