CHAPTER 49: Yamcha's Crime

Yamcha sat on the roof of his jeep, scowling as he watched Bulma's car pull into the Capsule Corporation driveway, carrying her and her brutish companion. Though the bandit would never say it out loud, he was insanely jealous.

The moment he had layed eyes on Bulma, he had wanted her. His lust for her kept him awake at night, and it garbled his thinking.

[I NEED to have her,] Yamcha decided as he watched Bulma and Raditsu move back into the Capsule compound. [But how? The only way I'd be able to have her is if I... Oh, what the hell. I'll MAKE her want me.]

Reaching into his jeep, Yamcha quickly retrieved his shotgun from the backseat as he leapt onto the grass and started towards the Capsule building.


Bulma's dress lay on the bed, along with her undergarments - she had shed them as soon as Raditsu had left her room. At the moment, she was stepping out of the shower, her hair wrapped in a towel and her body concealed by a fluffy pink robe.

Something seemed wrong. A tingling sensation nagged at the back of her mind...

And then the cold barrel of a gun touched the back of her neck. Bulma stiffened, her heart almost stopping. Someone else was in here - with a gun!

"Alright," came a familiar voice. "Take off that robe and get down on the bed."


"You heard me!" her assailant snapped, and Bulma was suddenly certain of who it was. "Strip, woman!"

Suddenly, the door exploded in a flurry of metal chunks. Yamcha yelled out in surprise and shifted his aim to the door. Bulma also turned to look.

It was Raditsu, bare-chested and wearing black jeans. And he looked VERY pissed. "What the hell are you doing in here?!" the Saiyajin roared at Yamcha.

Yamcha spat at him, then took aim and fired. Bulma screamed...

And Raditsu caught the shotgun shell easily in one hand.

Yamcha's face suddenly went pale, and the barrel of his gun slowly lowered. "H-how?!" he exclaimed. "Impossible!"

"That wasn't very smart, prick," Raditsu growled at Yamcha before turning to Bulma. "What's he doing to you?"

Bulma glanced briefly at Yamcha, then turned back to Raditsu and said, "He's trying to rape me!"

She was totally unprepared for what happened next. With an inhuman roar of fury, Raditsu's hair flared into a brilliant gold color and his eyes faded into green. She screamed and ducked away as her Saiyajin protector charged forward and grabbed Yamcha by the scruff of the neck, lifting him into the air. "DON'T YOU EVER TOUCH HER AGAIN, YOU BLOODY FUCK!" he bellowed at the bandit. "DO YOU HEAR ME?!"

Yamcha was visibly soiling himself - a dark spot was quickly spreading along the crotch of his pants. "F-fuck you!" he shouted, swinging his gun at Raditsu.

The gun snapped in half as it hit the Saiyajin's torso. Yamcha just gaped.

"Bulma," Raditsu growled, not removing his gaze from Yamcha. "Do you want me to kill him, or just get rid of him?"

Getting over her momentary shock, Bulma put on the most stony and emotionless demeanor she could manage. "Just get rid of him," she said, lifting her chin. "I don't want his blood to mess up the carpet, you understand."

"Right." Still carrying the thrashing Yamcha, Raditsu walked over to the window and opened it.

"Put me down, you fucking beast!" Yamcha howled.

Yamcha didn't answer with words. Instead, he drew back and flung Yamcha out the window. The bandit's scream trailed off as he soared over the horizon.

There was silence for a few moments. Bulma broke it with a question: "How'd you change like that?"

Raditsu turned to her, and his hair faded to black again, along with his eyes. "Super Saiyajin," he explained. "Are you okay?" His expression was one of honest concern.

Bulma looked at him for a minute. "I-I'm not hurt... but I need to be alone for awhile."

Returning the look, Raditsu nodded slightly. "If you need anything, I'm here for you," he said simply before turning and leaving through the hole he had made in the door.

All over the compound, lights were coming on - the ruckus must have awakened Dr. Briefs and his perky wife. Bulma sighed and prepared for the inevitable explanation session.