CHAPTER 46: Raditsu and the Desert Bandit

A year has passed since Raditsu and his friends took up residence on Earth. The Saiyajins and Kiwi currently inhabit the Capsule Corporation facility with Bulma and the Briefs family. The obvious relationship between Raditsu and Bulma has had little time to bloom.

Now, Raditsu searches for the Dragonballs in an attempt to wish his father back to life...


The Dragon Radar flashed brightly as it indicated the presence of seven Dragonballs... all in one place. Raditsu resisted the urge to destroy the bleeping radar. If someone had collected the Balls before him... "Maybe there's still a chance," he growled as he gathered his ki and blazed towards the Dragonballs.


A tall and muscular man in a rust-colored vest and pants stood before the glowing Dragonballs, grinning like the idiot that he was. His long hair waved and bobbed as a strong wind suddenly hit the area, tearing at the man's scarred face.

This was the infamous Yamcha, desert bandit. And he was on the verge of getting what he always wanted.

A blast of lightning struck in the center of the Dragonball circle, twisting and undulating and solidifying into the green coils of the dragon, Shenron. "You have awakened me from my slumber," growled the dragon. "State your wish and it shall be granted."

Yamcha grinned, raising his hands skyward and shouting, "I wish for..."

"BARDOCK TO BE WISHED BACK TO EARTH!" came a slightly rasping scream from somewhere off to the side, overriding Yamcha's words of "a Rolls-Royce."

Who the hell was screwing around with HIS wish? Yamcha looked sharply to the right to see a burly man standing there. The man's hair was quite long, falling to the middle of his back, and his features were decidedly exotic. He wore a baggy white shirt reading 'BADMAN' in blue letters, with faded jeans and a pair of boots.

"Your wish is granted," Shenron growled. Yamcha stared at the dragon. Whose wish?

He got his answer. In a flash of white light, a man in strange white armor appeared in front of the Dragonballs, looking a little stunned.

"My Rolls-Royce!" Yamcha screamed as Shenron vanished into the night, taking the Dragonballs with him.


Raditsu was so happy he could barely speak.

It had been a bit dicey to get here on time and steal the wish away, but he had pulled it off, and now his father was back. He was so happy he could burst.

Bardock's surprised expression slowly faded to one of happiness. "Son," he said with a smile. "Thank you."

"Father... Don't mention it."

"BASTARD!" howled the nearby human.

Scowling, Raditsu turned to the human. "You shut your mouth," he snapped. "Your blasted Rolls-Royce shit almost cost me my father."

"Who gives a fuck?!" the human growled. "I wanted my car!"

Raditsu glared at him. "Don't fuck around with me. PLEASE."

Muttering, the human turned and stalked off.

"You stole his wish?" Bardock chuckled. "Thief."

"Don't push it, Father," Raditsu sighed, then he too laughed as the two Saiyajins gathered their ki and blazed off towards the Capsule Corporation.


A week or so passed after the return of Bardock. It was the 13th of August when it happened.

Raditsu was sitting back in one of Dr. Brief's armchairs, boredly watching reruns of Baywatch, when a knock on the door drew his attention. "Someone get that," he shouted.

"I got it," Bulma called, running down the stairs - she was wearing a tight white shirt and a pair of black pants that clung to her figure. Raditsu resisted the urge to stare as Bulma rushed over and opened the door.

Standing there, wearing a jumpsuit, was the man from a week ago who had nearly stranded Bardock in the afterlife with a wish for a new car.

"Yes?" Bulma asked him.

"Sorry to intrude, but my car's broken down," the man said. "Do you know where I could find a good repairman?"

"You're looking at one."

The man grinned a bit. "And I'm enjoying the view, too."

Raditsu resisted the urge to rush over and rip the man into shreds. The idiot was making a pass at the woman HE was in love with!

Bulma blushed a little, but smiled and said simply, "Thank you."

"Who the hell are you, anyway?" Raditsu shouted, rising from his chair.

The man looked at him with a scowl. "So you're here," he said with a note of irritation in his voice. "I'm Yamcha. And you are?"

"Raditsu. Warrior."

"Warrior, huh?" Yamcha squinted. "Don't look so strong to me."

Raditsu sent out a quick probing thought towards Yamcha; he quickly guessed the human's ki at around eight hundred. "Whatever," he shrugged, turning back to his Baywatch and leaving Yamcha and Bulma to their discussions.

It was time to step up his courtship.