CHAPTER 45: Aftermath

Raditsu floated over the ruins of Vegeta Capital, looking slowly around. He had defeat Koola, certainly, but at great cost to the city. The entire metropolis was basically totalled - only a few buildings remained standing.

How many innocents had been killed?

Raditsu sighed, turning and scanning the horizon for strong ki signatures. His mind twinged as he felt two powerful kis flicker out. His enhanced eyesight easily picked out Sauzaa and Neizu killing each other.

And then a sharp flicker of ki caught his attention. He looked to the left and squinted... and saw the Millennium Fugu sitting in the foothills, out of the range of the destruction of the city. He focused a little more... and almost fell out of the sky as Kakarotto's ki signature, stronger than ever, registered in his mind.

"He's alive," Raditsu breathed, relief and happiness rushing through him. Smiling, he placed the restraints back on his ki; his hair flickered to black and drifted back down to its normal length, and his eyes darkened to black again. Gathering a golden flame about himself, he sped towards the Fugu.

It was time to go home.


"She's ready to rumble," Han Soda called from the engineering bay as he finished hooking up the spare reactor. "Just give the word and we'll head out."

"Wait," Kakarotto said immediately. Kiwi looked at him, an eyebrow quirked. Was he waiting for Raditsu? Probably.

"Wait?!" Soda exclaimed. "What for?"

"We have to wait for Raditsu," Kakarotto insisted. "I'm not going to leave him here."

"Damn right you aren't," came a familiar voice from the hatch. Kiwi turned in surprise to see Raditsu standing there, bare-chested and bleeding but grinning nonetheless.

A huge grin suddenly split Kakarotto's round face. "Brother," he said happily. "You did it."

"Of course I did, nimrod," Raditsu chuckled. "I'm a Super Saiyajin now, remember?"

"You always were," Broli mumbled.

Kiwi blinked at the burly Saiyajin. "What?"

"Raditsu always had the latent ability to become a Super Saiyajin," the big man explained. "It probably runs in his bloodline - which means Kakarotto and possibly Bardock all have the latent potential to become a Super Saiyajin."

"So if I got strong enough, I could become a Super Saiyajin?!" Kakarotto exclaimed.

"Hel-LOOOO!" Han Soda shouted as he rushed into the cockpit. "Are we gonna get out of here or what?"

"Yeah," Nappa grunted. "Back to Freeza Planet 1?"

"No," Raditsu overrode him. "We're going to drop Freeza, Kiwi, and Rikum off, and then we're going somewhere else."

Kiwi looked at him, frowning. "Where?" the squidhead asked. "Wherever it is, I'm coming with you."

Raditsu returned the look and replied with a strange note in his voice.

"The planet Earth."


"It's done," Kaiousama said with a sigh of relief. "He's killed Koola."

Tears of pride actually welled in Bardock's eyes. "My son," he said in a choked voice, smiling. "My own son has saved the Saiyajin people."

"You must be very proud," King Vegeta said quietly. "I saw little of him, but he seemed to be a truly powerful warrior."

"He is the best," Bardock declared.

"They're going to Earth," Kaiousama exclaimed. "That's odd."

"No it's not," Bardock told him. "We went to Earth once. My son fell in love with an Earth woman."

Kaiousama looked like he was about to say something, but suddenly grinned. "Perhaps it's best if I kept this little chunk of information from you," he said slyly.

Bardock and Vegeta looked at him strangely. Blushing, the Kaiou laughed.


A loud rumbling split the sky as Bulma rushed out of the Capsule Corporation building. She was just in time to gape at what she saw: A roughly disk-shaped spaceship with a pronged front landing in her backyard. An alien invasion force?

With a soft hiss, a ramp in the side of the ship slid open, revealing a bulky figure. Bulma's heart leapt.

Raditsu had come back.