CHAPTER 44: Fall of a Tyrant

The sound of soft footsteps caused Kaiousama to whirl around in surprise and gape at the two dead Saiyajins standing on his planet. "H-how did you get here?" the little blue man half-shouted.

"We flew," Bardock said with a shrug. "It wasn't too hard with ki levels as high as ours."

Kaiousama quickly regained his composure. "I see," he murmured. "I suppose you want me to train you."

"That was sort of the idea."

"Well, I'm busy! I'm watching Koola get his ass kicked by a Super Saiyajin here."

Bardock appeared a bit surprised, but King Vegeta's face was split by a huge grin. "Who became the Super Saiyajin?" he asked eagerly. "Is it Broli?"

"Let me focus..." Kaiousama's antennae dipped as he bowed his head for a moment, focusing on the battle. He lightly brushed the Super Saiyajin with his mind, pulling out a name.

As the two Saiyajins watched, he looked up again and declared, "It's Raditsu."

Bardock looked like he was going to burst with sudden pride. "My son," he said with a smile on his grizzled features. "My own son, the Super Saiyajin of legend!"

"You'd actually take this old coot's word at face value?" exclaimed Gregory, floating to hover in Bardock's face. "What a buffoon!"

"Of course we take his word at face value," King Vegeta shrugged. "He is North Kaiou-sama."

"Aw, shucks," Kaiousama smiled, blushing a bit.

Bardock lowered his head, almost nailing Gregory with his hair. "I wish I had told Raditsu that I was truly proud of him," he said quietly. "He has strived so hard to win my pride, and I still made him feel like it wasn't enough."

"You can talk to him," Kaiousama pointed out, lifting a finger and putting on a sage expression. "Would you like to call Collect?" He burst out laughing at his own joke - after all, he DID consider himself an enormously funny fellow.

King Vegeta raised an eyebrow, giving Kaiousama a strange look.

"Uh, right," the little blue being muttered before raising his voice. "Bardock, come here and put your hand on my back. You'll be able to speak telepathically with Raditsu."

Bardock practically glowed with pride as he walked over and placed his calloused hand on the stubby Kaiou's back.

"Now talk," Kaiousama ordered. "Charges go to your local phone company." He snickered.

Bardock ignored the crack, closing his eyes. "Son," he said softly. "Can you hear me?"


Son. Can you hear me?

The voice rang through Raditsu's head like a bell: Bardock. Growling, the Super Saiyajin grabbed Koola by the neck and threw him backwards, then dropped back himself. "Father?!" he half-shouted. "Is that you?"

Don't be alarmed. I'm speaking to you telepathically from the planet of North Kaiousama.


Listen, son. I never told you that I am proud of your achievements. You are truly the finest of Saiyajin warriors! I am the most blessed man among the Saiyajin race to have been given a son such as you, Raditsu.

Raditsu's heart suddenly swelled with joy. Father really WAS proud of him! He had achieved the goal he had strived for for so long! "Th-thank you, father," he said, not bothering to keep the happiness out of his voice.

North Kaiou-sama has informed me of your predicament. Go, defeat Koola in the name of all Saiyajin! You are no longer a mere Super Saiyajin, you are the champion of the entire Saiyajin race.

And then Bardock's presence was gone.

Raditsu smiled briefly, then his expression became grim again. As he turned to Koola, he could feel a new strength surging through every inch of his being, a strength borne of his father's pride and his own sense of fulfillment. He knew now that he COULD destroy Koola.

Koola was busily wiping blood from his face. "Who the hell do you think you are, makin' me bleed like this?" the changeling bellowed.

Raditsu fixed him with a stony gaze and began to speak loudly: "I am the Champion of the Saiyajin Race. I am the Embodiment of Legend. I am Justice." He lifted his chin a little. "I am Raditsu... Super Saiyajin."

"Big talk from a monkey," Koola growled, but he seemed less certain of himself now. "You're overestimating yourself."

"We'll see."

Raditsu didn't give Koola any time to react, blurring in front of the changeling and driving his huge right fist into his stomach. Koola made a loud gacking sound as blood spurted from his throat, but Raditsu grimly sent his ki blazing through his fist, driving a hole through Koola's torso before pulling his fist out. Leaving Koola to drop to the ground, Raditsu launched himself into the air, his golden aura flaring bright with newfound power.

He already knew how he would finish Koola. The Kouridama would be his attack of choice, the attack developed by his father. Clenching his right fist, he began to channel an enormous amount of Ki into the Dama. A cold blue light engulfed his body, concentrating most heavily around his fist and creating a large ball of icy ki.

"You'll never... beat me... you monkey!" Koola howled as he clutched his pierced stomach with both hands.

Raditsu ignored the claim, instead expanding the Kouridama. A powerful gust of chilling wind burst from his hand, knocking over even more buildings.

Koola's pleads suddenly changed. "No!" the changeling screamed. "Have mercy!"

"How many people begged for mercy at your feet and you killed them anyway?" Raditsu roared over the howling winds. "For what you have done... there will BE no mercy for you, Koola!"

The changeling's jaw dropped.

It was time. "Kouri... DAMA!" Raditsu bellowed as he hurled the attack through the air. The ball of icy energy blazed down at Koola, expanding to twenty feet in diameter.

Koola weakly thrust both hands out in a futile attempt to block the icy bomb, but he obviously knew that he was going to die. The changeling screamed as the Kouridama hit his hands and kept going, splintering his arm bones so that they actually split outwards at a ninety-degree angle, creating a flat extension of bloody bone to ward off the bomb. Koola howled in agony as the Dama kept going, ripping both his arms off and then smashing into his torso, driving him into the ground and grinding away his body like a corrosive acid.

The agonized screams coming from Koola's fresh crater degenerated into a horrible gurgling, then died altogether. His expression cold, Raditsu sent out a probing thought... and found none of Koola's ki remaining. And as the dust cloud from the Kouridama faded away, Raditsu saw that the only thing left at the bottom of the crater was a smear of blood and guts.

A surge of pride ran through Raditsu's being. He had won.


Kaiousama breathed a deep sigh of relief.

Koola was dead.