CHAPTER 43: Struggle

It was late at night, but Bulma wasn't in bed. Instead, she was sitting in a lawn chair in the backyard of the Capsule Corporation compound, gazing into the stars and wondering.

She had only known him for a short time, but she had fallen in love immediately - with his gorgeous black hair, his attitude, his... everything. And then he had left, leaving her a golden coin as a memento. That same coin now hung on a string about her neck.

Despite their racial differences, Bulma found that she was in love with the Saiyajin named Raditsu.

She realized that it was unhealthy for her to be in love with a nonhuman, but she didn't really give a damn. And as she stared up into the night sky, she wondered what he was doing right now.

Was he in danger?


Raditsu grunted as he blocked another of Koola's punches, clenching his right fist and driving it into the changeling's stomach. Koola made a loud retching noise as blood spewed from his mouth in a violet geyser, dripping down his chin and onto his chest. Clutching his stomach and doubling over in agony, Koola slowly dropped towards the ground. Raditsu followed.

Koola and Raditsu each landed at the same time, with Koola standing atop a large boulder and Raditsu standing in front of a crumbled building.

"Bastard," Koola growled.

Raditsu straightened, looking directly at Koola. "It's over," he said simply.

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"This fight is over. Your power level is dropping with every minute. You're barely even a challenge anymore."

"WHAT?!" Koola's eyes bulged out in anger. "You DARE speak to me this way?!"

"Just face it. You've been defeated by a superior fighter. And to make things worse..." A smirk touched Raditsu's face, his green eyes sparkling. "He's just a monkey, eh?"

The taunt DEFINITELY hit a nerve. A vein in Koola's forehead began to pulse, and his arm muscles rippled as the changeling clenched his fists tightly, his lips peeling back to reveal his blood-stained teeth. "Just... a... filthy... weak... monkey," he said in a choked voice. "A foolish... monkey..."

"Is that the only attack you've got? Name-calling? Don't make me recite the sticks-and-stones line to you, Koola."

"Enough of your shit!" Koola howled. "YOU FUCKING MONKEY! DIE!" Consumed by fury, the changeling drove his hands forward, his arms blurring as blazing balls of red ki flew from them. The balls hit Raditsu dead on, but the Super Saiyajin made no attempt to avoid the attack, instead calling up his golden ki flame and letting the red ki explosion wash harmlessly across his body.

Koola's expression of terror REALLY made Raditsu's day.

"You should have thought twice before you killed my father," Raditsu said, lifting a finger. "And before killing my brother."

Koola growled and lunged at Raditsu...


Kakarotto awoke to find himself floating in a rejuvenation tank. His chest screamed in agony and his head felt like someone had been beating it with a sledgehammer.

What had happened?

The wounded Saiyajin sent out a probing thought, and was nearly thrown backwards as he detected two immense powers somewhere nearby. One of them matched the level he had sensed from Koola, but it was quite a bit stronger. And the other level, even stronger than Koola, matched Raditsu's familiar sense.

[No way,] he thought to himself. [How could Raditsu have gotten so strong? And where's Father?]

Gathering his ki, he sent out a quick burst of energy and depressed the rejuvenator's release command with his mind. The bacta slowly drained, and the glass dome slid open. Removing his mask, Kakarotto stepped out of the tank, looking down at his drenched boxers and tail.

His armor was gone, but a different suit appeared to have been layed out nearby. The armor was white save for the stomach and the back, and folded on top of it was a black body suit. Shrugging, he quickly garbed himself in the new armor and left the medical bay.

He emerged into an all-too-familiar room: The lounge of the Millennium Fugu.

Kiwi was sitting near a porthole, but rose quickly when his gaze fell upon Kakarotto. "You're alive," the squidlike alien said with a grin. "We thought you were out for good."

"Yeah, well I hurt like hell and I'm hungrier than a starving cow," Kakarotto replied, frowning. "What happened? Where's Raditsu?"

Kiwi's face grew somber. "We're preparing to leave the planet," he said quietly. "Raditsu... well, he became a Super Saiyajin and he's staying to fight Koola."

Kakarotto's eyes widened. The legend was true, after all. And it had turned out that his own brother was the Legendary Super Saiyajin.

He had a sinking feeling that the insults from Raditsu would only increase now.


Two armored men, one with a cross-shaped facial scar and the other wearing a cape carrying himself regally, stood at the tail end of Snake Way, looking up at the small spherical form of a hovering planet. "Do you think that's it?" the caped man asked his scarred companion.

"It must be," the man with the scar nodded. "Enma-Daiou said that it'd be here."

King Vegeta nodded, pushing aside a fold of his cape. "Let's head up there, then," he suggested.

Bardock nodded once, and the two dead warriors leapt upwards, touching down feet-first on Kaiousama's planet.