CHAPTER 42: Monkey Business

Krillin sat upon a large rock near a still pond, staring up into the starry night. Ever since the aliens had left, the bald man had been training intensely to become even stronger than before. His efforts had payed off - when Bulma had repaired the power level scanner previously owned by the alien named Blueberry, she had turned it on Krillin and announced that his power level was twelve hundred.

He idly wondered if the aliens would be impressed by his quick advances, then decided that they wouldn't.

As he stared at a far-off red star, Krillin also couldn't help but wonder where the aliens were and what they were doing.


Koola's hands flashed towards Raditsu at high speeds, but the golden-haired Saiyajin blocked the punches deftly, whirling to deliver a roundhouse kick to the side of the changeling's head. However, Koola launched into a Zanzoken maneuver and avoided the kick, appearing about a hundred feet away with a ki blast charged in his palm. Clutching his wrist with his other hand, he fired off a vast purple beam that blazed towards Raditsu.

Raditsu ducked away from the beam, cupping his own hands in front of him and focusing his ki. If Koola wanted to play with energy attacks, Raditsu was more than happy to join the game.

A ball of blue energy laced with scarlet ki veins began to expand between Raditsu's hands - a Hidoku Dan, stronger than any he'd performed before. Rays of blue ki began to cycle around his body as huge rocks and boulders began to hurtle upwards.

It was ready. "Hidoku Dan!" Raditsu roared, thrusting his hands to their maximum reach and letting the massive Dan blast through the air like a titanic arrow of destruction. The blue beam, its vast bulk laced with red, closed inexorably in on Koola.

Gritting his teeth, Koola drove both of his palms into the beam, trying to stop it. Raditsu began to strain under the massive force of the beam as he began to release the ki pulses. Vast bursts of ki rippled along the beam to slam Koola with incredible force.

After the sixth pulse, Koola's hands slipped, and the beam connected massively, causing a gigantic explosion. A shockwave and a huge cloud of burning dust were thrown out from Koola's location, destroying a large section of the city - Kappa Sector was completely wiped out by the aftermath of the Dan.

Raditsu waited.


"He's done it!" Kaiousama exulted, thrusting his right fist into the air and nearly nailing Gregory. "He's defeated Koola!"

"So we won?" Gregory inquired, quirking one brow curiously.


"Ooh ooh ooh oooooh!" Bubbles shouted, dancing gaily about beneath one of Kaiousama's fruit trees. Apparently, hearing that a fellow simian had won a titanic battle was enough to excite the little monkey.

"I can't believe it!" Kaiousama cheered. "I just can't-" he broke off suddenly, his grin changing to an expression of terror as his antennae twitched violently. "No way!" he screamed.


The source of Kaiousama's dismay was Koola. As the smoke clouds cleared, Raditsu easily picked out the changeling floating there, bleeding. "How very amusing," the changeling growled. "You made me bleed, you fucker."

"I can sort of see that," Raditsu said with a half-grin. "Your power level is getting lower by the minute. Just give up and go home."

"Oh, I don't think I'll do that, monkey. I think I'll stick around and rip your heart out, then crush it before your very eyes."

"Fat chance."

"Just shut up and fight."

"Sounds like a plan to me."

This time, Raditsu managed to launch the first attack, a barrage of punches that connected with Koola's hastily-raised forearms. Dropping his defenses, Koola spun and came around with a powerful backhand punch, but Raditsu caught the changeling's wrist and hurled him through the air. Koola smashed into yet another building, reducing it into rubble, but recovered quickly and blazed back into battle, engulfed in blue-green flame.

Raditsu prepared to defend against Koola's punches; however, at about twenty feet away, Koola fired off a massive mouth beam. The beam slammed into Raditsu, scorching across his body and burning away the top of his jumpsuit, leaving only a pair of battered pants. Raditsu quickly called up his golden flame and pushed the remaining bits of the beam away. His vision cleared, and he gave Koola a grin.

"Damn!" Koola bellowed.

"My goodness," Raditsu said smugly, lifting his chin. "You've managed to singe some of my facial hairs. A remarkable accomplishment, you weakling. Face it: I'm stronger than you'll ever be."

Koola's fists suddenly clenched, and he hunched his back as the taunt struck a nerve. "Nothing but a monkey," he rasped. His voice suddenly rose as he howled, "A MONKEY!!!"

"That monkey shit is REALLY grating on my nerves, Koola. Knock it off."

"Listen, monkey," Koola hissed. "You are not stronger than me. You never were stronger than me. You never WILL be stronger than me. DO YOU HEAR ME?!"

"You're lying to yourself, Koola."

Koola's response was a loud growl. Raditsu returned the changeling's hate-filled glare with a cool gaze, and the two remained that way for a while longer.


A lone spherical pod blazed around Planet Vegeta in high orbit, bearing a cargo of one battered Prince. The injured Prince Vegeta sat hooked up to the rejuvenator, his eyes closed.

[Perhaps this is for the best,] the prince thought groggily. [Soon, I will rule the planet, and there will be no one to stop me.]

The pod blazed onward...