CHAPTER 41: Ante Up

Han Soda jabbed furiously at the startup controls, but the Millennium Fugu simply refused to budge. The battered freighter had lost power in mid-flight and landed in the hills south of Vegeta Capital. Despite Soda and Stewbacca's best efforts, she would not start up again.

Stewbacca nurred something from the engineering pit.

"What did he say?" Kiwi asked Soda.

"The dilithium matrix is degrading," the pilot growled, clenching one fist and slamming it into a bulkhead. "Sonufa-"

"It won't do you much good to hit the ship," Freeza advised. "Don't you carry an alternate power source?"

Soda straightened. "I forgot about that," he admitted. "I've got an old fission reactor coil stashed in the main hold, but it'll take a while to hook up and recharge."

"Then I suggest you get started."

Without another word, Soda rushed into the cargo hold.

Kiwi sighed, looking out the viewport. He couldn't help but wonder how Raditsu was faring.


Raditsu wasn't faring as well as he might have hoped. As Koola's fist smashed into his left shoulder, he realized that the changeling had become much stronger than before after his transformation. Grunting, Raditsu thrust both of his knees upward, causing Koola to dodge backwards - exactly what Raditsu wanted him to do. He thrust his legs outward and caught Koola full in the stomach.

Koola grunted as the blow hit, but he wasn't thrown back very far. Recovering, the burly changeling went on the offensive with a powerful roundhouse kick that Raditsu deflected with his right arm. The Super Saiyajin then brought that arm forward in the form of a punch to Koola's face.

Blood sprayed from between Koola's lips as the blow hit his chin, causing his head to snap back for a moment. The head snapped down again in a powerful headbutt, hitting Raditsu in the chest.

The wind rushed from Raditsu's lungs as the headbutt hit, knocking him back a few feet. He quickly regained his figurative footing and attacked again, charging at Koola but blurring at the last second and delivering an axehandle punch to the changeling. Koola fell towards the ground and landed feet-first on a large chunk of rubble.

Wiping some blood from his chin, Raditsu also dropped to the ground, glaring across the cracked and battered plain at his opponent.

"I'm a little more impressed," Koola said with a grin. "This is more than I was expecting..." his grin turned into a smug smirk. "... from a monkey."

"Can't you think of a better insult?" Raditsu growled, his fists tensing in irritation.

"Oh, I don't know. Monkey sounds about right to me."

"If you insist, salamander."

Koola's left eyelid twitched. "I'm not a salamander," he snorted.

"And I'm not a monkey."

Koola's response was not verbal; after all, actions speak louder than words. The response, a blazing pair of eye lasers, was practically a scream.

Raditsu leapt into the air, and the eye lasers passed beneath him, blowing up a cluster of buildings and dealing even more damage to Vegeta Capital. Grunting with effort, the Super Saiyajin gathered a ball of burning golden fire and launched it down at Koola. The changeling bounded back, and the fireball drove itself into the ground, creating yet another giant crater.

And then Koola was in his face again, pounding at him with massive fists. Raditsu fought through Koola's attacks with punches of his own as the two combatants blazed through the sky, occasionally blurring and reappearing. Each time they blurred, a shockwave rippled out from the point where they had been, blowing up even more buildings.

Finally, Koola landed a lucky blow, sending Raditsu hurtling into a small building. The building collapsed, but Raditsu merely shrugged through the rubble and leapt back at Koola, his fists flying. Koola turned his right shoulder into the blow, driving his huge bulk into the Super Saiyajin's body, but Raditsu executed a Zanzoken speed burst and avoided the slam. As Koola stumbled forward, Raditsu appeared behind him and drove his elbow into the base of Koola's neck.

Koola's eyes bulged out and blood gushed from his mouth as the blow connected, sending him dropping like a stone to the ground. He smashed into a towering office building, destroying it.

"Don't tell me you're going to give up already," Raditsu shouted into the rubble.

Koola exploded out of the crumbled building in a blast of ki and flying chunks of masonry. "NOT ON YOUR LIFE!" he roared, blazing up from the ground and striking Raditsu with a huge uppercut. Raditsu grunted in pain as his head snapped back and he was hurled a few feet away, but he quickly recovered and wiped the blood from his lips.

"You can't beat me, monkey," Koola declared. "So why not join me? With our combined powers, we could rule the universe together!"

"I don't want the universe," Raditsu told him firmly. "Just a small corner of it."

"I see." Koola lifted his chin a bit. "Since I won't be able to convince you, I'll just kill you."

"Come try it, then."

Koola moved to the offensive again...


"This is incredible," Kaiousama declared fervently. "One of the Saiyajins has become the Legendary Super Saiyajin and he's REALLY wailing on Koola!"

"Which Saiyajin?" Gregory inquired.

"I can't tell," the blue being admitted. "All I know is that he's impossibly strong and fights with much anger."

"Will he win?"

"I hope so. If he doesn't, the galaxy is in serious trouble."

"Ooh aah aah," Bubbles said in a quiet voice. Even the monkey seemed concerned.

Kaiousama turned a bit, and his shades flashed as they caught the light. "We can only hope for the best," he said.