CHAPTER 40: Raditsu's Fury

Raditsu and Koola floated several feet over the ruins of the late King Vegeta's once-splendid castle, glaring at each other. A deathly silence hovered over the scorched and cracked rubble.

The silence was broken by Koola's deep intake of breath. The changeling suddenly blurred into Raditsu's face, his ki flaring at full power and his fists flying. For the first time in the entire battle, Raditsu was forced to defend himself seriously. His fists shot through the air, parrying Koola's punches deftly and then biting back into the evil creature's body at high velocity.

Koola managed to endure the Super Saiyajin's fierce rain of fists, swinging his tail around and smacking it into Raditsu's face. The attack caught the golden-haired warrior by surprise, knocking him back a few inches but otherwise doing no damage. Before Koola could pull his tail away, Raditsu grabbed the prehensile appendage tightly in both hands.

"Hey!" Koola roared, trying to tug his tail away. "You tail-grabbing monkey!"

Raditsu grinned at him, then began to spin in a circle, taking Koola with him. The changeling yelled out in surprise as he whistled through the air, almost blurring as Raditsu spun him. After several spins, Raditsu released him. Koola descended in a graceful arc, smashing into a towering skyscraper and knocking it onto some smaller towers. As he hit the ground, an explosion of ki erupted from his crater and incinerated several more buildings.

Raditsu knew that Koola wasn't finished yet. He floated closer to the rubble - luckily, not close enough to be caught in the sudden blast of ki that sailed out of the vast smoke cloud. After the blast came Koola, lunging at Raditsu with his feet and fists flying. Again, Raditsu deflected each blow, drawing back his knee and then driving it into Koola's stomach.

Koola's shielded eyes actually seemed to bulge as he was flung backwards through the air, steadying himself a few yards from Raditsu. "Oh, you did NOT just do that, monkey," the changeling hissed.

"What do YOU think?" Raditsu said with a smirk.

"I think I'm going to kill you." Chuckling, Koola raised both hands over his head, gathering a blazing sphere of red energy between them. The ball slowly began to expand. "I could destroy this planet and every monkey on it," he said coolly. "But I can still use them... So this Death Ball's for you!" With a loud roar, Koola brought his hands downward, and the titanic Death Ball blasted towards Raditsu.

Raditsu made only a minimal effort to deflect the Death Ball, raising his right hand and channeling his ki into it. A blast of golden flame engulfed his body, scorching out from his hand to intercept the Death Ball. The red ki blast strained against the Super Saiyajin's flame, then abruptly fizzled out.

"No!" Koola howled.

"You're really not as strong as you think," Raditsu told Koola smugly. "How does it feel to fight someone stronger than you?"

"YOU'RE NOT STRONGER THAN ME!" Koola screamed. "YOU MONKEY, YOU FUCKING MONKEY..." He broke off, his chest heaving as he took several deep breaths, regaining his composure.

"You aren't going to defeat me with words," Raditsu stated. "Nor by toying with me. Let's get down to some REAL business here." Without waiting for a reply, he removed his armor and threw it to the ground. Now garbed in his black jumpsuit and olive gloves and boots, the Super Saiyajin called up the full extent of his ki, creating a blazing golden flame about his body.

"Right," Koola snorted. "I'm through playing. Now... FEEL the full extent of my power!" Clenching his fists and hunching his back, Koola began to gather his ki.

Raditsu watched, unimpressed, as huge rocks and chunks of rubble began to uproot themselves from the ground. Koola was obviously exerting a huge effort to access the full extent of his power level of sixteen million. Raditsu would still kill him, of course - but he loved a good fight, regardless of the circumstances.

Koola let out a loud roar of effort as his body began to bulge, his face mask peeling back and his eye shields vanishing to reveal a face similar to Freeza's final form, without the black lips. His skull gradually thinned into a more slender white face, and his slender armored body rippled and pulsed as muscles expanded. The changeling's shoulders suddenly bulged out, his arms also bulging into immensity as a turquoise flame flared around his transforming body.

Lightning flashed from the sky, exploding as it struck the ground. Several of the lightning bolts struck buildings, knocking them down and inflicting even more damage upon the city of Vegeta Capital. The bolts slowly closed in on Koola, finally striking him with a massive blast that engulfed his new and massive form. When the bolt faded, Koola was unscathed and even bulkier than before.

"Let's get to it," Koola growled, calling up his turquoise ki flame again.

"Right," Raditsu grunted.

The two titans charged each other at the same time, their flames colliding as they battered at each other with punches and kicks. Raditsu found that it was harder to defend against the fully-powered Koola, and that his punches were doing less damage - but he still had the upper hand, smashing Koola in the face with a backhanded punch and then knocking him down with a two-fisted hit.

Koola slowed his rapid descent immediately, flying back up after nearly hitting the ground. Without delay, he began to fire blazing spheres of violet fire up at Raditsu. The Super Saiyajin agilely dodged the blazing attack, but one of the fireballs struck him on the left side of the chest, burning away the upper left side of his jumpsuit. However, only a little bit of blood was drawn; the only signifigant damage was to the jumpsuit.

"That was just a warning shot, monkey," Koola called. "The next one won't just sting."

Raditsu scowled down at him. "Bring it on," he said coldly.

The two fighters glared at each other again...