CHAPTER 39: Clash of the Titans

Raditsu wasn't in the least bit surprised when he heard Broli say that he had become a Super Saiyajin. He was fully aware of what he had become, but he really didn't give a flying fuck about that. He was going to tear Koola into tiny little pieces, Super Saiyajin or no Super Saiyajin.

"That can't be," Freeza said in a slightly strained voice. "That's only a legend."

"Does he look like a legend to you?" Broli rumbled.

"I TOLD YOU TO GET OUT OF HERE!" Raditsu thundered, looking sharply over his shoulder at his companions. "GET THE HELL GOING BEFORE YOU PISS ME OFF EVEN MORE!"

Even Broli flinched at that.

"We'd best get going," Kiwi murmured, turning with Kakarotto's prone form slung over his shoulder. "Come on. Let's go raid the spaceport."

A quiet chorus of affirmatives were his response. Out of the corner of his eye, Raditsu noticed his friends shambling slowly towards the city, with Freeza taking up the rear.

Koola broke out of his apparent paralysis with a shake of his head. "You may BE a Super Saiyajin," he hissed. "But you still can't beat me."

Raditsu ignored him, walking over and picking up the corpse of King Vegeta. Lifting his left palm, he released a vast ki beam, gouging a rude grave in the earth, which he slid his king into.

And then he turned to Koola.

"Do you have anything to say?" the changeling snorted.

Raditsu looked at him coldly. Sucking in a deep breath, he said quietly, "Koola..." his voice steadily rose to a scream. "I AM REALLY PISSED OFF AT YOU, KOOLA!!!"

"I'm shaking in my little boots," came the smug reply.

"Do you think you can beat me, you blithering idiot?" Raditsu snorted. "Bring it on."

"With pleasure."

Raditsu easily detected Koola blurring up to him. The changeling launched off a powerful punch blazing with ki... but Raditsu brought his right hand up, grabbing the fist and squeezing it tightly, his rage plain on his contorted features.

Koola's arm muscles rippled as he strained against Raditsu's iron grip, and his head snapped back as he began to groan with effort. The groans eventually changed to growls of pain. "H-how?" Koola wheezed.

Releasing Koola's fist, Raditsu watched the murdering changeling collapse backwards, breathing heavily. "Make things easier on yourself and just LET me kill you," he growled.

"Don't be a fool," Koola snapped. "It would take ten billion of you weak monkeys to even scratch me."

"If I'm so weak, try and kill me."

"Gladly." His eyes sparkling, Koola leapt into the air and aimed two fingers at Raditsu, firing off a thin beam of purple energy. Raditsu easily sidestepped the attack. Koola fired another of the beams, which Raditsu almost dodged. Another beam from Koola forced him to dodge again. And another beam, which he also dodged.

"WHY CAN"T I HIT YOU?!" Koola raged. However, he seemed to calm down quite quickly. "Beginner's luck," he accused. "If you're really so strong, LET me hit you."

"Go right ahead."

Leveling the two fingers, Koola chuckled and fired off a beam. The ki blast struck Raditsu in the chest... and spattered harmlessly into nothingness against his armor.

"You were ready," Koola snorted.

"Are YOU ready?" Raditsu smirked.


Raditsu didn't give him any more time to talk, instead blurring right in front of him and driving his knee into the changeling's gut. A loud gacking noise escaped Koola's throat as the blow hit, driving him backwards.

Koola slowly recovered from the powerful blow. "You fucking monkey!" he barked. "You can't defeat me!"

"You might want to get a second opinion on that," Raditsu told him.

The two titans glared at each other...


"He's still here?" Kiwi exclaimed as he stared up at the dilapidated Millennium Fugu. "I thought he left."

"Maybe he had engine trouble," Nappa suggested.

"I doubt it," Broli shrugged.

A loud nurr from the hatch of the ship caused Kiwi to turn. "Hey, Stewie," he nodded. "What's up?"

Stewbacca let out a loud series of warbling roars and nurrs.

"He was waiting for us," Rikum said with some surprise. "On Han Soda's request."

Stewbacca nurred again.

"He invites us to come aboard," Rikun translated.

"Let's take him up on it," Freeza suggested, his tail thumping on the ground as he moved up the ramp and past Stewbacca.

"When did you learn to speak Cookiee?" Kiwi murmured to Rikum.

"Just picked it up," he grinned as they boarded the ship.