CHAPTER 38: A Legend Fulfilled

"Something big is going to happen!" Kaiousama exclaimed, his antennae straightening. "Really big! Bigger than... uh... Roseanne at large." He burst out laughing at his horribly unfunny joke.

"Like what?" Gregory blinked.

"How the hell should I know? I can only get a general idea of things, but King Vegeta just died." His eyes widened. "Do you remember that old Saiyajin legend?"

"The Super Saiyajin?"

"Yes!" Kaiousama's face was, for once, solemn. "I think it's about to come true."

"Ooh aah aah aah," Bubbles said quietly, scratching his armpit as Kaiousama turned back to watching the fight.


Bardock and Kakarotto were the first to reach Koola, drawing their fists back and attacking him with vicious punches. However, Koola merely stood there and shrugged off the blows. "Pathetic," he said simply.

Watching the fight, Raditsu reached up and tapped his scouter, aiming it at Koola. The readings he received caused him to nearly soil himself in terror. Kakarotto and Bardock had each attained powers of two hundred thousand... but Koola registered at sixteen million. "He's at sixteen million!" Raditsu roared. "Don't!"

Kakarotto and Bardock ignored him. Clenching his teeth, Kakarotto drove all of his considerable bulk into Koola's torso, but received a smack across the skull for his troubles. As Kakarotto stumbled back, Bardock charged into the fray, roaring as he delivered a powerful roundhouse kick to the side of Koola's neck.

The kick connected, but Koola just looked at Bardock as if nothing had happened. "That was remarkably useless," he noted.

Growling, Bardock leapt into the air, giving Kakarotto a window of attack... a window which promptly closed as Koola blurred behind Raditsu's brother and began to beat the stuffing out of him with his fists. Kakarotto's armor shattered and his jumpsuit began to take large rips as the attacking Koola drove him into the ground.

"No!" Raditsu shouted, preparing to lunge at Koola, but a huge hand on his shoulder held him back.

"Not yet," Broli rumbled.

"That's my brother and father getting killed out there!" Raditsu roared at him. "I'm going to kill that motherfucking Koola!"

"Wait for my signal."

Satisfied that Kakarotto had been beaten to death, Koola rose and turned towards Bardock. "You're ugly," he said, aiming two fingers at the aging Saiyajin.

Bardock actually seemed to expand. He was DEFINITELY aware of that, and managed to scream out, "SOOOOOOON!" before he exploded in an expanding shower of armor chunks, torn flesh, blood, guts, and blazing red ki.

And at that moment, something snapped.

Raditsu didn't even scream. Rage had paralyzed him. As he stared up at the place where his father had taken his last breath, one word drifted to mind:


This couldn't be. His father. The man he had lived his entire life to please. The one man who had molded him into the warrior he was. The one great man whose pride in him he vied for above all things.


"Pop goes the weasel," Koola said in a smug tone.

Memories flooded in front of Raditsu's eyes. Memories of his father.

Remember, son: Never overextend your punches. If you do, the enemy can grab your wrist and throw you.

Your ki control is most excellent, but you need to put more focus into the beam.

You two slackers should up your training.

Raditsu, you are truly a fine warrior, but you must not put aside your training.

[Father... No!]

And then Raditsu's gaze fell on Koola.



Father... gone.

"What an old fool," the murderer who was Koola said almost absently. "Oh well. Killing him was fun."


That comment snapped the last strings by which Raditsu hung to his sanity and calmness. He clenched his teeth tightly and growled like a primal beast.

He felt a raw surge of rage flowing through him, augmenting his power. Lightning bolts tore through the ceiling of the castle, destroying it, but he ignored them. His vision blurred with tears of rage.

Kiwi watched the powerup sequence from a safe distance, ignoring the castle crumbling about him. "What a power!" he breathed. "This is incredible!"

Suddenly, Raditsu's head snapped back. It might have been Kiwi's imagination, but he could have sworn that the angry Saiyajin's hair had shot up and flashed to gold. However, when his head snapped back down, his hair was black again.

Raditsu could no longer contain his rage. Throwing back his head, he let loose a bestial scream of pure, fiery anger. Power surged out from his body as his hair stood on end, blazing into brilliant gold. His vision was overlaid in sea green as his eyes changed to that color. His muscles rippled with ki and expanded as the transformation completed.

His scream trailed off.

Broli could only stare at the transformed Raditsu. "I can't believe it," he whispered. "I've never seen this before."

Raditsu knew full well what he had become, but he didn't have time to consider the full impact of his transformation. He glared across the crumbling ruin at Koola, who was staring at him in shock.

"Raditsu," Kiwi said in an awed tone. "What...?"

Still angry, Raditsu turned his baleful gaze away from Koola and leveled it on Kiwi. "Take Kakarotto and the others and leave," he said coldly.


Raditsu wasn't in the mood to argue. "I mean it!" he roared at Kiwi. "Get them out of here before I lose my temper!"

Kiwi nodded quickly, moving carefully over to hoist Kakarotto onto his shoulders.

"I don't believe it," Nappa rumbled from his place near Rikum. "Raditsu's power level has risen to twenty million."

"What happened?" Rikum asked.

There was silence, but Broli broke it.

"Raditsu has... become a Super Saiyajin."