CHAPTER 37: Death of a King

Flying from Ginyu's mouth - well, the mouth Ginyu was loaning from Raditsu - the Change Beam descended towards the paralyzed Broli, poised to seal Raditsu forever within the body of Ginyu. His huge purple form straining with every step, Raditsu raced to intercept the beam.

Broli could only stare at the beam, paralyzed by the psychic net produced by the attack. He wouldn't be able to dodge it.

The beam drew closer...

And then Raditsu was there, hurling Ginyu's body at the beam and catching it in his mouth.

"NRRRK!" howled Ginyu.

Again, Raditsu felt the painful sensation of his spirit being wrenched from his body. His senses blurred as he flashed towards his body, and a sense of familiarity came over him once again. When his vision cleared, he was looking down at the injured body of Ginyu.

"No!" Ginyu groaned, clutching his bleeding torso with both hands. "You fucking monkey!"

Raditsu merely grunted, then plummeted towards Ginyu and drove his booted foot into the purple creature's head. As Ginyu smashed into the ground, Raditsu rose up a few feet, raising both his hands and then bringing them down with ki fireballs flying. The purple projectiles raced downwards at Ginyu, smashing into his body like fiery comets. A sizable section of the palace wing was annihilated by the shockwave.

The smoke and dust slowly faded, and Raditsu peered down into the crater. Ginyu was lying directly below him... his arms spread.

"CHAAAAAAAAAANGE... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!" came Ginyu's horrible gurgling yell. The familiar Change Beam came arcing out of the crater towards Raditsu.

This time, Raditsu was ready. He ducked to the side, and the beam lanced past him.

A lone seagull was flying overhead. Unfortunately, it just so happened that the gull was in the path of the beam, and got hit dead on. Raditsu suppressed a chuckle as the beam spluttered between gull and Ginyu, and he knew that Ginyu wouldn't be back.

The beam faded. Ginyu's body rose from the crater... and began to flap its arms crazily, running in circles and hopping as it went while screaming, "CAW! CAW! CAW!"

Kakarotto burst into peals of helpless laughter from his position on the ground below.

"Looks as if his brain went south for the winter," Kiwi grinned. "I always DID think that he was a little flighty."

Kakarotto laughed even harder.


The ki-charred flesh around Freeza's form cracked away, revealing his true form - white, slender, and actually humanlike. Still, Koola seemed unimpressed. "You still won't be able to beat me," the elder sibling said simply.

"Or so you think," Freeza replied with a smile. "You'll find that there's more to this form than meets the eye."

"Empty threats, little brother."

Freeza shrugged, then charged forward with his fists flying. This time, Koola seemed to have a more difficult time shrugging off the attack, but fought back with fists rocketing through the air and impacting forcefully against Freeza's body. Freeza held back the urge to wince, driving both knees into Koola's stomach and sweeping his elder brother's legs out from beneath him with his tail. Koola fell to the ground, but flipped up with his hands, landing on his feet a distance away.

"I underestimated you and your monkeys," Koola said with a bit of a smirk. "You did a LITTLE better than I expected."

Freeza merely grunted.

Standing a distance away, Broli and King Vegeta watched the battle with interest, with Raditsu and the other fighters a few feet behind them.

"Kakarotto and Bardock," Broli rumbled. "Get ready. You're going to follow King Vegeta into the fight. Raditsu and Kiwi will follow them, then I'll attack with Nappa and Rikum."

"I may strike down Koola?" King Vegeta grinned.

"Strike to your heart's content, my liege."

Grinning like Christmas, King Vegeta hurtled into battle.

Koola was unprepared for the King's attack, and was thrown back a great distance by Vegeta's huge flying kick. The evil changeling smashed into a pillar, shattering it into several pieces.

"That was for deceiving me and my people," Vegeta roared. "Get up and fight me, coward."

As if nothing had happened, Koola rose from the remains of the shattered pillar. "That wasn't smart, your Highness," he growled. "NOBODY stabs Koola in the back and gets away with it!"

"Enough of this talk! Come, and meet your destiny."

"Okay." Shrugging, Koola lifted his right hand. Almost as absently as if he were swatting a fly, he blurred in front of King Vegeta and fired a gigantic beam through the Saiyajin King's torso.

Blood gushed from the King's mouth as he fell backwards, landing on his back with his mouth gaping open. He clung to life by a mere thread.

Instinctively, Raditsu rushed to kneel by his king. Kakarotto, Broli, and Bardock did likewise.

"I'm sorry, my liege," Broli said quietly.

"It wasn't your fault," the fallen king gurgled, his eyes only half-open. "Heed... my words. Koola has deceived the Saiyajin people... thus, he must be... destroyed by a Saiyajin. We must... protect out honor." Raising his right hand, he clasped Broli's palm. "Do this... for me."

"I will, my liege."

A weak smile spread across Vegeta's face. "At least... I died with a small shred of honor," he murmured. He said no more as his head hit the ground and his hand slid from the larger hand of Broli.

"How touching," came Koola's voice. "I hate to break up your little reunion, but we have a fight to continue."

"I don't think you're up to it," Freeza snorted.

"Hold on, Freeza," Raditsu called, rising to his feet and giving the transformed Emperor a look - he almost didn't recognize the new form of Freeza. "We Saiyajins have a promise to fulfill." His gaze shifted to Koola. "A Saiyajin WILL strike you down, Koola."

A low chuckle escaped Koola's mouthpiece. "I think not," he said, his shielded eyes twinkling. "You're a bunch of weak monkeys."

"Enough of this shit!" Broli roared. "Let's get this over with! ATTACK!"

Sticking to the plan, Kakarotto and Bardock charged...