CHAPTER 36: Body Swap Surprise!


Ginyu's primal scream echoed across the blasted wasteland below as the purple being spread his arms wide, thrusting his head towards Raditsu.

Raditsu blinked. "What the hell?" he half-shouted.

Before he could react, a pulsating yellow beam burst from Ginyu's mouth, blazing across the space between the wounded soldier and Raditsu. The beam struck Raditsu solidly... in the mouth. The big Saiyajin was hurled back a few inches, but when he tried to move forward, he found that he was paralyzed.

A powerful wrenching tore at him all of a sudden, as if his spirit were being ripped from his body. His vision blurred and his senses were scrambled, but he seemed to be flying towards Ginyu across the yellow beam.

And then it was over, and the beam was gone. Raditsu's eyes regained their focus... and he stared across the sky at himself. He was vaguely aware of a searing pain in his torso, but he ignored it. How could he be staring at himself. "What the hell did you do?" he growled.

His body shifted a bit, the face splitting into a grin. "I thought it would be nice if you let me borrow it for a while," it said... in Ginyu's voice.

Realization suddenly hit him like a Mack truck. Ginyu had stolen his body! "Give back my body!" he bellowed, bringing his right hand up to the stomach of Ginyu's body to try and force back the pain.

"I'm gonna keep it," Ginyu grinned, turning Raditsu's body a bit and dropping to the ground. "In the meantime, the boss could use my help."

"Get back here!" Raditsu bellowed as Ginyu charged into the still intact main hall of the castle, taking the Saiyajin's body with him. However, a fresh jolt of pain blasted through his body, and he groaned in pain, dropping to the ground and landing on one knee.

"Bastard," Kakarotto growled. "I swear I'm gonna-"

"We can't fight him directly," Kiwi pointed out. "We don't want to hurt Raditsu's body unless it's absolutely necessary."

"So what do we do?" Rikum rumbled, rising from the ground with Nappa a few feet away. The two massive warriors looked a lot like twin mountains.

"We follow him and lure him into using the Change again," Kiwi replied. "Raditsu can then jump into the beam and get his body back."

"Thanks," Raditsu grunted.

"Let's hurry," Bardock called as he turned and moved quickly after Ginyu. The others followed, with Raditsu supported by Kakarotto and Kiwi.


Even having transformed into his third form, Freeza was still being defeated by Koola.

Flinching away from Koola's fist, Freeza leapt back and sprang off of a wall, charging his brother with a powerful uppercut, but he was brought up short by Koola's knee smashing into his skull. Pain screamed through Freeza's brain as he was thrown aside, smacking forcefully into a pillar and knocking it down. Clenching his teeth, he moved to his feet again.

For once, Broli was having an easier time than Freeza. Dodging one of King Vegeta's punches, the burly Saiyajin dropped back and raised his voice. "Koola has been using you, Vegeta," he boomed. "If you continue this scheme, Koola will turn on you and kill you, then take your empire for himself."

"You lie," the King of the Saiyajins growled.

"I do not lie," Broli said solemnly. "Koola's using you to destroy Freeza. When he's finished with you, he'll throw you away."

King Vegeta seemed a bit less certain now. "He assured me that we would be equal partners," he said stubbornly.

"Have you ever stopped to think about that, Vegeta? What would Koola have to gain by helping you?"

"He said he was doing it so that the Saiyajin peoples would ascend to their rightful place of-"

"That's a load of bullshit. He wants the galaxy handed to him on a silver platter. This little attack he's prodded you into was just a way for him to crush Freeza's army. Then he'd kill you and take your empire."

Vegeta's face was white as a sheet now. "We have been used," he said in a voice barely above a whisper. "I have betrayed the Saiyajin peoples."

"There's still a chance for you to redeem yourself," Broli pointed out. "You can help us destroy Koola."

"I shall strike him down this instant!"

"No. You'll wait a little while and strike when he doesn't expect it."

"But how will I know when to strike him down?"

"I'll tell you."

And suddenly, someone else was there: Raditsu, blazing into the area at a dead run.

"Bad move," Broli growled at him. "You aren't strong enough to help us."

"We'll see," he grinned - but there was something in his voice that wasn't quite right.

The doors burst open, and Bardock burst into the room, flanked by Rikum and Nappa. Close behind came Kakarotto and Kiwi, supporting a wounded purple alien.

"Broli!" Kakarotto screamed. "Don't listen to anything Raditsu says!"

Broli shot him a look. "What?"

"We ran into some unexpected trouble with one Captain Ginyu," Bardock explained. "He pulled a switch and changed bodies with Ra-"

"Fuck you!" Raditsu screamed. "You're blowing my cover!"

"You just blew it yourself," grinned the purple alien - apparently the current incarnation of the REAL Raditsu. Broli glanced at Raditsu's body - so that was Ginyu, and the purple one was Raditsu. Confusing.

"Gaah..." Ginyu growled deeply. "It's time for you to see my true power!" Without waiting for a response, he leapt into the air and clenched the fists of Raditsu's body, gathering ki. His screams of effort echoed through the area as a shimmering violet aura burst into existence around his body.

Frowning, Kiwi touched one finger to his scouter, shifting Raditsu's weight a bit. The frown turned into a smile rather quickly. "You're at fifty thousand," the squidhead called to the powering Ginyu.

"Yeah, I'm BAD!" Ginyu cackled. "I'll kick all your asses! Come and-" his expression changed sharply. "What did you say?"

"You're getting weaker," Kiwi laughed.

"Gotcha," Raditsu shouted, his voice surprisingly weak. "You don't know how to access my full power! Hah!"

The look on Ginyu's face clearly showed that he was royally pissed off.

"Don't get too cocky," Broli shouted at Raditsu. "He can still change bodies."

"Damn right I can!" Ginyu bellowed, shifting so that he faced Ginyu. "And guess what? YOU'RE IT, BIGGIE!" He spread his arms wide. "CHAAAAAAAAAAAAANGE NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!"

"No!" Raditsu shouted, stumbling weakly towards the beam. He knew that if he didn't make it, he could be trapped inside Ginyu's body forever.