CHAPTER 35: Enter Raditsu

Raditsu shifted his battered armor as he looked around the medical bay. "I guess I healed faster than they expected," he said to nobody in particular. Focusing his ki, he began to seek out his friends.

There they were - but there were two other ki levels there. Weaker than Raditsu, but still pretty strong. "Must be some of Vegeta's men," he grunted, stepping out of the medical bay... and into a half-crumbled hallway. A flat, blasted plain lay at the end... and it was that plain that was Raditsu's goal.


Breathing heavily, Nappa and Rikum soared back into the battle, their huge booted feet whistling through the air and connecting with Vegeta's lithe torso. The Prince again shrugged off the attack, bringing his superior ki to bear in a massive ki blast that took Nappa dead-on, smashing the burly Saiyajin's armor and shredding the top of his jumpsuit. As Nappa dropped back, Rikum closed in again, grabbing Vegeta's waist and driving his huge head into the prince's stomach. Actual pain showing on Vegeta's face, he dropped back and clutched at his stomach, his mouth gaping open.

"I... will not lose!" Vegeta roared, recovering and punching Rikum in the face. The redheaded fighter dropped towards the ground, landing on one knee and wiping blood from his chin.

"Vegeta!" Ginyu bellowed suddenly. "Hold up!"

Vegeta stopped in mid-flight - he had been charging at Kakarotto. "What is it?" he called down at his purple companion.

A strange sort of fear was evident on Ginyu's face. "The scouter's reading a power of four hundred thousand headed this way," he said loudly.

Vegeta's face suddenly went pale. "No way!" he exploded. "None of these weaklings has a power of four hundred thou-"

He didn't get any farther, as something slammed into his stomach. The attacker's form blurred into the bulky body of the fully recovered Raditsu.


Raditsu pulled his fist out of Vegeta's stomach, watching with a slight smirk as the prince pulled away, clutching at his torso and coughing up blood. "Care to attack my friends again, brat?" he inquired to the staggering prince.

Vegeta looked up at him weakly, his face contorted with pain and fury. "How DARE YOU STRIKE ME!" he raged, straightening suddenly. "I am ROYALTY! You are a FOOLISH PEASANT! HOW DARE YOU-"

"Oh, please," Raditsu scoffed, flicking his right hand as if to shoo away a fly. "The corn belongs in the fridge, Veggie."

"What?" The look on the Prince's face told Raditsu that the insult had gone completely over his head.

"You missed it."


"So now that you're facing a superior opponent, you're gonna turn yellow, eh Vege-chan?" Raditsu said in the most offensive tone he could manage. "Are you afraid to fight a REAL warrior?"

Vegeta rapidly skyrocketed from confused to absolutely livid. "NEVER!" he screamed. "I'll kill you! I'll kill you AND your friends!"

"Sure you will. And I'm the Legendary Super Saiyajin."

"You are NOT a Super Saiyajin!"

"It's a legend, you idiot."

"Enough of the preamble," Vegeta snapped, clenching his fists tightly. "Time for you to die!"

Raditsu merely smirked.

The veins in Vegeta's arms and forehead began to pulse as the Prince began to draw in his considerable ki. A growl warbled out of the little man's throat, which expanded into a hellish roar as he drew himself to his full height. His roar changed from unintelligible nothing to words: "GAAAAAALIIIIICK GUUUUUUUN-"

Raditsu blurred in and drove his fist into Vegeta's torso, sending a burst of ki exploding outward. Stunned by the punch, Vegeta was in no condition to defend against the blazing ki sheet that swept over his body. Screaming in agony, the prince fell to the ground encased in violet flames, smashing into the rocks and creating a deep impact crater and a dust cloud.

Kakarotto was gaping at him in absolute amazement. Looking around, Raditsu noticed that the others wore similar expressions.

"N-no way!" screamed a horned purple alien standing below. "Impossible!"

"Believe it, horn boy," Raditsu called down at him. "You're next."

The alien regained his composure with visible effort. "I think not," he said, stepping back... then thrusting one arm over his head, bringing one knee up and moving to stand on the toes of his right foot while moving his other hand to his hip. "Ginyu!" he shouted, spinning once. "Get ready!" he dropped out of his pose, thrusting his head forward. "The captain's coming to get you!"

Raditsu lifted an eyebrow in confusion.

"The infamous Ginyu Stylin'," Kiwi mumbled.

"I can't believe I actually took part in that garbage," Rikum grumbled.

"I don't see why you're doing that," Raditsu admitted to Ginyu. "It's a stupid waste of time and it makes you look like an idiot."


"It's even cornier than Vegeta's stupid lines," Raditsu grinned. None of them noticed the injured Prince Vegeta creep out of his crater and crawl across the plains towards the city sprawling across the wastelands.

"I'll show you corny, you bloody monkey!" Dropping out of his pose, Ginyu leapt into the air, one fist flashing forward to strike Raditsu solidly in the torso.

Raditsu looked down at Ginyu, his expression amused as he ignored the brief twinge of pain. "Are you done yet?" he asked with a little smile.

"Impossible!" Ginyu bellowed, bringing his fist back to batter Raditsu with a furious rain of kicks. Raditsu again ignored the blows, opting again to smile at Ginyu and do nothing.

"I don't get it," he heard Kiwi say. "How did Raditsu get so strong."

"Saiyajins get stronger when we take damage and then heal," Kakarotto replied. "Raditsu got smacked pretty good by Doore, so he got a big boost."

"Man, he's making Ginyu look like an idiot."

Ginyu's kick rain suddenly stopped. "Heh heh heh, not too bad," he chuckled. "But you see, I'm not finished yet." Still grinning, Ginyu clenched his right fist...

...And drove it straight through his own torso. The blood that came gushing from his mouth offset his broad grin a little.

"And the point of that was?" Raditsu asked him.

Ginyu floated backwards, spreading his arms and grinning. "Nothing much," he grunted. "I just thing it's time to..." his voice rose into a loud scream.