CHAPTER 33: Freeza Transforms

Kiwi was thrown backwards as Prince Vegeta's fist smashed into his stomach; he leaned out of the attack and fought back by hammering the heir to the Saiyajin throne with a furious rain of kicks. The prince's fists moved swiftly to block Kiwi's attack and retaliate by punching at the purple soldier's head.

The punch hit dead-on, and blood spurted from between Kiwi's lips, warm green liquid splattering onto his chin as he fell backwards, gathering himself in midair and charging into the fight again. His gloved fists rocketed at Vegeta's head, but each punch missed its mark as the agile Prince dodged and darted, then drew back and backhanded Kiwi in the side of the head.

The force of the hit threw Kiwi to the side, but his attack was picked up by the burly Nappa, who charged in the battle roaring like a madman. Nappa had contributed little to the actual proceedings, but now his true use was made apparent: big strong fighter. His massive fists and feet smashed into Prince Vegeta's body... but the little prince took the blows in stride and kept on fighting, smashing back at Nappa with his own punches. The two Saiyajins remained that way for a moment, wailing on each other with no end in sight.

It was Kiwi who brought an end to the stalemate, grabbing Vegeta from behind and hurling him downwards, sending a red fireball to give chase. The prince whirled in mid-fall, knocking the ki blast away with a purple attack of his own before bounding off of the ground and driving both of his fists into Nappa's thick torso.

Nappa seemed to fold in under the blow, groaning as he dropped all of his considerable bulk down onto his smaller attacker, causing himself and Vegeta to plummet downwards. At the last second, the burly ex-general wrapped his huge hands around Vegeta's waist and yanked the little man out of his torso, reversing him so that his head was aimed at the ground. Roaring loudly, Nappa gripped Vegeta's torso tighter as the prince's head hit the ground, sending chunks of rock flying in all directions as the thick hair penetrated.

Kiwi grinned as Nappa proceeded to drive Vegeta into the ground. After a few moments, all that was visible of the Prince were his feet. Grinning, Nappa grabbed hold of the right foot and gave a sharp tug, producing the dirt-covered prince.

"Why'd you pull him out?" Kakarotto inquired.

"Because I love pulling vegetables out of my garden," Nappa grinned.

The previously prone Vegeta took advantage of Nappa's distraction to bring both of his palms forward and nail the massive Saiyajin in the torso with a fiery ki blast. Nappa was thrown backwards, his armor smashed into several pieces to leave his thick upper body bare. Determined not to quit, Vegeta flew after him and began to beat him to death with his fists.

Suddenly, Kiwi noticed something below: A massive figure with red hair charging out from behind a pile of rubble to grab Vegeta by the back of the collar. Taken by surprise, Vegeta was unprepared to defend against Rikum's surprise attack, which was to hurl him into the air and follow by blasting him with a huge barrage of ki blasts. The violet bolts hit Vegeta with vast explosions, stirring up a huge cloud of dust and sending a strong gale blasting out from the point of impact. After a moment, Rikum's attack ended, but the dust remained.

"About time you showed up," Nappa grunted at Rikum.

"Sorry I'm late," Rikum apologized. "That Cookiee wouldn't let me on the ship, so I hitched a ride on another freighter to Vegetasei, and here I am."

"Thanks for the hand. That midget's stronger than he looks."

"Hey, no problem."

"You're damn right I'm stronger than I look!" came the familiar rasp from within the dust cloud.

"How could he have survived that?!" Rikum exploded. "No way!"

Grinning like Christmas, Vegeta pushed aside the billowing dust, revealing that his armor had been smashed completely, leaving his jumpsuit torn. "That wasn't a smart idea, biggie," he said to Rikum. "Because now I'm going to kill you."

Kiwi steeled himself and prepared to attack again.


Freeza clenched his teeth tightly as power rippled through his body, causing his muscles to bulge. He seldom saw the need to transform, but this was one of those times when he needed to.

He could see Broli, Vegeta and Koola watching him, but he didn't mind the scrutiny. He stiffened as a jolt of pain ran through him - an effect of the transformation caused by the rapid expansion of his body. He felt himself growing taller, and felt a momentary flicker of petty pleasure as he loomed over Koola and Vegeta. His chest muscles bulged out, and his horns jutted into curves.

Flexing his right arm, Freeza looked at his fist. It was MUCH bigger than before. "There we go," he said simply; his voice had changed to a deep, demonic rumble. "Haven't used this in a while."

"I suppose I can understand that," Broli commented. "That had to hurt."

"It's not too bad," Freeza admitted. "Not something I'd want to do every day."

"You can transform as many times as you like," Koola grunted. "I'm still going to kill you."

"We'll see, brother."

Freeza was the first one to attack. He blurred into Zanzoken and reappeared behind Koola, smashing at his brother's knees with his thick tail. Koola, however, was ready, leaping over Freeza's head and kicking him in the base of the skull. Pain lanced through Freeza's head as he stumbled forward, looking up to see King Vegeta grappling with Broli. He vaguely noticed Neizu slipping off into the shadows, but decided to do nothing about it.

Then Koola was in his face, bombarding him with ki-charged fists. Freeza moved his massive hands to block the attacks, but Koola redirected each punch in mid-swing, connecting several times. Freeza ignored the purple blood running down his chin, opting instead to slam his giant hands into the sides of Koola's head. His reward was Koola's look of pain and surprise. Grinning a bit, he jumped back.

"You need practice, Koola," he declared. "I've been training intensely ever since Father died."

"SO have I," Koola smiled. "I'm not going all-out yet."

"Neither am I." Freeza lifted two fingers. "I still have two forms left."

"I know that. I _AM_ your brother, remember?"

While Freeza and Koola made small talk, Broli was having a less amusing time. Raising both arms, he formed a ki bubble around his huge body and allowed King Vegeta's kicks to hit the shield, but the bubble soon collapsed, and Broli was once again under attack. After a few moments of parrying punches, he dropped back.

"You're tougher than I thought," the king snorted. "But you haven't even begun to see the full extent of my power. For you see... I _AM_ the Legendary Super Saiyajin."

"You lie," Broli told him. "There is no Super Saiyajin."

"On the contrary. He is me."

"We shall see."


Kaiousama, of course, heard every word of the Super Saiyajin exchange. "They're both wrong," he said fervently. "Neither of them are Super Saiyajins."

"What?" Gregory blinked.

"Neither King Vegeta nor Broli are true Super Saiyajins. At the moment, there ARE no active Saiyajins with that potential, and if there are, I'm missing them."


Kaiousama's antennae twitched as he returned to watching the events on Vegetasei take place.