CHAPTER 29: Assault on Vegeta

Raditsu leaned back in one of the padded gee-couches in Han Soda's lounge, half-closing his eyes. It would be best if he caught even a little bit of sleep before the Millennium Fugu reached Vegetasei. After all, there WAS doubtlessly a titanic battle ahead.

He opened his eyes again as something occurred to him. Some of his friends would likely die during this venture. His eyes moved from person to person.

Kakarotto stood at one of the portholes, watching the starlines flash by. Would Kakarotto die? Raditsu made much of a pretense of despising Kakarotto, but despite appearances, he did care for his younger sibling. Life would be lonely and dull without him.

Raditsu's gaze shifted to Bardock, who was playing galactic chess with the shaggy Stewbacca. He could not bear it if Bardock were to die - his father was the one person who he strived to please, and the reason Raditsu had trained himself so hard.

Nappa was watching them. Raditsu's gaze moved over him for a minute. He could probably bear it if Nappa died, but still, one does not take the loss of even a little-known comrade at arms very well.

His eyes moved to Kiwi. Despite the fact that they had known each other for only a short time, Raditsu had taken a liking to the squid-head, and considered him a friend. Raditsu always hated losing friends, and losing Kiwi would be no treat.

Again, Raditsu moved his gaze, this time to Broli, who was seated quietly off to one side, sunk deep in meditation. He didn't really know what to think of the huge Super Saiyajin - nor did he know what to think of the supposedly tyrannical Freeza. The lizardlike ruler hardly seemed like a full-blown tyrant.

Sauzaa stepped out of the cockpit, his hands moving to adjust his spiked white hair. "Captain Soda says that we're about to land in Vegeta Capital's Kappa Sector," he announced. "Should we assume disguises?"

"No," Freeza replied from his seat near the chessboard. "I'll wear a cloak, but that's all we'll need. I'm counting on there being a large amount of my former soldiers for us to take cover in. Nobody will notice us."

"Good plan," Broli muttered, opening one eye, then the other, rising to his feet. "Will Captain Soda be coming with us?"

"He's not going to stick around," Sauzaa snorted. "Mercenary types never do. They just take the money and fly."

"That's a generalization," Soda's voice drifted from the cockpit.

"You ARE planning to vamoose once we leave, right?" the blue man called back.

"Well, yeah, but it's not nice to stereotype."

Raditsu chuckled a bit, rising and shifting in his armor as he walked towards the ramp.


There was no welcoming committee waiting for the band of warriors as they stepped out of the Fugu. Not that they had been expecting any.

"What a dump," Freeza muttered as the group moved out of the spaceport. The reptile glanced at a few Dregs sitting on the sidewalk, their burlap rags caught in the wind.

"This is the home of the Dregs," Broli explained in a quiet voice. "Saiyajins with power levels below two hundred."

"I see. Do you treat the rest of your people this badly?"

"No. The warriors are housed better than this."

"Some dogs are housed better than this," Raditsu noted.

"He speaks the truth," Kakarotto grinned. "Grasshopper speaks wisely."

"Cram it, shorty," Raditsu grunted.

The small band walked towards the looming spires of Vegeta's castle. Eventually, about three blocks from the castle, they began passing patrols consisting of second-class Saiyajins. For the most part, the patrols ignored them, but about a block from the castle, they started paying attention.

"I don't like this," Kiwi muttered as a blocky Saiyajin and his companions approached.

The patrolman stepped up to Raditsu, looking down his nose at the stronger Saiyajin. "State your business here," he demanded.

"We're carrying important information for King Vegeta," Raditsu lied smoothly. "It concerns Freeza's troop movement."

The other man eyed Raditsu for a second, then shrugged. "Go ahead," he said, pointing at the castle before leading his patrol away.

"Slick," Kakarotto murmured.

"Stick a cork in it."

"I'd love to, but I don't have a cork handy."

The palace guards, a pair of Saiyajins in black and gold, asked no questions and let the band inside without trouble.

"That seemed almost too easy," Broli mumbled when they were out of earshot.

"Do you think he knows we're coming?" Kiwi blinked.

"Maybe," came the reply. "Especially since these halls are-"

Broli was interrupted by a large green fist smashing across his jaw. The burly Saiyajin stumbled backwards as a blocky green alien charged at him. Without thinking, Raditsu lunged at the huge being, his fist shooting at the alien's face; it hit with no visible effect.

Raditsu's vision suddenly filled with stars as he was battered by the massive green fists. He blandly felt himself being driven to his knees, and he was aware of blood gushing from between his lips. Then it hit him. He groaned in pain, clutching his stomach as he bent forward, driven to his knees.

His ribs and back screamed in agony. The attack must have broken a few bones. He looked up weakly, his vision blurring, and watched as Broli thundered forward, his massive ki level concentrated into a vicious punch that easily took the gigantic green alien's head off. The body collapsed to the ground with a loud thud.

"Doore," Freeza identified the creature. "Your friend is hurt."

"I can see that!" Kakarotto snapped, and Raditsu was foggily aware of his brother kneeling at his side. "You relax," the short Saiyajin ordered. "We'll commandeer the medical bay and stick you in a rejuvenation tank. You'll be better in no time."

"Urrrrk," was Raditsu's reply. That was the last thing he remembered before he hit the floor, unconscious.