CHAPTER 24: Dissention

"You bumbling idiot!" Ginyu practically screamed at King Vegeta, who sat atop his throne with an unconcerned expression on his face. "By moving the army into the open you just blew our stealth attack out of the water!" Ginyu's purple face was beginning to turn red.

King Vegeta only shrugged. "What need have I for surprise?" he asked. "My authority is absolute. Freeza will bow before me."

"Someone's been feeding you shit," Ginyu declared. "Your power is NOT absolute. You think you're soooooo strong with your little five million..." A grin split the purple man's face. "Freeza's maximum power level is twelve million, bucko."


"Believe it."

"Listen to the man," rumbled Doore, stepping up beside Ginyu and scratching at one green cheek. "Freeza could smack you around like a volleyball."

"He will fall."

"Not if you don't wisen up, Vege-chan," Ginyu half-snapped. "That surprise attack we'd been planning was supposed to be our best chance of crushing Freeza, and you ruined-"

"Vegeta!" came a loud roar from the double doors of the throne room. A split second later, the doors burst open, revealing a VERY pissed off looking Koola.

"What is it, Koola?" Vegeta sighed.

"You moron!" Koola screamed. "You're ruining my plans! Who the hell told you you could take command of the army?!"

"I decided to take matters into my own hands."

"It could cost us our victory, you... baka! Baka yaro!"

"I will destroy Freeza without stealth."

"You idiot, Freeza is TWICE AS STRONG AS YOU!" Koola exploded. "He eats punks like you for lunch!"

"Do not compare me to a punk."

"Talking to him is like talking to a wall," Koola muttered in Ginyu's direction.

"You're telling me," Ginyu muttered back. "He has the intellectual capacity of a turnip."

"That does him justice," Doore pointed out.

"Point taken," Koola grinned.

"Tell me what you're talking about," King Vegeta demanded.

"You aren't in command here, so don't give orders," Koola told him bluntly. "I'm in command here, remember?"

The Saiyajin King began to splutter.

"Father!" came a loud yell as Prince Vegeta stormed into the room. "It's so boring around - what's wrong, father?"

With visible effort, King Vegeta composed himself. "Nothing," he said simply. "Now go play with your little toys."

"I'm sick of stealing lollipops from babies, father! There's nothing to do!"

"Go train," Koola muttered. "You're too weak to do much good."

"I am not weak!" Prince Vegeta screamed. "My power level is fifty thousand!"

"Are you aware that we'll be going up against Freeza, who has a power level of twelve million?"

The younger Vegeta paled, wordlessly sauntering out of the room.

"I guess idiocy runs in the family," Doore rumbled, his face showing no traces of humor at all.

"So it seems," Ginyu nodded before turning back to King Vegeta. "Now, will you accept Koola's authority, or will I have to unload the big guns?"

"You cannot harm me," Vegeta stated.

"I can steal your body."

"You would NOT!" Vegeta's expression was one of terror.

"Oh, I would," Ginyu corrected him. "You see this body here? I stole THIS one from a punk fighter on Weedsei. He pissed me off, so I saddled him with my wimpy body and took his power along with his body. And I'll do the same to you if you keep bugging me."

"Then I will submit," Vegeta murmured. "I will recognize Koola's authority."

"I knew you'd see it my way."

"First thing's first," Koola said sharply. "Our stealth is gone, but we have an assassin working in Freeza's palace - goes by the name of..."


Broli watched as the numbers on Sauzaa's scouter scrolled by, then blinked to a stop. "You're reading at power level one million three hundred thousand," the blue alien stated. "Impressive. You Saiyajins must have a natural trait that lets your power levels rise quickly."

"Perhaps," Broli rumbled. "I DO know that if a Saiyajin is healed from near-death, his power level rises dramatically."

"I see," Sauzaa nodded.

"Same time tomorrow, then?"

"Right." With another nod, Sauzaa left the gravity room. Broli followed a moment later.

The huge Saiyajin couldn't help but wonder as he walked back to his quarters. Why had Vegeta suddenly brought his forces out into the open? The maneuver was tactically unsound, even though the Saiyajins and their bribed reinforcements DID have a signifigant size advantage. Freeza's men would be outnumbered ten to one or more.

Finally, Broli reached his quarters. The door slid shut behind him as he sat down on his bunk and leaned back, staring at the ceiling and wondering how things would turn out.


The assassin shifted his bulky body as the orders scrolled across his laptop: 'KILL FREEZA'. Short and simple - the kind of orders that the assassin would understand easily.

Scratching at one pointed ear, the assassin rose to his feet and shambled towards the closet, opening it. There it was: His 'sniper rifle', which was in fact a simple targeter which could be attached to his wrist. It also included a focusing device to focus his ki into a thin beam.

The assassin mounted the sniper system onto his thick right wrist and lumbered from his quarters, thrusting his right hand deep into his vast pockets.

Nobody in Freeza's service had the slightest clue that one among them was the assassin...