CHAPTER 20: Ambush!

Bulma's aircar sliced through the air as its blue-haired pilot directed it back to where the spaceships of Raditsu's team had crashed. The mission to Earth was over. But for some reason, Raditsu couldn't shake the feeling that something wasn't right.

"I love my panties," Oolong giggled as he poked at the Dragon-bestowed undergarments. "They'll go good in my collection."

"You collect panties?" Kakarotto laughed. "You hentai."

"I love hentai," Oolong grinned.

Bardock shot the pig a glare.

"Leave him alone, father," Raditsu said simply. "He saved the universe, so he's entitled to his little moment."

Somewhat sulkily, Bardock sunk back in his seat.

Kiwi leaned forward a little. "Something isn't right, Raditsu," he muttered. "I've got this feeling in my gut that we aren't out of the woods yet."

"Check the scouter," Raditsu suggested.

Kiwi did so, and his eyes widened a little. "There's a big power out there!" he said sharply. "The scouter's registering a sixty thousand... wait, its a five thousand and a one thousand."

"Where are they?"

"Headed this way!" Kiwi half-shouted.

The warning came not a moment too soon, giving Raditsu the chance to look about. As a result, he easily spotted the two purple ki balls flashing towards the aircar. He shoved past Bulma and brought the aircar into a sharp swerve, clenching his teeth and then letting out his breath loudly as the fireballs narrowly missed the vehicle.

Unfortunately, the aircar's repulsor pad decided to splutter and die at that moment, and the aircar descended to the ground almost sedately.

"I didn't think Earth warriors could achieve levels of over two thousand," Kakarotto scowled. "That means Taurus brought a backup man."

"Two," Kiwi corrected. "And I think I can guess who they are."

"There's no need to guess," came a whining voice. "We're going to tell you. Look behind you."

Raditsu looked over his shoulder to see two aliens standing atop a tower of rock. The first alien had red skin and long white hair, and the second was fat, short, green, and four-eyed. Both of them wore armor with the insignia of the Ginyu Tokusentai.

"Jeice!" screamed the red alien, tossing his hair and raising his arms so that he looked like a Y of some sort.

"Gurudo!" shouted the second alien, arranging himself in a similar formation.

"You were supposed to think up a new pose!" Jeice snapped at Guldo, breaking his formation.

"Well, excuuuuuuuse me, hair boy!" Gurudo retorted. "YOU'RE too lazy to strain your creativity!"

"Bite me, mate!"

"I'll bite your frickin' head off, you pansy!"

"Just get on with it," Raditsu shouted up at them.

"Gladly, monkey-man," Jeice said with a smile. "To cut a long story short, we're here to kill you. Taurus couldn't pull it off, so we're going to do the job."

"I thought you two worked for Freeza," Kiwi interrupted. "Why are you against us?"

"Vegeta's paying us better," Gurudo shrugged.

"Stop talking and kill them, Four-Eyes," Jeice snapped.

"With pleasure," Guldo grinned, hopping down from the rock column and landing near Bardock and Kiwi.

The fight was about to begin.


Krillin flew as fast as he could towards the two dark powers. If he hurried, he'd be able to help his friends and save the planet. Krillin knew that he couldn't defeat the evil alone, but he could damn well try - especially if it meant keeping others from harm.

Even if it meant giving his own life, he WOULD keep the people of Earth from harm.

With that moral in mind, Krillin poured on as much speed as he could muster in an effort to reach the battle on time.


"Let's get this started, then," Kiwi suggested to Bardock and Gurudo.

"Right," Gurudo nodded.

"Bardock," Kiwi said simply. His voice then rose into a shout: "Let's turn up the heat!"

Bardock's reply came in the form of a loud roar as an aura of fiery blue encompassed the aging Saiyajin. A similar aura flared up around Kiwi, coloured a brilliant magenta. The sky seemed to darken as the two fighters powered up to their full potential.

"Twenty-five thousand and twenty-eight thousand," Jeice commented. "Not half bad."

Gurudo, however, seemed a little more concerned as he stared at the two warriors powering up before him. However, a few seconds later he was staring not at two warriors powering up, but at two burning fists howling towards him. Raditsu watched the little alien suck in a deep breath...

Kiwi and Bardock's fists struck empty air as Gurudo vanished without so much as a blur.

"It's true, then!" Kiwi exclaimed. "Four-eyes has the ability to stop an instant in time!"

"Impossible," Bardock said firmly.

"He just did it," Kiwi replied, pointing at Gurudo, who stood panting behind a large tree.

Without a word of reply, Bardock charged towards Gurudo, firing a powerful blast of ki at the squat green alien, but Gurudo wasn't there when the blast hit. Instead, he was lying on his belly several yards away.

"Keep him running!" Kiwi called out as he began to bombard Gurudo and the surrounding territory with ki balls. This time, when Gurudo slipped in and out of his frozen moment, he emerged directly in the path of a fireball, which smashed into his rotund body and drove him into the ground.

He didn't get up.

"You know, that was disgustingly easy," Bardock mused.

"It's going to get tougher," Kiwi said, looking up at Jeice. "Much, much tougher."

Raditsu stepped forward, steeling himself and preparing for the inevitable brawl.