CHAPTER 18: Dragonballs For All

Despite the hut's small size, it was remarkably comfortable. Raditsu leaned back in the padded chair provided for him by the old man, taking another drink from his cup of tea. He had always liked tea better than coffee.

The short old man pulled his chair closer to the table. "Alright, then," he began. "Why do you need my Dragonball?"

"Let's just say that if you don't give it to us, someone else will take it by more bodily means," Bardock said quietly.

"Care to explain?"

"You've probably guessed that we aren't native to Earth."

"The tails gave it away," the old man smiled.

"Good. There's another like us who is searching for the Dragonballs, as well, and he'll kill anyone who gets in his way to get them."

"How unfortunate."

"You never told us your name," Kakarotto added suddenly.

"How rude of me. My name is Gohan, and I've lived here for most all of my life. And your names are...?"

The introductions continued for a few moments. Once they were finished, Bardock spoke up again. "It is imperative that you lend us your Dragonball. You aren't strong enough to keep it away from the other hunter."

"Well, I AM a fairly good martial artist..."

Raditsu looked at Kiwi for a moment.

Kiwi tapped the button on his scouter and looked at Gohan, frowning. "His power level is one hundred and sixteen," the purple soldier informed. "Not bad for an old-timer."

"I trained under the martial arts master Mutenroshi," Gohan continued. "He's an old hentai, but he knows his stuff."

"I see," Raditsu nodded. "Now can you tell us where to find a Dragonball? Besides yours?"

"I think Mutenroshi had one."

"Would you give us yours?"

"Well... alright. Wait here." Gohan rose from his chair and walked slowly into a back room.

"Where does this Mutenroshi fellow live?" Bardock asked Bulma.

"How would I know? I don't keep track of old hentais."

"Hentai," Oolong moaned. "I want my hentai."

"Mutenroshi has the world's largest hentai collection," Gohan told the pig as he reentered holding a Dragonball.

Oolong's eyes lit up.

"Here's your Dragonball," Gohan said with a smile, handing the precious bauble to Raditsu. "Don't let it go to waste, my friend."

"Thank you," Raditsu said.

"Earth life is getting to you, brother," Kakarotto laughed. "I almost never hear you thank someone."

"You better keep that quiet."

"Would I tell anyone?"

Raditsu chose not to answer that.


Mutenroshi cowered away from the huge armored man facing him. He had never felt a power like this before - he had no chance of surviving if he tried to put up a fight.

"Just hand over the Dragonball, old man," the invader said quietly. "I MIGHT let you live."

"W-w-why are you doing this?" Mutenroshi managed to blurt out.

"None of your business, old man. Just give me the Dragonball!"

"Or I'll kill your turtle," the purple alien threatened, poking the overturned Umigame with a large stick.

The turtle began to cry in terror.

"Don't hurt the turtle!" Mutenroshi shouted. "I'll give you the Dragonball!"

"Excellent," the giant said with a cold smile. "I knew you'd see it my way."

His hands trembling with fear, Mutenroshi produced the three-star ball from beneath his clothes and handed it to the intruder, who placed it in a pouch at his side.

"What now, Taurus?" the purple one asked.

"We move out," Taurus shrugged. "Leave the turtle on its shell." As he spoke, Taurus began to rise into the air. The purple creature did likewise, and the two aliens angled off and flew away from the island.

Mutenroshi finally caught his breath, rising weakly to his feet with the aid of his gnarled stick. "You okay, turtle?" he asked.

"Do I look okay to you?" the turtle wailed, waving his fins in the air. "I'm a turtle on his shell here."

"Here." Mutenroshi walked over to the turtle, placed his hands on the reptile's shell, and flipped him back onto his feet.

"Thanks," the turtle said simply.

A brief twinge of ki flashed through Mutenroshi's mind, and he whirled quickly to see Krillin touching down near the house. "Am I too late?" the little bald man asked.

"Yes," Mutenroshi said simply. "There was nothing you could have done, though."

"Well, I'm gonna help in every way I can!"

"That's very noble of you, Krillin, but I'm afraid we're out of our league here."

"Yeah? Well, I'm gonna train extra hard until I'm just as strong as that alien!"

"Might take awhile, though."

"Don't worry, the other aliens will take down that big thief!"

Mutenroshi's eyes suddenly widened. "OTHER aliens?"

"Yeah. They're searching for Dragonballs, too. Bulma's with them."

Mutenroshi was now even more troubled. This sudden wave of aliens was too much like an invasion to sit quite right with him.