CHAPTER 14: Earth's Welcoming Committee

Raditsu rose from his space pod into the middle of a wreck.

Apparently, he and his team had landed in an inhabited area - he could make out several faint shapes through the slowly fading dust clouds, hovering about the four craters like insects. "Keep that scouter ready," he muttered to Kiwi.

The dust cleared, and Raditsu could make out a handful of gawking figures. The one that stood out most was a tall man with a shaved head; his bare chest bore a wide scar, and nestled in his forehead was a third eye.

A second figure floated just behind him. The floating person was VERY short, with a pale white face. He wore a black hat with a pom-pom on top, and his cheeks were rouged. He wore a black weighted shirt beneath a white tunic, with green pants trimmed with gold - pants identical to the ones worn by the three-eyed man.

Raditsu noticed the woman most, though - she was of medium height, with short, green-blue hair and bluish eyes widened in shock. Her features were quite attractive for a non-Saiyajin - in fact, the people of this planet were remarkably similar to Saiyajins in physical appearance. The female's figure was quite appealing, and a set of letters on her shirt read in an obscure dialect, 'CAPSULE'.

"Look at them," the woman said in an awed tone, her gaze locked on Raditsu - who was easily the biggest of the bunch.

"They're huge!" the little floating thing gasped. "The one with the big hair is even bigger than YOU, Ten!"

"And they're strong, Chaozu," the three-eyed man - Ten - told the flying thing - apparently named Chaozu. "I've never felt a power like this before!"

Several other figures closed in around Ten, Chaozu, and the woman, staring at Raditsu and his team in awe.

"Scouter," Raditsu muttered to Kiwi.

"Right." Kiwi lifted a hand to his scouter and tapped it gently, watching the numbers cycle across its visor. "Not bad... The one with three eyes is at eight hundred sixty four. The flying thing in the hat is at five hundred seventeen. The woman's reading at five.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Ten demanded. "And who are you?"

"How rude of me not to introduce myself. I'm Raditsu, a Saiyajin from Vegetasei, and these are my fellow warriors. Who might YOU be?"

"Tenshinhan, world fighting champion."

"The people of Earth must be pretty wimpy," Kakarotto mused.

"And how strong are YOU, shorty?" Tenshinhan asked with a bit of an edge to his voice.

"My power level is roughly eighteen thousand to your eight hundred."

Tenshinhan paled a bit.

"Now listen," Raditsu demanded. "I'm looking for a man named Taurus who arrived yesterday looking for Dragonballs. Would any of you know where to find him?"

"Wait a second," Chaozu said suddenly. "I'm feeling a strong power... Due east of here."

"Check it, Kiwi," Bardock said quietly.

Kiwi tapped his scouter again, then frowned. "I'm reading two powers of a thousand, a power of six hundred thirty, and an eighteen thousand."

"Chaozu's right," Ten muttered. "There's a dark power out there..." His head jerked up sharply. "Shit, Krillin!"


Meanwhile, Krillin had his hands full.

A blast of ki screamed from the canine Blueberry's arm cannon, but Krillin leapt into the air, allowing the beam to flash beneath him. Clasping both hands clamshell-like before him, he began to gather ki for the great attack that he had learned from the renowned yet perverted Mutenroshi. It was time for the Kamehameha.

"Ka... Me..." Krillin's hands were engulfed in blue ki as the beam began to form.

"Impossible! It keeps going up!" he heard the huge armored man scream. "Nine hundred!"

"Ha... Me..." The Kamehameha was almost ready. Cycling rays of blue light began to shoot from the ki globe of the charging Kamehameha.

"A thousand!" the giant man screamed. "Eleven hundred! Twelve hundred!"

"HAAAAAAAA!" With an almost primal scream of the last syllable, Krillin let fly the Kamehameha. A massive blue beam smashed through the air and slammed directly into the howling Blueberry. He suppressed the urge to cringe as Blueberry's stomach was pierced and the Kamehameha continued on through, slamming into a mountain range.

The mountains exploded in a flash of blue, sending a vicious gale biting at Krillin's body. He let the Kamehameha trail off; when the light faded, he saw that Blueberry was completely vaporized save for the item over his eyes.

"Fuck!" screamed the massive alien. After a few seconds, though, his brutish features softened. "Lucky shot," he rumbled. "Get ready to die, short stuff."

And then Krillin had no more time to think, as a huge force smashed into his head, driving him to the ground. Unable to sustain consciousness, he let his eyes drift shut, and darkness overcame him.


Raditsu watched as Tenshinhan and Chaozu knelt near the bloodied bald midget. Judging from the pile of ash which bore a scouter atop it, the midget had killed one of Taurus' cronies.

"Senzu," Ten said simply.

Chaozu handed him a simple brown bean, which Ten placed in the midget's mouth, manipulating the little man's jaw in a chewing motion. A few moments passed.

Raditsu couldn't believe his eyes - the midget jumped up as if nothing had happened. "Heh heh, I'm alive!" the bald guy laughed. "Thanks, Ten!"

"Don't worry about it, Krillin," Ten replied. "who did this?"

"It was this really big alien-" Krillin's eyes widened as he noticed Raditsu. "An alien like him!" he almost screamed.

"Relax," Raditsu said shortly. "It's in my best interests that I keep you alive, anyway. Now, which way did the attacker go? If we can follow him, we can kill him."

"I didn't see," Krillin admitted.

"Wait," Bulma said suddenly. "Even if this Taurus is hiding himself, you can still keep him from making a wish!"

"How?" Raditsu blinked.

"You can collect some of the Dragonballs yourself! Without ALL the balls, Taurus can't make his wish!"

"It's a good plan, son," Bardock advised. "We can buy Freeza some time with it, too - if Vegeta is held up waiting for Taurus, he won't attack."

"Alright," Raditsu nodded. "We'll hunt Dragonballs."

"I'll help you," Bulma offered. "My Dragon Radar can pinpoint the exact location of the Dragonballs."

"Bulma!" Krillin gasped. "You could be hurt!"

"I won't harm her," Raditsu told the midget. "She has something I want, so she's too useful to kill. Besides, we didn't come here to kill Earthlings."

"Oh," Krillin said blandly.

"So when do we leave?" Bulma asked in a bubbling happy tone.

"After I eat," Raditsu said, suppressing a grin. "I'm hungry."

Bardock groaned.

"Is it that bad?" Chaozu asked. "I mean, he can't eat that much."

"Oh, you don't know the half of it," Bardock said with no trace of humor.