CHAPTER 11: Freeza

Kiwi had never been inside Freeza's main chamber before, and he was awed at the sheer opulence of it. The columns were sheathed in rose marble, and a carpet of the same color led up to a black marble dais. Upon that dais sat not a throne, but a black desk accompanied by a high-backed black chair.

And occupying that chair was the man himself. Freeza.

Kiwi had seen Freeza before, of course, but he had always found his Emperor's pasty face and black lipstick horribly feminine; the pink muscles didn't help Freeza's image of heterosexuality, either. Neither did his choice of armor - magenta with gold. However, his long black horns made him look a little like a demon of some kind.

Gesturing for Kiwi and the Saiyajins to stay put, Zarbon stepped forward and gave a regal bow, his forearm resting on his stomach. "Lord Freeza," he said in a tone of profoundest respect.

"Zarbon," came the reply. Freeza's voice didn't really match his appearance - the voice was masculine and medium-pitched. "Why have you dragged this horde of Saiyajins into my room?"

"They have evidence of a plot against you by their leader, Lord."

Freeza's eyebrows shot up. "How do you know that they aren't spies, Zarbon? Did you think of that?"

"Lord Freeza, if they were spies, they wouldn't have given away their king's plot," Zarbon told him.

"You have a point."

"I think that-" Kiwi never found out what Zarbon thought, as Broli shoved the blue ambassador aside. "I don't have time for mindless preamble, Freeza," the huge Saiyajin said bluntly. "I've uncovered evidence that King Vegeta is trying to steal your empire."

"Give me proof."

"Read this." Broli produced the folded page from Vegeta's diary from within his tunic and tossed it to Freeza.

Nimbly, the horned ruler caught the paper and unfolded it. His red eyes skimmed across the page. "How do I know this isn't forged?" he asked as he lowered the paper.

"You don't," Broli rumbled. "You'll have to trust us, because if you don't, Vegeta will smash you and you won't even know it's coming."

"He attacked us on the way here," Zarbon added. "That would suggest that he doesn't want this evidence falling into your hands, hmmm?"

"Alright," Freeza nodded after a moment's pause. "I believe you, Zarbon - but I believe that some introductions are in order."

"Yes, Lord. This is-"

"Let them introduce themselves. Your introductions tend to be tedious, Zarbon."

Looking a little offended, Zarbon backed away.

"You first, then the rest," Freeza nodded at Broli.

"Right. I'm Broli."

"Is that all?"


Freeza looked towards Nappa.

"Nappa," came the burly general's introduction. "General of the Saiyajin army - probably ex-general by now."

"Bardock, advisor to Nappa," Bardock introduced himself.

"Raditsu, son of Bardock."

"Kakarotto, son of Bardock."

"I see," Freeza mumbled before raising his voice. "Well, I admire your courage - it takes a lot of guts to betray your king. I don't thank very many people, so you should be honored that I'm thanking you."

"You're going to need our help," Broli told Freeza bluntly. "The others down there aren't too strong, but my power level is seven hundred fifty thousand."

"Impressive," Freeza nodded.

"Nappa's a good tactician when Bardock's holding his leash, and Raditsu and Kakarotto have enormous potential."

Raditsu whispered something to Kakarotto, looking a little surprised. Kakarotto whispered back, his expression similar.

"I see," came Freeza's reply. "Alright; I'll hire you." He raised his voice. "Rikum! Baata!"

The doors opened again, and two men entered the room. One of them was tall and looked a lot like a Saiyajin, except for his brilliant scarlet hair and black and gold armor. The other one wore the same armor, but was even taller than his companion - and much bluer, with a yellowish strip along his skull. The insignias on their armor identified them as members of the Ginyu Tokusentai.

Kiwi had never met a member of the Ginyu Tokusentai before, but these two didn't really seem like Ginyu material. They seemed too... BIG to be naive posers.

"Rikum, Baata, take those four over there and help them train," Freeza ordered the red-haired soldier.

"Gotcha," came the booming reply.

"Broli, you've met Sauzaa, right?"


"Ask him to show you the advanced gravity room."

Broli merely nodded in reply.

"Kiwi, go with Rikum. Zarbon, stay here. I want a report from you."

"Yes," Kiwi and Zarbon said simultaneously.

"Now go to it."

"Come on," Rikum boomed, turning towards the door with Baata at his side. The Saiyajins followed him, and Kiwi dropped in beside Raditsu. Broli hung behind.

"Don't worry about it," Kiwi murmured to the long-haired Saiyajin. "Rikum's supposedly a good man."

"Who's worrying?" came the semi-confident sounding reply.

"Nevermind. We'll probably train under twenty times gravity at first, then raise it as you get stronger. You should be able to attain a power of over a hundred thousand in just under three weeks."

"If I'd have known THAT earlier, I would've been an Elite by now."

"By the end, you'll be training under a hundred times gravity."

By now, they had exited the throne room. The doors swung shut with a loud clang as Rikum and Baata led them towards the gravity room.

It was time to prepare for the inevitable battles ahead.