CHAPTER 10: Freeza's Empire

Raditsu watched out the viewport as the massive cerulean orb that was Freeza Planet 1 loom closer and closer. It had been a mere six hours since they had left Vegetasei, and Freeza's imperial capital was already within reach. A small corner of his mind wondered if this was really the right thing to do - but there was no turning back now.

He shifted in the cramped cockpit and pushed Kakarotto over a bit to lean towards Han Soda. "Will we have to pass through customs?" he inquired.

"Yeah," Soda nodded. "Any minute now."

"Speak of the devil," Nappa remarked as the communications system began to crackle.

"Let me get it." Soda reached for a headset lying on a console and putting it on. A fait tweeting sounded, and Soda responded, "This is the freighter Gavelan Star, Captain Sanuicha commanding. we're delivering supplies to the capital." After a few seconds, he removed the headset.

"Why did you lie?" Kakarotto frowned.

"I'm wanted on this planet."

"So we could all be arrested?"

"No. The false ID should hold us off."

"And if it doesn't?"


"That's reassuring," Kakarotto replied dryly.

"I thought it might be."

The cerulean planet had engulfed the viewport now. A fiery red began to take over as the Fugu angled into the atmosphere.

"We're going to land at the main starport," Soda announced. "After that, you're on your own."

Finally, the brilliant red fire faded as a glimmering silver metropolis began to fill the viewport. After a few moments, the view had narrowed down to a single silvery tower, a platform extending from its side. It was on this platform that Soda nimbly brought the Fugu into a landing upon.

"We're here," Soda shrugged.

"Let's not waste time," Broli rumbled. "Come on." He turned and stormed from the cockpit. Raditsu followed him, elbowing past Zarbon in the process.

A few weak soldiers in white and tan armor were waiting at the bottom of the ramp. One of them was short and had an elongated yellow head, and the other was massively built, with blue skin, horns, and a yellow beard. Raditsu could feel their powers as close to a thousand.

"State your business here," demanded the blue soldier.

"We're here to see Freeza," Broli told him.

"Freeza doesn't see just anybody."

"He's going to see us," Broli told him in a voice like frost. "Do you REALLY want to refuse ME?"

The sweating blue henchman touched a button on his scouter, and gaped as he saw the reading. "G-go ahead," he stammered.

"I knew you'd see it my way," Broli smirked, shoving past the stunned soldier and walking towards an open door nearby. Raditsu followed him.

"Are you sure about this?" he asked Broli as he walked slightly behind the huge Saiyajin.



However, as the group entered a large antechamber, a white-haired, blue-skinned soldier stepped in Broli's path. "No further," he said.

"Stand aside," Broli said quietly. "We're here to see Freeza."

"I think not," the white-haired man replied. "Freeza doesn't see just anybody."

"Move aside, Sauzaa," Zarbon ordered, pushing past Raditsu and Broli. "This is urgent."

"And exactly what are you doing with this band of unwashed monkeys, Ambassador?" Sauzaa inquired in an amused tone.

"Exactly what are YOU doing hanging around Freeza's palace? I thought you worked for Koola."

"You were mistaken, old boy. Doore and Neizu stayed on with Koola, but Freeza's paying me better."

"I see."

"Anyway, if you're authorizing this little visit, I have no choice but to let you in," Sauzaa said. "Dodoria's guarding the door. Tell him I let you in, and if he doesn't move his lard ass, I'll knee him in the balls."

Zarbon snickered a bit. "Got it."

Curiously, Raditsu probed the edges of Sauzaa's power... and practically fell over. The soldier's power was HUGE!

Sauzaa looked at him with an amused expression, but said nothing.

Zarbon was leading now, walking just in front of Broli and leading the group towards a vast pair of doors. Seated beside them was the fattest being Raditsu had ever seen - with pink skin, a spiked head, and equally spiked forearms, the fat guard - apparently Dodoria - still sported an impressive power level, even in his sleep.

"Wake up," Zarbon said loudly.

Dodoria snapped to a standing position. "Ambassador Zarbon!" he stammered. "I-I was just, uh, testing my eyelids for light leaks!"

"That isn't the issue," Zarbon told him. "Open the doors. We're here to speak with Freeza."

"Why should I?"

"Because if you don't, Sauzaa will come over here and drive his knee into your crotch."

Dodoria's pink face suddenly became paler. Wordlessly, he produced a silver key from his white and gold armor, inserting it into a lock on the doors and twisting it. A loud click followed, and the doors swung open. "Go on in," he said, stepping to one side.

Hiding his nervousness, Raditsu followed Zarbon through the doors to meet the great Freeza.