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Timothy Seymour b. 27 Jan 1817 in Muskingum Co., Ohio, after his parents migrated there from Connecticut. Two daughter and possibly a son, were born before the family left Tolland Country, Connecticut. Timothy married, 8 June 1843, Coshocton Country, Ohio, to Elizabeth Sturman. Four children were born in Muskingum County, Ohio, before the family moved to Madison County, Iowa, in 1850. Elizabeth died 21 March 1854 in Madison County, and Timothy m. (2) in 1854/55 Madison County, to Sarah Howard, b. 17 Oct 1830m Pennsylvania, d. 18 Dec 1901, aged 71, dauthter of Leland Howard and Lucinda Kimble/Kimball. Timothy d. 4 Feb 1894, Madison County, Iowa, and is buried in the Winterset Cemetery, as are his two wives.
Children of Timothy Seymour and Elizabeth (Sturman) Lull:
i. Alexis, b. 14 Feb 1845, Muskingum Co., Ohio d. 30 Apr 1941, Linn Co., Kansas m. 16 May 1866, Madison Co., Iowa, to Henrietta Elizabeth Forbes, b. 24 Oct. 1849,Cleveland, Ohio, d. 22 Oct. 1941, Linn Co., Kansas.
ii. Harriet Jane, b. 18 Dec. 1846, Muskingum Co., Ohio, d. 2 Feb 1906, Madison Co., Iowa, m. 17 May 1866, Madison Co., Iowa, to Allen H. McDaniel, b. 10 May 1844, Indiana, d. Jan 1914, Madison Co., Iowa, son of Henderson McDaniel and Dorcas Nicholson..
iii. Mary Elizabeth b. 12 Mar 1848, Muskingum co., Ohio, d. 24 Nov 1933, Maricopa, Ca. m. 6 Nov 1873, Madison Co.,Iowa to Charles Albert Forbes b.5 June 1851, Cleveland, Ohio, d. 14 July 1929, Maricopa, Ca.
iv. Orloff, b. 7 Aug 1849, Muskingum Co., Ohio, d. 1938, Madison Co., Iowa, m. 25 Feb 1875, Madison Co., Iowa, to Anna Troub, b. 1856, Germany, d. 1929, Valley Junction, Iowa (now West Des Moines)
Children of Timothy Seymour and Sarah (Howard) Lull:
v. Amanda Euphrates, b. 8 July 1856, Madison Co., Iowa, d. 17 Aug 1939, Des Moines, Iowa, m. 27 Dec 1875, Madison Co., Iowa, to Josiah Ellsworth Missildine, b. 7 Aug 1845, Ohio, d. 3 Aug. 1885, son of Joseph G.W. Missildine and Susannah Trowbridge.
vi. Norman, b. 3 Apr 1858, Madison Co., Iowa, d. 8 May 1932, Valley Junction, Iowa (West Des Moines), m. 1882/83, Madison Co., Iowa to Louisa Troub, b. 20 Oct 1864, Germany, d. 21 July 1934, West Des Moines, Iowa.
vii. Sarah Elizabeth b.10 July 1860, Madison Co., Iowa, died young
viii. Leonard, b. 26 June 1861, Madison Co., Iowa, d 3 Sept 1927, Patterson, Madison Co., Iowa, m. 5 Oct 1886, Madison Co., Iowa, to Lauretta Oglesbee, b. 5 Oct 1868, Peru, Iowa, d. 2 June 1922, Patterson, Iowa, saughter of John and Elizabeth Oglesbee.
ix. Convers, b. 22 Mar 1863, Madison Co, Iowa, d. 22 May 1851, Barnum, Mn. m. 4 Nov. 1894, Madison Co., Iowa, to Lillian Amelia Martin, b. 16 July 1874, Winterset, Iowa, d. 9 Aug 1943, Holyoke, Mn, daughter of Daniel S. Martin and Mary DeVault.
x. Sherman, b. 29 Sep 1865, Madison Co., Iowa, d. 29 Aug 1921, Waubay, So. D., m. June 1897, Concordia, Ks. to Celia Wilson, b. 10 Sept 1872, Linn Co., Ks, d. 19 Sept 1912, Bozeman, Mt. , daughter of John Doran Wilson and Mary Whitehead.
xi. Minerva Elvira, b. 23 Aug. 1869, Madison Co., Iowa, d. 8 Oct.1955, West Des Moines, Iowa, m. 22 Mar 1893, Madison Co, Iowa to Charles Levi Farris, b. 21 May 1860, Madison Co., Iowa, d. 10 Dep 1937, Newport, Or., son of Charles Farris and Mary Jane Keener.

Roger MOWRY registered in Boston, Massachusetts, after his arrival from England, 18 May 1631. He lived in Plymouth for several years, later in Salem from about 1635 to 1649, then he removed to Providence, Rhode Island, where he resided until his death, 5 Jan 1666. He was associatedwith Roger Williams, who came to Rohde Island with him: both had applied for the privilege of Freeman at the same time in Boston, 18 May 1631. Roger Mowry was a member of First Church, Salem, Massachusetts. He was a Representative to the General Court in 1658 from Providence, Rhode Island, and held many important positions. The “Olney House” in Providence, Rhode Island, was built by him in 1653.
Within a cemetery near Woonsocket, Rhode Island, stands a unique monument, erected in 1896 by Hon. Arlon Mowry “To the Memory of ROGER MOWRY and Eight Generations of his Decendants through his son Nathaniel.”
1. ROGER MOWRY, probably from Drimpton, co. Dorset, England, as Roger Mowry d 5 Mar (Jan) 1666, Providence, Rhode Island, m. Mary Johnson, b. England, d. 5 Jan 1678/79, Rhode Island bur. 20 Jan. 1678/79, dau of Capt. John Johnson of Roxbury, and wife, Margery; Mary m. (2) 16 Mar 1673/74, to John Kingsley.
Children of Roger and Mary (Johnson) Mowry
i. Roger b.- d. unknown
ii. Jonathan, bpt. 2 Apr. 1637, d 1708/09, m. 5 July 1659, to Mary (Bartlett) Foster, b. pos 1631., d. 26 Sep 1692.
iii. Bethiah, bpt 17 Jun 1638, m. 30 Sep 1662, to George Palmer.***
iv. Mary, bpt. 16 feb 1639.
v. Elizabeth, bpt. 27 Mar. 1642.
vi. Nathaniel, b. 10 Jan 1644, d 24 Mar 1717/18, m. 1666, to Johanna Inman, dau of Edward Inman.
vii. John, b. 1645.
viii. Mehitable, b. 1646,m (1) 9 May 1662 to Eldad Kingsley, b. 1638, d. 30 Aug. 1679, m. (2) 1680 to Timothy Brooks of Swanzey, Ma., he d. 1711.
ix. Joseph, b. 1647.
x. Benjamin, bpt. 20 May 1649.
xi. Thomas, b. 19 Sep 1652.
xii. Hannah, b. 28 Sep 1656(or 9 Nov 1656), d. 1718, m. 3 Dec.1674, to Benjamin Sherman, b. 1650, d 12 Sep 1719.
Father of Roger Mowry is Thomas b. 26 Mar 1578, England, m. Elizabeth b. ca 1588.
Father of Thomas is George, b. ca. 1550, m. Elizabeth Rogers.

1. Allen Breed was born in England in 1601, from the parish of Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire; to Lynn, Massachusetts in 1630. The name of the mother of his children is unknown. He died 17 Mar 1692.
Children of Allen Breed:
i. Allen b.1626, probably England
ii Timothy b. date unknown, m. prob. 3 Mar.1680, to Sarah Newhall
iii Joseph unknown
iv.John b. date unknown. m.28 Dec.1663, to Sarah Hathorne;she d. 22 Nov 1676 he m.(2) 4 Mar 1678 to Sarah Hart. He d. 28 June 1678.
2. Allen Breed, Prob. b. England, 1626. He was made a freeman 1684. The name of his wife was Mary;she d. 30Nov.1671.
Children of Allen and Mary Breed:
i.Joseph, b. 12 Feb. 1658, Lynn, Ma.
ii.Allen, b. 30 Aug. 1660, Lynn, Ma.
iii.John, b. 18 Jan.1663, Lynn, Ma., m(1) Mary Kirtland;(2) Mercy Palmer.
iv.Mary, b. 24 Aug 1665, Lynn, Ma.
v. Elizabeth b. 1 Nov.1667, Lynn, Ma.
vi. Samuel, b. 25 Sept. 1669, Lynn, Ma.
3. John Breed, b. 18 Jan 1663, Lynn, Ma. m.(1) 28 Apr.1686, Lynn, Ma. to Mary Kirtland; they had a daughter Sarah b. 15July 1687 who d. 28Jan1688, Lynn,Ma. John Breed resided in Lynn until after the death of his first wife and daughter and then removed to Stonington, Conneticut. He m(2) 8 June 1690, Stonington to Mercy Palmer, b.1668, Stonington, the daughter of Gershom Palmer and Ann Denison. John and Mercy were members of the First Congregational Church of Stonington. He died 1751. and wife Mercy died 28Jan 1752. They are both buried at the burial ground at Wequetequock.
Children of John and Mercy Breed:
i .Anna, b. 8 Nov.1693,m.8 Mar1714, to Israel Hewitt,bpt. 24 July 1692, son of Benjamin Hewitt and Marie Fanning.
ii.Mary, b. 8 Jan.1697, m. 21 June1721, to Daniel Brown, son of Thomas Brown and Hannah Collins.
iii. John, b. 26 Jan.1700, m. 14 Oct.1725, to Mary Prentice, b. 12 Apr.1708, daughter of Samuel Prentice and Esther Hammond.
iv.Elizabeth, b.28 Jan.1702, m. 3 Mar. 1725 to John Hinckley, b. 25 July 1700, Barnstable, Ma., son of Samuel Hinckley and Martha Lathrop.
v. Sarah, b. 1 Feb.1704, m. to James Miner, b. 28 Oct.1708, son of James Miner and Abigail Eldredge.
vi. Zerviah, b. 27 Aug 1706, m. 22 Jan 1730 to Samuel Hinckley, b.4 Mar.1706, Barnstable, Ma. son of Samuel Hinckley and Martha Lathrop.
vii. Joseph b. 4 Oct 1708,m.2 June 1737, to Pricilla Avery, daughter of Christopher Avery and Prudence Payson.
viii. Bethia, b. 30 Dec1710.
ix. Allen, b. 29 Aug.1714, m. (1) 2 Feb 1737, to Ann Cole: m.(2) 5 July 1752, to Hannah Dewey.
x. Gershom, b. 15 Nov.1715, m 10 May1747 to Dorothy McLaren.
4. Allen Breed, was born 29Aug1714, Stonington ,Ct., m.(1) 2Feb 1737 to Ann Cole(nothing has been found on her parents) ; he m.(2) 5July 1752, to Hannah Dewey.
children of Allen and Ann Breed;
i. Ann, b. 11 July 1739.
ii.Abigail, b. 30 Jan1740.
iii Zerviah, b.23 Oct 1741.
iv Mary, b.3 Jan1744.
v.William, b. 20 Sept 1745, m. Prudence Palmer, daughter of Gershom Palmer and Dorothy Brown.
vi. Allen, b. 14 Nov 1745.
vii. Susannah, b. 3June1750, m. Joshua Stanton, Jr., son of Joshua Stanton, Sr. and Hannah Randall.
children of Allen and Hannah Breed:
viii.Rev. Gershom, b. 29 April 1756, m. Hannah Palmer.
ix.Jabish, b. 24 Feb. 1758, m. Sarah Chapman.
x. Esther, b. 3 Aug 1759.
xi.Christopher, b. 25 July 1761.
xii. Joseph, b. 21Feb. 1753, m. Rhoda Greene.
xiii. Hannah, b. 29 July 1765.

The Johan Nickel Lorentz Family
(Being researched using the Niederhausen church records at this time by William L. Graham, 320 So. Pacific Ave., Santa Ana, CA)
1) JOHANNES NICKEL LORENTZ, born ca 1690, a Miller, of Niederhausen on the Nahe River, Bad Kreuzmach area, Rheinland Pfaltz, Germany, located about 28 miles southwest of Wiesbaden. He married Anna Christina and they had the following children:
2) Valentin Lorentz? not listed in the records but listed with the other three when they arrived in America 2) Johann Jacob Lorentz, born 5 November 1722 2) JOHANN PHILIP LORENTZ, born 30 Jul 1727 2) Anna Maria Lorentz, born 30 Dec 1728 in Evangelisch (Protestant), Kirchberg Simmern (Simmern Church), Rheineland, Prussia
The following are listed as having emigrated from Zweibruecken in 1748: "Johann Jakob Lorentz, Philips Lorentz, Anna Maria Lorentz, all from Niederhausen leave for America" (Pennsylvania German Immi- grants 1709-1786, edited by Don Yoder, Gen Pub Co., Inc - 1980). The following are listed as having arrived in Philadelphia, PA on 5 Sep 1748 on the "Edinburgh" from Rotterdam. Johan Jacob, Joh. Valentin, Joh. Philip and Anna Maria Lorentz
2) JOHANN PHILIP LAWRENCE, born ca 30 Jul 1727 in Niederhausen, Zweibrueckes, Germany, the son of Johannes Nickel and Anna Christina Lorentz. He immigrated to Philadelphia, PA in 1748 aboard the "Edinburgh along with Joh. Valentin/Velten Lorentz, Johan Jacob Lorentz and Anna Maria (Anna Maria is listed in a different book but on the same ship). Their ship left from Holland with a stop at Portsmouth.
He settled in Strasburg or Staufferstown, VA, which was then in Fred- erick Co., VA and now Shenandoah Co., VA. About 1754, he married Susannah Funkhouser, born ca 1730, the daughter of Jacob and Frances "Verena" (Evick) Funkhouser.
John and Susannah moved to Masontown, Fayette Co., PA where he tended a mill for a few years and then moved to Beaver Co., PA. In Beaver Co., "he was driven away by the Indians, who burned his house and contents, drove away his cattle, and left him with nothing but his family, who escaped by hiding in the dense thickets. Coming back to Masontown, he remained there until the Indians were entirely subdued, when he again returned to Beaver county...", where he died at about age 72. In 1796, in German Township, Fayette Co., he owned a tavern which included sleeping accomodations. He died about 1799/1800 in Beaver Co., PA and an inventory and administration of his estate was completed in 1801. Susanna died about 1802/3. Philip and Susanna had (many dates of births are unknown):
3) Valentine Lawrence, probably born ca 1758 in what is now Shenan- doah Co, married Mary Magdaline Back, daughter of Nicholas Back of Fayette Co., PA. He bought land in Dearborn Co. IN in 1817 and died there in 29 Nov 1827 and was buried at St. Leon Cemetery
3) Jacob Lawrence, born in 1761 in Frederick Co., VA, married Barbara Ann Walser, daughter of Frederic Walser. They moved to Spring Twp. Adams Co., OH and he died about 1854/55 (age 94)
3) Henry Lawrence, born ca 1763, was an administrator of his father's estate, possibly moved to Wayne Co., OH in the 1820's
3) Isaac Lawrence, born about 1765, married Elizabeth. He bought land Dearborn Co. IN in 1817 and died there in 1828.
3) Elizabeth Lawrence, born ca 1767, married George Mason about 1783 They lived in Dearborn Co., IN. She died about 1819/20.
3) Mary Lawrence, born ca 1769, married a Mr. Yoho
3) Daniel Lawrence, born ca 1771, probably the Daniel who bought a portion of Section 7, Jackson Twp., Dearborn Co. IN in 1818
3) Catherine Lawrence, born ca 1773, married a Mr. Thomas
3) Philip Lawrence, born ca 1775, married and had:
4) Mary Lawrence
4) Elizabeth Lawrence, married a Mr. Seazy
4) Sarah Lawrence, married a Mr. Havis
4) John P. Lawrence
4) Nancy Lawrence
4) Daniel P. Lawrence
4) Catherine Lawrence
4) Susanna Lawrence, married a Mr. Behler
4) Philip P. Lawrence
4) William P. Lawrence
4) David P. Lawrence
4) Lewis Lawrence
3) Barbara Lawrence, born ca 1777, married a Mr. Foster
3) James Lawrence, possibly, born ca 1778
3) George Lawrence, born 2 Feb 1780, married Sarah _______, born 22 Oct 1788. He died 19 Sep 1854 and she on 30 May 1860, both in Dearborn Co., IN. They are both buried in the Lawrence Ceme- tery in Dearborn.
David Lawrence b. 14 Oct 1827 Dearborn Co., In. m. 14 Jan 1857/58 Decatur Co., In. to Mary Ann Bryant he d. 2 Feb 1885, Franklin Co., In. bur. Stipps Hill Cemetery, Franklin Co., In. children of David and Mary Ann (Bryant) Lawrence: i. Margaret J. b. 23 Feb 1858/59 d. infancy
ii. Lewis F. b. 1 Mar 1861 Franklin Co., In. d. 6 Mar 1943, Wayne Co., In. m. 26 Oct 1881 to Eliza Behne in Fayette Co., In.
iii. Millie C. b. 15 Mar. 1863 Franklin Co., In. m. 3 times (1) 31 May 1887 to David Margison
iv. John F. b. 5 Nov. 1865 m. 14 July 1886 to Emma Naylor (moved to Oklahoma)
v. Henry Andrew b. 25 Oct 1867 m. 28 Nov 1886 to Lucinda Smith
vi. James Robert b. 1 Oct 1870 Franklin Co., In. d. 19 Oct 1940 Wayne Co., In. m. Lucinda Ann Richardson 8 Apr 1900 ( didn't marry till after his mother died in 1899).
vii. Hiram Nicholas b. 26 Oct 1872 m. Roseanna Skeen 11 June 1892 Decatur Co., In.
David Lawrence was a Cooper and a farmer.

1. Major Brian Pendleton, b. 1599 in England, first settled in Watertown, Ma. and was made a freeman there 3 Sept 1634, and was a Deputy for six years to the General Court. He moved to Sudbury and helped to settle that town and was a selectman for several years. From Sudbury he went to Ipswich. He was a member of the famous Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Boston, having become a member in 1646. He removed to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, about 1651, and was a Deputy there for five years. In 1653 he purchased 200 acres of land near Winter Harbor, Saco, Maine, and after a few years returned to Portsmouth, where he made his will, which was proved 5 Apr 1681. He was an eminent man in his day, and held the office of captain and major for many years; also taking part in military and civil matters. St. Martin's Parish register, of Birmingham, Co.Warwick, England, gives his marriage 22 Apr 1619 to Eleanor Price (American Genealogist, Jan 1945); he died 1681, Saco, Maine, Eleanor died ca 1689.
children of Maj.Brian and Eleanor Pendleton:
i. Mary, m. ca 1655 to Rev. Seth Fletcher, d. ca 1670, leaving only child, Pendleton Fletcher, adopted by grandfather.
ii. Capt. James, b. England ca 1627 (listed as age 44 on 26 July 1672); m. (1) Mary, who died 7 Nov 1655; m (2) 29 Apr 1656, to Hannah Goodenow,b. 28 Nov 1638, Sudbury, dau of Edmund Goodenow b. 1611 d. 6 Apr 1688.
2. Captain James Pendleton, was a freeman at Watertown, Ma. 10 May 1648, and a few years after 1651 he removed to Portsmouth, N.H. from Sudbury, Ma. He was a witness at Portsmouth 20 Jan 1656/7; Constable 1661; Town Clerk 1663-64; Selectman for two terms, and Captain of the militia Oct 1666; removed to Stonington, Ct. and Westerly, R.I. by 1675. He settled on a 700 acre tract of land purchased for him of John Paine of Boston, by Brian Pendleton, his father, 12 Jone 1673, located at Westerly, R.I. The property was on the east side of the lower Pawcatucket River, which later became the boundary line between Rhode Island and Connecticut. Here he was repeatedly elected moderator of the Town Meetings. When he died, 29 Nov 1709, his will dated 9 Feb 1702/3, mentioned his wife, Hannah, and eight children.
children of Capt. James and Mary Pendleton:
i. James, Jr. b. 5 Nov 1650, Wetertown, Ma. prob. d. unmarried prior to 1698.
ii. Mary b. ca 1653.
iii. Hannah b. ca 1655, m. John Bush.
children of Capt. James and Hannah (Goodenow) Pendleton:
iv.Brian, b. 27 Sep 1659, Sudbury, Ma.
v. Joseph, b. 29 Dec 1661, m. 8 July 1696 to Deborah Miner, b. 15 Apr 1677, dau of Ephraim Miner and Hannah Avery.
vi. Edmund, b. 24 June 1665, Portsmouth, N.H.
vii. Ann, b. 12 Nov. 1667, Portsmouth, N.H., m. Eleazer Brown.
viii. Caleb, b. 8 Aug 1669, Portsmouth, N.H.
ix. Sarah, bpt 18 Apr 1675, Stonington, Ct. died young.
x. Eleanor, bpt 22 July 1679, Stonington, Ct. m. William Walker
xi. Dorothy bpt. 3 Oct 1686, Stonington, m. Mar 1706 to Nicholas Cottrell, III
xii. Patience.

Deacon, John Blanchard, probably the son of widow Ann Blanchard, who died in Chelmsford, Ma. 24 June 1662, and a brother of William Blanchard, the tailor, who died in Boston, 7 Oct 1652. For good service to the colony, 500 acres of land in Dunstable were granted to Joseph Hills, which in his will is bequeathed to his granddaughters, Hannah and Elizabeth Blanchard of Dunstable. Deacon John Blanchard was one of the founding members and the first deacon of the church of Dunstable and one of the most active and useful citizens. In the lives of his sons and his grandsons, his example was cherished and his good works renewed.
I. John Blanchard, d. Chelmsford, Ma. 1694, m. (1) ca 1657 to Elizabeth Hills, b. 1627, dau of Joseph Hills and Rose Clark, who d. ca 1662; he m. (2) ca 1664 , Mrs. Hannah (Brackett) Kinsley, b. 1634, Braintree, Ma. d. 3 July 1706, Dunstable,Ma., dau of Deacon, Richard and Alice Bracket, and widow of Samuel.
children of Dea. John and Elizabeth (Hills) Blanchard:
i. Hanah, b. 6 Jan 1658/59, m. 1679, to Thomas Read, of Chelmsford, Ma.
ii. Elizabeth, m. (1) Robert Farris; m (2) 1710, to Tomas Burrage, of Lynn, Ma.
children of Dea. John and Hannah (Brackett) Blanchard:
iii. Josiah, b. 15 Mar 1665; died young
iv. Benjamin b. 15 Mar 1665 (twin of Josiah); living in 1693
v. James b. 10 Mar 1666
vi. Thomas, b. 1668
vii. Sarah b. 1670, m. 23 Jan 1694, to Robert Usher.
viii. Joseph, b. 1 Nov 1672
ix. Mary b. 23 Sept 1674, m. (1) John Derbyshire; m. (2) Nathaniel Woods
x. Nathaniel (twin of Mary) b. 23 Sept 1674. He and wife, Lydia, and dau, Susana, were killed by the Indianas, 3 July 1706, at Dunstable, along with his mother, Hannah, and half sister, Elizabeth (Kingsley) Cummings. A son, Nathaniel, Jr., b. 12 Sept. 1705, died young.
xi. Martha ,b. 1676, d. 16 Nov. 1676.