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Wendy's Genealogy Homepage.

My name is Wendy Lawrence, on August 31, 1999 I received my Bachelor of General Studies, with a minor in Anthropology from Indiana University East in Richmond, Indiana. I told everyone that I was a Senior/Senior. I previously received my Associate of Arts in General Studies with with an Arts and Humanities Concentration on May 16, 1997. I am currently working as a Sales Representative with Western Southern Life Insurance.

On May 1, 1999 my daughter Amanda received her Associate of Science Degree in Broadcasting from Vincennes University.
I have been interested in Genealogy since my oldest son Matthew was born. I have dragged him and his brother Mark, and sister Amanda along to musty courthouses, cemetaries, and libraries since they were very young, trying to find another piece to this never ending puzzle.
Our line branched out on December 4, 1999 when my son Mark married Miss Katina Turner. Tina has a 5 yr. old son, so we became instant grandparents (finally!!!). Chancellor has add a new dimension to our lives.

My surname list will eventually allow you to click on to a name to find out more about it. Currently you can click on a few names. Most of the New England names are on the same page and you have to scroll to them, along with the Lawrence/Lorentz/Lorenz surname. I am entering my data onto my Reunion Genealogy Program, which will eventually allow me to put more surname data on my page. If you should find a name that you want to know more about, please sign my guestbook, and I will reply as soon as I possibly can. I have more information on the following surnames, ESTILL (my maiden name), LULL, GUNTER, due to owning family books on each of these families. Most of the surnames in the LULL book are New England names, while most of the surnames in the ESTILL and GUNTER books are Southern, with a few Pennsylvania links.




 Babcock, Baldington, Barrows(Ct), Bartlett,(Ma) Behne (In), Bird(Eng,Ma),Billing(s)(Eng,Ct), Borodell,(Ct), Bradford Breed (Ma, Ct), Bryan(t), Blanchard,(Ma) Brackett,(Ma)


 Carter,Chandler (Eng, Ma), Chase,(Ma) Cleveland (Eng,Ma,R.I.,Ct),Cole (Ct),Courtzinger (N.Y.), Crounse (Ger, N.Y,), Cottrell (R.I., Ct.)


 Danvers,Darby (Ma), Davis (Eng,Ma,Ct), Davis (Ma,Ct),Denison (Eng,Ma,Ct), De La Spine,De Born, De Clermont, De Mantes, De Sudley, De Tracy, Digby,


 Elliott(N.C, Tn.,Al), Estill(Va,Ky,Tn,Al),Eyres


 Figg(N.C., Al), Fredendall(N.Y, Il, Ks)


 Gardiner,Glen, Goodenow, Gunter(N.C., Tn., Al)


 Holmes (Ma.),Hooker,Hudspeth, Huffman(Melton)(Tn., Al), Hughart (Va.), Humphrey


 Johnson, Jordan


 Kimball, Kimble, Kingsmill


 Laurence,Lawrence/Lorenz/Lorentz (In, Pa, Ger.) , Lord, Lucy, Lull


 McKay(N.C.,Al),Marsead/Marstead,Maxey, Melton(Huffman)(Tn, Al), Morrison(Sct, N.Y., Al), Mumford, Mowry


 O'Rear(Al), Olney


 Palmer(George), Palmer(Walter)(Eng, Ct),Pauncefort, Pendleton, Povall,Pyron (Al)


 Randall, Ramsey, Rea/Ray(Al)


 Shakerley, Sewell,Sinclair, Skeen (In), Stainback, Stanton, Stephens, Stevens


 Terrell(Al), Thompson, Throckmorton,Tracy


 Vassar/Vasser, Van Patten/Petten(N.Y.)


 Walker(N.Y.,Co,Ca.),Ward, Weed, Wheeler,Wiley (Ga., Al), Willie/Wyllye (Eng) Winn, Winsley, Wolgamot, Wright

Some of my names listed above are on the pages of The Thomas Stanton Society, such as Denison, Lull, Lord and Bird, and a few more. Look for the link to The Thomas Stanton Society below. I am in the middle of adding the first names of my ancestors and places where they lived, as I know them. I have many interesting tidbits on many of the families, including wills, and the Breeches Bible that belonged to my ancestor Richard Bartlett. Those are just a few of the things that I hope to add in the near future. With my busy schedule it will take me a while to get this all done, so please bear with me. Please eMail me at either :
The LULL surnames has been added to Genforum, along with the FREDENDALL name. There is a link to Genforum at the bottom of this page, check it out. Many other surnames are there also!
Looking for help finding your ancestor's, then try the search engine at the bottom of the page, it is a great help!
This page was last updated 27 August 2000. Any additions or corrections are welcome.
Happy Hunting to All!
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