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Welcome to Retaliator's Darksun Site. Here you will find dozens of characters for Darksun. Most of these characters are pcs in my campaign, the others npcs. Use these characters however you like. If you want to, send me a mail about how you used them. I'd appreciate it.

**Note: This page is under construction. It will become much bigger. There is no point in clicking on the buttons. The only section that is open to public eyes (and anyone else's for that matter :-) ) is the character section, which is here on the index for now. I know you all hate these long, boring messages about what's not here (but will be), so unless you want all this kank dropping, I suggest you focus your valuable time on the characters below, and not on this text. If you're still reading, there won't be any winning numbers for the lottery, or hot pictures of babes here. That's a fact. There is absolutely no point in keeping on reading. So, shoo. Take a hike. Go away, leave this text alone and view those characters below! What's the matter with you - can't you read? I've seen mekillots with more perception than you've got. Go away. Read those characters, not this casually boring text. There won't even be any cool remarks from now on. Scram! To the pits with you, with the other characters!**

  • Alryum
  • Arazzo
  • Cabal
  • Camel
  • Draconius
  • Kael
  • Kakrok
  • Naeyon
  • Plague
  • Rok-er
  • T'Klihk
  • Vargaz
  • Velox
  • Vincent
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