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The 2000AD Links Project

forged by Wakefield and Mechanismo

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Top Thrill: 2000AD The Galaxys Greatest Comic


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Official Sites

Top Links

LookSmart Listing - 2000AD

2000AD by Duncan Fraser-Moodie.
2000AD Art Work by Gorfinkle. Scans from Judge Dredd The Epics trading cards. [2/5 - M]
2000 AD Online.
The 2000AD covers page by Mark Acres. Cover gallery. Cross-referenced by Prog, Character & Artist. [4/5 - W, 5/5 - M]
2000AD The Galaxys Greatest Comic by Bernice Elaine Roust. [2/5 - M]
2000AD - Resources of the Galaxy's greatest comic. Project GuttenTharg by CMoS. Detailed prog indexes and cover art of annuals and specials. [3/5 - M]
2000 ad index by Joe Harte.
2000AD Reviews by Ronan Dodds.
2000AD Web site by Tony Brisciani. [1/5 - M]
The Best of 2000AD by Kimmo Lakoma (Finnish).
CartooZine - Across The Ocean by Rob Halden. Examines British comics.
Classic 2000AD Home Page by Ray Ellis. Runner up in the 2000AD web-site competition. [2/5 - M]
Comic Books by Zartan. Short features on Armoured Gideon and Bix Barton. Dredd link missing. [2/5 - M]
Comics & Graphic Art by James Counihan. 2000AD Legends Page.
CRASH 47 - 2000AD by Ben Stone and Barnaby Page.
Destron 2000 AD page by George Morgan. [1/5 - M]
The Enhancer by Simon and Peter Gurr. Joint Winner in Tharg's Pitch Fest at DreddCon:1
Fr1day's 2000AD page by Scott Allan Bellhouse-Farrell. [5/5 - W, 3/5 - M]
Graphic Novels. Includes pages for 2000AD and Crisis.
Fanart Nobby's Super Website of Fun by Zoë Robinson.
Welcome, Thrill-Seekers! by Andy Kimber. Eight in-line jpegs. [2/5 - W]


Judge Dredd

E-mail: Judge Dredd Megazine.
Every letter printed wins a limited edition Judge Dredd art print by Sean Phillips.

Official Sites

Top Links

LookSmart Listing - Judge Dredd

2000MAD by Jon. Dedicated to the song 'Mutants in Mega City One' by The Fink Brothers (2 members of Madness)
2000AD WebRing Antonio's Shed by Antonio Scandella. A small collection of Dredd pics (with a little DR and Quinch and Durham Red for good measure).
British Comics by Flemming Steffensen.
Camp Demento by Daniel Radford.
CBUB Fights: Robocop vs. Judge Dredd by Clare and Bob. Odd and bias in its views. [3/5 - W, 2/5 - M]
Chopper Land by Jim.
Cyber Punk Strategie Quizz at Virgin Megaweb. Dredd quote question. [3/5 - W]
Debbies Themes. Look for a Judge Dredd desktop theme by Patrick Fitzsimons under 'Movies' (but the theme is a 2000AD version)
DREDD AHEAD by Rory Wynne. A thesis on Judge Dredd.
Dredd pics by Rory Wynne. Three gifs. [1/5 - W, 1/5 - M]
2000AD WebRing Dredd's Law DC covers and some Windows backgrounds.
The drokkin good Judge Dredd Page! by **1st Vamp**. Six jpegs (overlapping) [2/5 - W]
Drokk! Its Judge Dredd!! [2/5 - M]
2000AD WebRing Ewan's Judge Dredd and Steve Dillon Hangout by Ewan Drysdale.
Fear The Badge. The Judge Dredd/2000AD Fanzine - Official design sketches.
An inofficial Judge Dredd Home Page by Russell Gomersall. [2/5 - M]
Judge Dredd by foz. [2/5 - M]
Judge Dredd Profile and index of Batman/Dredd crossovers. [1/5 - M]
Judge Dredd. Character biographies. [3/5 - M]
Judge Dredd by Matt Saunders. Includes Dredd drawn by several early artists. [2/5 - W]
Judge Dredd at the Furibundus. Under construction. [1/5 - W]
The Judge Dredd Page by Richard Scott.
Judge Dredd Headquarters by Darknight.
2000AD WebRing Judge Dredd Wallpaper Collection by Steve Bailey. [3/5 - M]
THE LAW - JUDGE DREDD. Images nicked from the official Gremlin site.
Fanart Luke Huft's Home Page. Judge Dredd and Star Wars art.
Magic Surf Bus : Surfing Toons. Features Chopper.
MEGACITY: Le site francais de Judge DREDD "The French site of Judge Dredd" [2/5 - M]
2000AD WebRing Mega City Tours by Will "Critter" Crites.
Predator vs Judge Dredd Covers of the series.
RoddSoft Judge Dredd Page. [1/5 - M]
The Ultimate Judge Dredd Page. [1/5 - M]
The Weird and Wonderful World of... Judge Dredd. [1/5 - M]
Welcome to the home page of Judge Dredd. [1/5 - M]
Fanart Welcome to the World of Chris by Chris Noeth. Includes Dredd artwork in 'Old Stuff'.
Who is Judge Dredd? by Matt Saunders. Pictures of Judge weaponry and lists of villains. [3/5 - M]

Judge Dredd Computer/Video Games

Official Sites

Judge Dredd by James G. Watt. Dredd-based models for Quake.
Judge Dredd FAQ at Support on installing Acclaim Judge Dredd for PC.
Judgement Half-Life MOD by Paul 'MoOg' Samways
The Justice Department - Unreal Tournament UK Clan by Robert Turner - Judge Dredd by Bally by Todd. Complete specs and pictures of the arcade pinball.
Video Game Graveyard at ZDNet. An article on the Judge Dredd arcade game that never made it.
You Be the Judge at ZDNet. Two video previews of the Playstation game.

Judge Dredd RPG/Board/Card Games

Official Sites

Car Wars Flesh by Francis Greenaway.
Classic Marvel Superheroes RPG page by Ty States. Marvel RPG stats for Judge Dredd.
The Crawling Chaos Dredd: The Card Game.
Cyberpunk by Matthew Seaborn. Cyberpunk stats for Dredd. [2/5 - W, 3/5 - M]
Dredd: the card game by Andrew Sims. Includes numerous lists of trades and wants.
The Espiad's Dredd Strategy Site by Mike Fowler. Dredd: The Card Game.
Jeux : Judge Dredd & Block War by Tom (French).
Judge Dredd by Trev Clarke. Synopsis of the Judge Dredd Board Game.
Judge Dredd RPG by Ivan Hanley. [3/5 - M]
Judge Dredd: Street Sim by John Caliber. [4/5 - M]
Judge Stab's Dredd page. Reference screen for the CCG, plus cover scans of other Judge Dredd games.
2000AD WebRing MAC JUSTICE DEPARTMENT COMPUTER Judge Dredd RPG site by Joe Powell.
The Stuff of Legends by Orclord. Details on the miniatures.


Judge Dredd the Movie

Official Sites

Top Links

LookSmart Listing - Judge Dredd the Movie

DFW - Judge Dredd by Digital FilmWorks.
The 'Dredd' Project. Project to make a Judge Dredd Citicab a working reality.
The case of Judge Dredd and the disappearing courtroom by Steve Greenfield and Guy Osborn. Interesting observations on depictions of law in films.
The Hall of Justice by Colonel Christopher Blair. [1/5 - M]
Judge Dredd (1995) by Sofcom 4WD Online. Pictures of Land Rover-based taxi cabs.
The "Judge Dredd" mobiles by the Land Rover Club of Luxembourg. Photos of the citicab. [1/5 - M]
Judge Dredd : About the production by Judge Fredd. [3/5 - W]
Judge Dredd, The Movie by Jeff Allender. Checklists of the Movie and the Epics trading cards.
Las mejores peliculas de ciencia ficción Juez Dredd "The best movies of science fiction Judge Dredd" by Carlos F. Cenalmor Pascual. Synopsis of the film (Spanish).
Land Rover: Judge Dredd City Cabs at the Heritage Motor Centre.
Movies. Judge Dredd WAV's [2/5 - W]
Sci-fi Action Prop Shop Prop site with Lawgiver, Hershey helmet, and Dredd badge. [2/5 - M]
Starship Modeler - ABC War Robot Kit Review by Jay Adan.
VFX HQ: Judge Dredd. Details of who did the movie's visual effects. [2/5 - W]
2000AD WebRing The Z Review, The Bad Movie Review Site by Gary Gray. Link is to Judge Dredd.
Zaritsky Authentic Prop Archive by David Zaritsky. [3/5 - W, 3/5 - M]


Dan Dare and Eagle

Top Links

LookSmart Listing - Dan Dare

Aliens in Dan Dare Several scans [2/5 - W]
Comic Book Heroes Artwork Page Okay, very basic, nice pics [2/5 - P]
Dan Dare by Brian Humphreys. Excellent new site with lots of pics and info.
Dan Dare. Review of the game for Sinclair.
Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future by Susan Stepney. Index of Hawk's facsimile series [3/5 - W]
The Eagle Comic from 1980s, 1990s by Roy F.A. Maclean. Shows covers from the new Eagle annuals and specials. [2/5 - W]
The Eagle Archive by Andrew Paul. [3/5 - W, 2/5 - M]
Elton John Lyrics: Dan Dare (Pilot of the Future) by David Bodoh. Bizarre! [3/5 - P]
Frank Bellamy by Paul Holder. A tribute to the work of Bellamy.
Eagle WebRing Heroes of the Spaceways by Mike Burrows and Andy Kerr.
The History of CRASH - #32. Spectrum magazine with a Dan Dare cover. [3/5 - W]
The Illustrators of Eagle by Brighton University.
Eagle WebRing A Tribute to Dan Dare by Berislav Krzic.


Other Character/Series Specific Sites

LookSmart Listing - 2000AD Characters

ABC Warriors

Spread The Word! by Lee Robson.

B.L.A.I.R. 1

Bambi overtaken by bionic Blair by BBC News.

D.R. & Quinch

Dr and Quinch's Totally Awesome Guide to Life by Kjetil Valstadsve. Lots of scans. [4/5 - W]

Durham Red

The Blood-Shrine of Saint Scarlet by Jay.
Durham RED's Castle. 2000AD inspired homepage.

Glimmer Rats

Glimmer Rats Online Comic by Tim Critt.

Halo Jones

LookSmart Listing - Halo Jones
The Ballad of Halo Jones by Hamm-ND. [4/5 - W]

A Life Less Ordinary

MOVIEWEB: A Life Less Ordinary.

Nikolai Dante

Intel Web Page Wizard by Daniel Norris. [2/5 - M]
Official 2000AD WebRing The Semi-Official Nikolai Dante Website by Simon Fraser. [5/5 - W, 5/5 - M]


Preacher's Divinity

Rogue Trooper

Rogue Trooper.
2000AD WebRing Rogue Trooper Index by Vincent Formosa. Original Rogue only. [5/5 - W]

Sinister Dexter

Matts Page by Matt Wooding. Sinister Dexter story index review with several jpegs to boot. [4/5 - W, 2/5 - M]


LookSmart Listing - Sláine
2000 ad slaine images. [2/5 - M]
2000AD WebRing Matt's Slaine page by Matt Ellis.
The Modern Faces of the Horned God by Lugodoc. [3/5 - M]

The Stainless Steel Rat

The Stainless Steel Rat by Joshua A. Pechter. Includes the SFX interview with Harry Harrison which mentions 2000AD.


Artists & Writers

Simon Bisley

The Comics Cosmos by Jonas Lidén and Anna Nilsson. Look for Bisley under European Comics.
Simon Bisley by Jasen. Lots of scans of Bisley's work. [3/5 - M]
Simon Bisley. (French) Biography. [3/5 - M]
Four-Forty The premier site for the purchase of early work from Simon "The Biz" Bisley.
Simon Bisley Page by Emmet Connoly.
Simon Bisley Web Page by Tapio Lindman.

Alan Davis

Alan Davis: Comics' Unsung Hero by Ryan Bedard.
The Art of Alan Davis by Daniel Markstedt.

Garth Ennis

Garth Ennis

Alan Moore

Newsgroup: alt.comics.alan-moore. (access via Google - formerly
Alan Moore Fan Site by Stephen Camper.
Dave's Alan Moore Site by Dave Anderson.

Others (mostly official)

Official Planetbond by Philip Bonds, Time Flies artist
John Charles Portfolio. Aspiring comic artist with three 2000AD covers to date and a Strontium Dog cover mock-up.
Official Carlos Ezquerra's official home page. No text. Last updated 5.14.1996. [3/5 - W, 2/5 - M]
Official Welcome to Caned99. Official website of Jason Brashill, Jim Murray and Steve Sampson.
Official Steve Cook. Includes biography and portfolio.
2000AD WebRing S.B. Davis Homepages by Dave Woolf. Contains Sinister Dexter material.
Official Dormanart. The art of Dave Dorman (Eagle/Quality Dan Dare covers)
Mania: Power Questions -- Dave Gibbons Interview.
Creative Interests Agency. Portfolios of several 2000AD artists and writers.
The Church of Fabry created by Adrian Bamforth. [4/5 - M]
Official Glenn Fabry Studios: Online Portfolio
Guns, Ghouls and Girls by Frazer Irving.
Official Mausoleum de Markus. The almost official Mark Harrison website.
Official Device-Fonts by designer Rian Hughes.
NeoMcCARTHYISM A Brendan McCarthy tribute site by John Kirkham.
Official SMILE web design and Australia Run by Steve Maher (Galactic Olympics micro-guide in progs 174-177)
Official The Story Works Home Page. Home page of former 2000AD editor Alan McKenzie, plus a page on Brett Ewins.
Official 2000AD WebRing Firbolg creative studio. Home page of 2000AD colourist/artist, Leonard O'Grady.
'Warriors, Witches and Time-Travelling Warlocks...' Interview with creator/writer Pat Mills.
Grant Morrison Comixography by Darren Shrubsole.
Official GRANT-MORRISON.COM [3/5 - M]
Official Nite-Flite, a monthly sci-fi e-zine by Andrew Ness.
Official Steve Pugh's homepage.
The Wrap Party: John Ridgeway.
The World of Shaky2000 by Steve Fleming.
Liam Sharp by Toy Vault. A short biography.
A Portrait of WILLIAM SIMPSON at the Skibbereen Cartoon Festival.
Official SMS by Phil Bradley. Someone who knows the mysterious ABC Warriors artist.
Official Dragonfly Gallery by Ian Brooks. SMS's official web gallery.
Official Starwatcher Graphics, Inc. Art talent site with pages for Cam Kennedy, Kevin O'Neill, and Bryan Talbot.
Official Sgloomy City by David Stone.
Official The Official Bryan Talbot fanpage by James Robertson.
The Black Library - Kev Walker Interview.
Official Something in the airbrush. The art of Mark Wilkinson.
Official Duck This!!! by Colin Wilson and Janet Gale. Gallery of the Judge Dredd Doomsday epic.
Official Colin Wyatt. Former 2000AD art editor.


Comics in general

Official Sites

26 Pigs A site dedicated to UK comics including 2000AD, Eagle and Starlord and other IPC titles. [4/5 - W, 4/5 - M]
Cool Beans World by Cool Beans Productions. Online comics including Marshal Law by Pat Mills and Kevin O'Neill
Comics 2000 Britain's second comics festival. April 2000.
Comics 2 Film by Rob M. Worley. Report on the current 2000AD film projects as of 4.8.1999.
Comic Art & Graffix Gallery Virtual Museum & Encyclopedia by Richard Halegua.
Comic Art Collection at Michigan State University Libraries. Site contains resourceful info on 2000AD reprints.
The Comic Book/Movie Connection! by Jamie Fellrath. Interesting article on the film.
European Comics on the Web.
Fusion Online Magazine by Andy Diggle. Interviews with Alan Grant, Alan Moore, and film screenwriter Peter Briggs.
Sunsite's Index of /media/visual/collections/funet-pics/jpeg/comics. FTP site.
SUNET's Index of ftp/pub/pictures/comics. FTP site.


Copyright Info

Earthlets may scan up to 20% of any one episode of 2000AD and Megazine stories for use on non-profit sites, excluding creator-owned series. All other series are © Rebellion Developments Ltd. Dan Dare and most other original Eagle characters are © The Dan Dare Corporation Ltd. The following series are creator-owned.
Al's Baby John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra "As long as is used for non profit sites you can use wathever you liked, no problem!" Carlos

(Translation: "As long as the images are used for non-profit sites, you may use whatever you want. No problem!")

Badlands Dan Abnett and Kevin Walker  
Big Dave Grant Morrison  
BlackHeart Robbie Morrison and Frank Quitely  
Button Man John Wagner and Arthur Ranson  
I Was A Teenage Tax Consultant John Wagner and Ian Gibson  
Mazeworld Alan Grant and Arthur Ranson  
Preacher Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon Originally published by Vertigo.



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