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"Life can only be understood backwards, but I am forward"

"If you want knowledge, you must take part in the practice of changing reality. If you want to know the theory and methods of revolution, you must take part in revolution"  by Mao Tse-tung


Random stuff about me

goldengate.jpg (12440 bytes) Hi! I am Prabjot. I am studying Chemistry here at California State University at San Francisco. I am planning to go to grad school in either Analytical Chemistry or in Chemical Analytical Instrumentation Design. I like learning new concepts (in general) and meeting new people. Best of all, I like learning  from personal experiences.  I don' t regret doing anything, I believe that every action carried out by a person has a lesson to teach him/herself. Everything I have done so far has taught me both good and bad lessons...! I like people who like to take responsibility for their actions. oh yeah....., I love to hang out in Berkeley, California where the atmosphere is totally unique and diverse in a cultural sense.

Some of My Interests/Hobbies

Religion: khanda.gif (8531 bytes)In my opinion, I think all the existing religions in the world can be viewed as little streams whose destination is a big ocean which is GOD. Born in Punjab, North India, It is very obvious for me to adopt the religion called Sikhism. In general, I think that religions have no boundaries but its the people who imposed the boundary conditions on the religions to keep them from coexisting in harmony. I believe that Sikhism is one of the world's the most fascinating and a unique religion to learn about and I am to proud be a SIKH.


My Favorite Writers Osho ji, a son of an Indian cloth merchant who graduated in philosophy in 1956, then ten years later began traveling around India teaching the art of meditation and wrote on religion. I also enjoy reading books written by writer Bhai Vir Singh ji (Saint-Poet of Punjab) and Bhai Ragvir Singh Ji Vir.


Music: (11157 bytes) I enjoying exploring all types of music but I managed to include some my favorite singers and the type of music I really enjoy. I like listening to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Jagjit Singh, Gulam Ali, Lata, and "the one and only" Mohammad Rafi. When the time is to BHANGRA, I think nobody can sing better than Kuldip Manak, Hans Raj Hans, Gurdas Mann, A.S. Kang, Malkit, and Surinder Shinda.


Misc. Practical InterestsDesisnds.jpg (19553 bytes)I enjoy writing and singing my own punjabi poems. I also play Tabla and Dhol as well. Some of my other practical interests are Photography, surfing the net, designing websites, learning anything I haven't learnt about, hanging out with some of my friends to just "kick it" on Friday evening. However, The best thing I really enjoying doing is going to El Sobrante Gurdwara Sahib at random times because I think its the best place to get some peace, relax,  and meet lots of Punjabi people.


Cool Scientists : planck.gif (15062 bytes) I think some the coolest people which helped revolutionize the World are Albert Einstein Isaac Newton, Henery Cavedish, Maxwell, Max Planck, Boltzmann, Schrodinger, and Heisenberg (Da Man!)


" there was a young lady named "Preeto" whose speed was faster than light: she set out one day In a relative way and returned home the previous night!." __________________________________________________

Since 11/01/1998
Life is too short to worry! 

© Prabjot Singh Thiara 1996-1998