Lady Cynthia Renee Stone Gryphon Knyghtmere
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Lady Cynthia Renee Stone Gryphon Knyghtmere

Personal Background/History: Was born in Rhydin 25 years ago but left after my parents were killed> I was 11 years old when they so i went to live with my aunt and uncle until i was old enough to be on my own. Then i came back to Rhydin and was embraced into a new family and clan Knyghtmere> I now have a new life and through the magic of time travel i now live in the medieval realm of Winterhawk (Silverhawk Keep) where i am a Third Lady

Characteristics: 5'6" with long waistlength raven hair, blue eyes,nd prefers to wear velvet,her well curved form is encased in tight-fitting velvet//shirt, jeans and soft black leather boots, also wears an amulet, a gift//Weapons: 2 katanas, 4 daggers and one onyx dagger (a gift also)

Personality: I am very easygoing and peaceloving but i will fight when provoked so dont cross me or you may get hurt ::smiles::

Hobbies: Playing the piano and spending time with my 3 children, Eva Damara and Zeddicus Patrick Aramis and Mattrim Joseph Gryphon.

Is a member of the family and clan Knyghtmere

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