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Hello! My name is Cherokee Reign. Actually, it's not my real name but what I chose to go by in here. I am a 26 year old Real Estate Agent, wife, and mother of two. My children are ages 2 and 6. My husband is a National Sales Manager for a leading RV Manufacturer. I am currently researching my family history. My father has done most of the geneology research. We have Cherokee and Cheyenne on my Paternal side and Blackfoot on my Maternal side.
If you have any helpful information please e-mail me.
I am trying to learn more about the Native American customs and traditions. I am just learning how to create a web page so this is all I have so far.

Our Way to Worship

When you came to our country
We gave you a hand
And so in return
You took our land

You said that we were savage
And that we had no God
Our way to worship was forbidden
Because you found it very odd

As the sun would rise
We would face the east
To pray for all creations
From the birds to the beasts

To thank our Creator
For another sacred day
Because all days are sacred
If you worship the Indian way

Gene Martin, 1995

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