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Filmed 12th December 1996. Aired 3rd January 1997. Alternative Nation. MTV Europe.

MM- Marilyn Manson
Twiggy- Twiggy Ramirez
T- Toby Amies (host of Alternative Nation in Europe.Top Bloke)

(Square table in centre of room.A corner of this room is visible.Twiggy and Marilyn
are seated on the left side of the screen.Toby is on the right.There are candles
on the table which light the room.Marilyn is wearing a black leather jacket a big
fuzzy black hat and white/blue contact. Twiggy is wearing all black. They both
have white foundation on.Only torsos are visible. Everyone has a drink.)

T- Well, it's a bit spooky in here tonight with the twigster and mazza from Marilyn
Manson joining us. Looks like, well, it's your birthday in 2 days, right?
MM- Yep.
T- 5th of, 5th of January and, er, we're going to be watching a lot of.. they're going
to be dark and gloomy videos, basically, aren't they?
MM- Or poorly shot ones.
T- OK.
MM- Whatever the case may be.
T- So, erm, just finished the european tour. Success?
MM- Yeah, a lot of people, you know, warned me that, uh, they didn't like Europe and a
lot of these other bands that we're friends with warned me that, but, uh, I think it's
perfect for us. I mean, there's no sun and, uh, everybody seems pissed of about
something, so..
T- Mmmmm.
MM- It's good.
T- Now, you don't seem to have picked up much of a tan since you've been here.
MM- No.
T- Not really. So, erm, who else are we going to see tonight? Bauhaus?
MM- Uh, Sugarcubes, Joy division,
(Twiggy- Pixies)
MM- Pixies, Birthday Party, Iron Maiden
T- Iron Maiden, really?
MM- If you got it.
(Twiggy sniggers)
T- Run for the hills.So, uh, first one's going to be, um, Bauhaus and then after that
it's two of these, well, some more beautiful people.

-------Bauhaus 'Dark Entries'---------
-------Marilyn Manson 'The Beautiful People' (Band Version)-------

----Ad Break-----

T- Well, it's a very cheerful, jolly, happy Alternative Nation this evening, with these
two gents who you might recognise from the band Marilyn Manson. So, Marilyn, can you
give us a, like a very, sort of, a one and a half minute introduction to the Marilyn
Manson world view?
MM- The world view?
T- Yeah.
MM- Uh...
T- 'Cause it's fairly unconventional.
MM- Yeah. Uh, Marilyn Manson has always, it was something that I started six years ago
and the idea was always about taking extreme positive and neagtive and putting them
together and creating something that was undefinable, something, you know, beauty and
ugliness. Something that was stronger than the two that it was taken from and the
Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson were very, uh, strong icons from my childhood so I
thought it was appropriate and a statement on American culture.
T- Anti and Christ, that same kind of thing? Tell us about the Antichrist Superstar.
MM- That record is, uh, kind of an autobiography. It talks about, uh, past, present and
future, you know, possible future and Antichrist Superstar is the name that I kind of
describe, uh, the part of my personality, everybody's personality, that finally becomes
hopeless and, uh, nihilistic and, uh, would rather just see everything destroyed but
the album is really about finding faith in soemthing and, uh, and about the apocalypse,
the way I see it, which is more on a mental level. People, uh, killing off the idea of
believing in God and, uh, starting believing in themselves more.
T- So it's kind of a Nietzchian world view?
MM- Yeah, very Nietzche.
T- There we go. So, um, Nick The Stripper is going to be our next video. Any particular
reason why?
MM- Uh, I always liked The Birthday Party, Bauhaus as well. That era of music was very
inspirational to us and, uh, it's a good song.
T- Alright. So, well, I imagine we'll be talking a bit about gothic rock when we
return.See if you can guess why.

-----------The Birthday Party 'Nick The Stripper'---------

T- So, um, tell us, this, this, there's a lot of stories about you, a lot of funny
stories about you. Fill us in on the smoking human bones one, for the benefit of our
readers, or our viewers even.
MM- Well, the British tabloids got that confused and they said that we were smoking,
ah, human faeces but, erm, we wanted to clarify that it was human bones.
T- Yeah. An important clarification, that one.
MM- Yeah. When we were living in New Orleans, uh, working on our album, uh, Twiggy,
uh, became very fascinated with grave digging because the uh,
T- As a profession or just as a litlle sort of hobby?
Twiggy- Hobby.
T- Right.
MM- What it, in New Orleans the ground is really, uh, deteriorated so bones are kind of
just sticking out, you don't have to really dig up any graves and, uh, he started
collecting them. Uh, they were stinking up the house, uh, and eventually when we went
on tour,
T- How fresh were the bones exactly?
Twiggy- Eighteen hundreds or something.
T- OK, right, yeah.
MM- We were at some, uh, trendy party in Los Angeles and, uh, there were these people
who thought they were hip and we, uh, convinced them that smoking bones was, uh, was
the new crack, if you will.
T- Right.
MM- And, uh,
T- Well, hold on, before we go any further, so somehow you transported the bones from
New Orleans to Los Angeles?
MM- Yeah, well we,
T- How do you get through, like you go through the X-ray machines? Nothing to declare,
just some bones?
Twiggy- Yeah, just put it in the luggage, it goes round ok.
T- Right. OK.
MM- Yeah.
T- So, you were at the party?
MM- Yeah. So, uh, we crunched up some bones and we passed them around and everybody
smoked it and, uh, it smelled.
Twiggy- It smelled like human hair if you, if you burn your hair, when you burn,
T- Yeah.
Twiggy- If you set your hair on fire.
T- A kind of burned protein smell.
MM- And they all got sick and threw up and it made them feel, like, very bad so,
T- But a good time was had by all that evening.
MM- We had a good time.
(Twiggy lifts up one of the candles on the table)
Twiggy- You should burn your eyebrows off.
MM- The people, the...
T- What?
Twiggy- Burn your eyebrows.
T- No no no.I used to shave them but I don't burn them, burn anymore.
(Twiggy motions the candle towards Toby)
Twiggy- Ssssss.
T- Yeah, it'll go up quickly.
MM- He's got quite a set of them, in fact.
T- I'm a professional in the eyebrow department.
Twiggy- Yeah
T- So the next video is, is, it's another fairly obvious choice isn't it?
MM- We were trying to help out your gothic special.
T- So, it's Joy Division with Love Will Tear Us Apart. Another cheery one. I'm going to be
really depressed after this.

--------------Joy Division 'Love Will Tear Us Apart(1995)'---------

------Ad Break-------

--------------Soundgarden 'Rusty Cage'---------------
--------------Marilyn Manson 'Sweet Dreams'--------------

T- Um, so this is the, at this point I want to ask the question, neither of you have got any,
you know, 4 REAL inscribed in your arm done by a razor blade.
MM- Have what inscribed?
(Twiggy checks his arm)
T- 4 REAL. It's a thing that Richey from the Manic Street Preachers did to, uh, to prove to a
journalist that he meant everything that he said and some people might say that a) you're
obvious, that your influences are a bit obvious and b) you're not really doing anything that
hasn't been done before, you're just doing a bit more extreme. How do you, how do you respond
to that kind of criticism?
MM- Uh, I don't think,
T- You know what I'm saying?
MM- Yeah, I don't think anybody could do anything new at this point but, uh, I think that
what's important is that you're good at what you do and, uh, you know, I think that our record
stands on its own, uh, aside from all of the, you know, sensationalism that revolves around
the band. I think that, uh, we made a great record that we're proud of and, uh, that's the
best you can hope for, you know, there's not much else you can do.
T- As, as far as that sensationalism is concerned, though, you play up to that quite a bit,
though, don't you?
MM- Uh, usually for our own entertainment because, uh, it seems like, uh, people are always
misunderstanding certain things or they really prove the point of Marilyn Manson because in a
lot of ways, Marilyn Manson is a mockery of sensationalism, you know.
T- Are you holding a mirror to society?
MM- Uh, we're usually snorting drugs off of it.
(Toby laughs)
T- And the odd chunk of bone.
MM- Yeah.
T- I guess, once in a while. So, erm, what are we going to see next?
MM- Uh, Cop Shoot Cop
T- Why are we going to see that?
MM- Uh, a friend of ours, Richard Kearns, shot that. It's a good video. Eeerie.
T- We almost had Richard Kearns on the show.
MM- Yeah?
T- For a bit but, er..
MM- You ever see those pictures that he had where, uh, with the girls with the candles
sticking out of her, uh, what do you call it? Your 'bum'.
T- No, I haven't actually.
MM- Check them out.
T- Let's think of that whilst we watch Cop Shoot Cop.

-------------Cop Shoot Cop 'Room 429'------------

(Twiggy fumbles in his drink, takes the slice of lemon out)
T- Um, so that was Cop Shoot Cop. This is, this is two of Marilyn Manson, so, um, Brian, when
you were figuring out the names, did you have any other alternatives to Marilyn Manson? Same
goes for you, Twiggy, same question. What were the other ones that were in the pot there?
MM- No, that was it, you know. Marilyn Manson best described everything I had to say and
everything I, uh, feel like. Everything I was before that was a character that I had to
portray and this is everything I always wanted to be since I was a kid.
T- You, you're not going to do a David Bowie and go from Marilyn Manson into something else?
Then what would you do?
MM- Oh, theres always Antichrist Superstar.
T- Now that's a transformation you undergo on stage, right?
(Twiggy squeezes the lemon over a candle. It flickers.)
MM- Uh, yeah. It's, uh, the album is translated into, uh, the show and, uh, it's about, uh,
it's a statement about the totalitarianism of rock and roll. How people, uh, respond to
superstars 'cause it's, uh, it's a lot of things to think about. It confuses some people. It
scares some people but I like to make people think, so if they walk away and they may have
learned something about themselves.
T- Is, is that some hocus pocus you're cooking up there, Twiggy?
(Candle goes out)
T- See, it's gone out. Um, The Cult now. Why?
MM- Uh, this, I remember this being one of the first videos I ever saw on 120 minutes. It's
not the greatest but it's, uh,
T- It rocks.
MM- It's memorable.
T- The Cult. We're doing well with that gothic rock special. We're not going to need to do it

----------------The Cult 'Rain'-------------

-------Ad Break-------

----------------Nine Inch Nails 'Closer'---------------
----------------Tool 'Stinkfist'----------------

T- So, er, our co-hosts this evening on the Alternative Nation are Marilyn and Twiggy from
spooky American, dare I call you a rock band?
MM- Uh, if it's not meant in a derogatory way.
T- No!
MM- You can call us one.It's that, I think rock and roll is, you know, the best term for
anything that you can come up with. Was it Billy Joel, it's only..? whatever his song was
(Twiggy squeezes lemon over another candle, trying to light the juice. He fails and throws the
candle across the table and sits back, arms folded)
T- It's started, hasn't it? Bad behaviour. Um, I, you lost me there with Billy Joel.
MM- I got lost. Forget it.
T- So, so what do you all get up to when you're on tour, on your bus and everything. What are
the kind of high japes that Marilyn Manson,
MM- High Jinx?
T- Yeah. Play tricks on each other? I know you hit everybody else in the band. Do you ever,
Twiggy- Bunk bed pirates.
T- What?
Twiggy- Bunk bed pirates.
T- Bunk bed pirates? Is that you all try and get up on top or what exactly, is that a
euphemism for some erotic behaviour?
(Marilyn laughs)
MM- Um, usually when we're not, uh, well there's live mice and things like that we like to put
in one anothers bunks.
T- Like Nosferatu, you travel with a lot of rats wherever you go.
MM- Uh, actually I thought that was Richard Gere.
T- I think that's gerbils.
Twiggy- It's more like the pied piper. They just follow our bus.
T- Right. So do you play any tricks on him then, 'cause he's always hitting everybody else on
Twiggy- Tricks?
T- Yeah.
Twiggy- Cereal tricks? I don't know what you're talking about.
MM- Sometimes I'll, uh,
Twiggy- Tricks?
MM- Toss a condom, he doesn't know what that is, I put that in his bunk. See if he'll use it.
T- I was going to say is it a fresh one or a, uh,
MM- Well, both. That's also, once in a while I'll just lay one across his face but he doesn't
know what those are, we can talk about it in front of him but it's like another language to
T- Oh well, we'll keep that one between ourselves. In the meantime, uh, it's The Sugarcubes
with Deus.

----------------The Sugarcubes 'Deus'------------
----------------Sonic Youth 'Kool Thing'------------

--------Ad Break-------

----------------Marilyn Manson 'Get Your Gunn'--------------

T- Uh, welcome back to the Alternative Nation with Marilyn Manson this evening, hence the
gloomy feel to the whole show. So you were just saying that you tried to get Bernard Butler
to work on Antichrist Superstar.
MM- We were thinking about it, you know, we were, uh, our guitar player left at the beginning
of the album and we were, er,
T- Why was that? 'Cause he couldn't take the abuse?
MM- Er,
T- You're mean to your co-musicians, aren't you?
MM- No,
T- Throwing things at them, hitting them in the head?
MM- No, not at all, they fly,
Twiggy- Actually I wouldn't let him write any songs for the new record so I took his
four-track and put it in the microwave.
T- The drummer's?
Twiggy- His too.No, uh, him we set on fire.
T- Oh right.
MM- No, the guitarist, he left because creatively he wasn't interested in what we were doing
so, uh, we didn't know what we were going to do but we always liked the guitar playing on the
first Suede album, you know.
T- Who else would you like to work with? Billy Joel, obviously.
MM- Right.Uh, we met Gary Numan last night. He was, uh, quite a character. We did a cover of
Down In The Park in the past, prior to the Foo Fighters attempt at the same song.
T- Anybody else?
MM- Guitar player wise?
T- No, just anybody, anybody you'd like to work with.
M- Uh,
T- Oh, I see you've,
MM- Paul Dianno of Iron Maiden.
Twiggy- Blackie Lawless of WASP.
MM- Yeah.
T- Yeah?
Twiggy- Sure.
MM- Daniel Ash.
T- Daniel Ash?
MM- He's afraid of us.
Twiggy- He's afraid of us.
T- Why is Daniel Ash afraid of you?
M- Uh, I don't know. Every time we run into him,
Twiggy- He goes to run.
MM- He runs away from us and he told us that his name was Spider.
Twiggy- He's, he's,
T- Maybe it's too much deja vu when he sees you.
Twiggy- He's, he's he came down when we were recording our record, stopped by the studio and,
uh, they asked us for tea or something but we didn't have any.
MM- I think he might have had his pants off and that might have started the whole problem.
T- Twiggy had his pants off?
MM- Yep.
T- Again? Are you wearing pants this evening, Twiggy?
Twiggy- No.
T- Or just a nice pair of tights?
Twiggy- just tights, yeah.
T- Ok. Why tights not stockings?
Twiggy- Uh, you can call them stockings,
MM- Crotch panel.
T- Crotch panel?
MM- Crotch panel, very important.
T- Gusset we call that in Europe.
MM- Yeah?
T- Your gusset, yeah.
Twiggy- Gusset-teeth?
T- Gusset teeth, album title, single title, something for you there. Erm, so next video now is
erm,...I've forgotten. I know, it's my job. I'm sorry.
MM- What is it?
(Off camera- Suede)
Twiggy- Slayer. Seasons In The Abyss.
(Twiggy is still playing with his lemon.)
MM- What is it? Slayer?
T- Oh, it's Suede.
Twiggy- Seasons In The Abyss.
T- You want Slayer?
MM- Well, actually I'd like to hear Suede doing a cover of Raining Blood by Slayer.
T- Right.
MM- I think they could add a new,
Twiggy- But they should audition a new guitar player in the position that Blackie Lawless
plays on a sitar.
T- Right, there you go. Sitar?
Twiggy- Yeah.
T- Ok, so given a choice between Slayer or Suede, which, you know,
MM- Sorry, I'm going to have to go with Suede I think.
T- Alright.
MM- Very attractive gentleman.

------------------Suede 'The Drowners'---------------

T- Er, that was Suede and now, by way of a link, erm, how long does it take you two to get
ready in the morning, as a rule?
MM- Er, it took me ten minutes today.
T- Yeah?
MM- Yeah. But that's because I fell asleep looking just like this about five minutes before I
had to get up because I was up all night,
T- You were hanging out with the stars last night, weren't you?
MM- Sorting out human bones to smoke and things like that.
T- Did you bring any with you?
MM- I was looking for the Spice Girls, actually.
T- You know, I was thinking about you and the Spice Girls, that that would be an interesting
MM- Mmmmmm.
T- Maybe a remix or something in the future.
MM- Mmmmmm.
T- You've all got a lot in common, I think. You're kind of the American equivalent, male-wise,
of what the Spice Girls, er, but no, just ten minutes, that's it?
MM- It could go,
T- 'Cause it looks like there's quite a lot of work that goes into this look that you've both
got here.
MM- Uh, it comes very naturally. Ugliness is in our genes.
T- Oh! I wouldn't say it was ugly. Different. So, er, we're going to see Daisy Chainsaw in a
second, er, but, er, what I'd like to know is, you know that thing we were talking about you
playing up to people's opinions of you?
MM- Mmm-hmm.
T- Erm, is that quite a big joke for you? Do you find it quite funny that people take you so
MM- Um, sometimes, you know, it depends. The music is very sincere and so are a lot of my
ideals, it's just, uh, when people start to sensationalise things, uh, I usually just like to
add gas to the fire because most of the time they don't know what they're talking about so you
might as well make a fool out of them if they're, you know.
T- And sell a lot more records in the process as well.
MM- Ah, that never hurts.
T- No. So, are you a musician first and foremost or is it more because of that philosophical
angle that you've touched on briefly? Is that the reason you're doing it, is to get a message
out, or is it to get music out?
MM- Ah, it's a combination of the two, you know. I've always, all the things that I liked
growing up weren't just great songs, there was also a personality behind it. Things like you
mentioned David Bowie and Alice Cooper and, you know Black Sabbath. Even Eurythmics, you
T- A bit of Boyd Rice in there as well, isn't there?
MM- Boyd Rice?
T- Yeah.
MM- Boyd Rice, yeah, not so bad.
Twiggy- Is that a dish?
T- Non.
MM- Non?
T- Boyd Rice.No, that's boiled rice.
MM- Yeah.
T- But boiled rice is, yeah,
MM- He's actually a friend of ours.
T- That makes sense.
MM- He's not a bad fellow. People think he's a bad guy as well, but he's, uh,
T- That's his choice of uniform generally. So, uh, it's a bit more cheerful now. Daisy

----------------Daisy Chainsaw 'Love Your Money'------------

--------Ad Break---------

----------------Ministry 'Jesus Built My Hotrod'------------

T- But it's not all doom and gloom and smoking human bones and smelling children and being
Antichrist Superstar, is it?
MM- No, not always, you know. Sometimes we might like to go to the mall, shopping centre.
T- Frighten little children.
MM- I used to actually,
T- Is this, is this a twenty four hour a day look for both of you or do you ever have off
Twiggy- We dress up in costumes, yeah.
MM- Yeah, sometimes we dress up in costumes.
Twiggy- Wear a pair of jeans and T-shirts and go to the mall. Is there malls here?
T- There are. We call them shopping centres.
MM- I have this costume that I wore, yesterday, actually, and I had these green corduroys and,
uh, it was a Judas Priest concert shirt and a, a pair of mirrored sunglasses and I had a fake
moustache and I went out and, uh, people didn't know.
T- They thought you were Rob Halford.
MM- Yeah.
T- Yeah.
MM- I got propositioned.
T- So, you, you got propositioned?
MM- Yeah, by Twiggy. Well, he thought I was Rob Halford.
T- Right. I thought Twiggy was having sex with all of Fluffy. Aren't you?
Twiggy- I'm pretty,
MM- Shhh! If he was, (whispers: he doesnt know about, uh, you know.)
T- He doesn't know about it?
MM- No.
Twiggy- About what?
T- Fluffy. You. The rumours.
Twiggy- Who's Fluffy?
T- Your support. So to speak.
(Twiggy shrugs, looks blank.)
T- OK.
MM- It goes with those condom things.
T- Yeah. We'll close that subject.
Twiggy- I don't know who that is.
T- You're going to be playing with them. Or you played with them, as far as we're concerned
right now.
Twiggy- I played with them?
T- Yeah. It's kind of a boiled rice thing.
(Twiggy laughs)
T- Well we're getting the wind up side, ok, and I've forgotten what I was going to say so
we'll not, we'll watch the next video which is going to be,
MM- What is it? Oh, The Pixies.
T- What did we decide on? Oh, it's The Pixies.
MM- Monkey's Gone To Heaven.
Twiggy- Actually, pixie, uh, pixie sticks and you just open up the top and you pour the sugar
out and you cut the other side and you can snort them. It's pretty exciting.
MM- Yeah.
T- Yeah. That's logical.
MM- And you can do it at elementary school as well because, you know,
T- No, no, you know. You see now you're taking it too far.
Twiggy- Plus, it's not illegal.
T- No, I know. it's not smart, though, is it? It's a bad habit to get in to.
MM- It's just sugar.
Twiggy(with mimes)- Bite one, pour it out.
MM- Pixie sticks,
T- Those poor kids won't have any septums left by the time they're older.
MM- Yeah.
T- It's The Pixies.

-----------------The Pixies 'Monkey's Gone To Heaven'--------------

T- So the, so Twiggy, you're not going to tell us anything about Fluffy, but please tell me
what you got up to in Evan Dando's bathtub.
Twiggy- Well, he wasn't in the bathtub.
T- No, but it was his bathtub.
Twiggy- As a matter of fact, I don't even think he was there. I was in New York city and it
was one of those late nights, it was about two o'clock in the afternoon and erm,
T- Very late night.
Twiggy- For some reason I was at Evan Dando's apartment, these girls, and I went to use the
bathroom and the toilet was stuffed up so I just shit in the tub and, uh, left about two
minutes later.
T- Nice little present for Evan.
Twiggy- I've never met him. I've nothing against him, I just,
T- I bet he's got something against you now.
Twiggy- He probably smoked it, actually, if I'm not mistaken.
(Toby laughs)
Twiggy- Probably smoked the, smoked the poop. That's where the human faeces story came from,
actually. It was, it was our faeces that was smoked, by Evan Dando.
MM- Yeah.
T- I understand if you dry it, it's a little like banana skins.
Twiggy- If you dry it, it's a little bit like hash. Can we say that on TV?
T- Hash?
Twiggy- Yeah.
T- Yeah, no problem. People watch in Holland. So, were you going to add something then?
MM- Oh, no. Mmmm-mmmm. No. I wasn't there.
T- What's the worst thing you've done to another pop star?
MM- Uh,
Twiggy- Besides giving them venereal disease?
MM- Had anal sex with them?
T- Besides?
Twiggy- The venereal disease.
MM- I think that's as bad as it can go for me.
T- Any, want to name any names? It's late at night.
MM- Oh, no. I'll let them name me.
T- Alright.
MM- They might be watching.
T- If they are watching, I'm sure they know who they were.
MM- Yes, it's,
T- I'm sure it's a fairly unforgettable experience. Certainly made me a bit nervous. Erm, so
the next video,
(Off Camera- Iron Maiden)
T- Sorry?
(Off Camera- Iron Maiden(laughs))
MM- That's your first band.
Twiggy- Your first band (laughs)
T- You know, I was a fan. You've got run for the hills, any other, do you want to list all the
other metal bands that you, er, that you still like? I'm guessing Ozzy Osbourne.
Twiggy- Grim Reaper.
T- Grim Reaper? Rothchild? Remember them?
Twiggy- Oh yeah.
T- Fine English band.
MM- Well, see, he actually was, uh,
Twiggy- I was,
MM- Was a studio musician on the first WASP album. He played, uh, all of Blackie Lawless's
bass lines. Most people don't like to talk about that because a lot of people get really upset
because they,
T- Blackie Lawless especially, I imagine.
MM- Yeah, in particular. So, yeah, actually after the record went platinum,
Twiggy- I was in love with him too.
MM- Blackie Lawless's codpiece with the sawblade, he gave it to him because they were lovers
for a while, I think, or something of that sort, and uh, so he has that somewhere.
T- Then, of course, there's your time as Billy Joel's backing singer as well. You were kind of
Sheryl Crow to his Michael Jackson.
MM- Yeah, a little Paula Abdul to Janet Jackson.
T- Rocking out. Ok. So. Maiden

---------------Iron Maiden 'Run To The Hills'---------------

------Ad Break-------

---------------Marilyn Manson 'Dope Hat'---------------

T- So that was Dope Hat from them, kind of, and, uh, that's it, really, isn't it? This is the
last bit. So, just finished the European tour, what are you going to do? Go back and spend the
MM- We're, uh,
T- You must be quite rich by now, mustn't you? Your albums really high in the Billboard charts
in the states, the cash has got to have started rolling in.
MM- No. Not a dime.
Twiggy- Spent it all.
T- Yeah?
MM- Spent it all.
T- What on? Clothes?
MM- Well, I spend it on condoms that I keep trying to give him.
T- Right.
MM- He spent it on, um,
T- Flowers?
MM- Dio records.
T- Right. You've got some sort of story about Dio, haven't you?
MM- Well, that's actually how we met, uh, Trent, who produced our album. It was in Cleveland
at a Dio concert and this was back when Trent used to have a moustache.
Twiggy- Cowboy hat, too, before the moustache.
T- Did you ever see any of the legendary early Trent Reznor synth-pop shows, then, is that
what you're saying?
MM- Uh, this was even before he was in synth-pop when he, uh,
Twiggy- This was in the seventies.
MM- He had a moustache and he was really into Dio.
T- Was it a Midge Ure or was it like a handle bar? (Toby mimes moustache size)
MM- It was like a Frank Zappa.
T- Really? Frank Zappa, sort of James Hetfield sort?
MM- Or maybe even, uh, Freddie Mercury.
T- Really?
MM- I would go as far as to say. 'Cause it had a little bit of a,
Twiggy- Homosexual vibe to it.
MM- A little bend, a little twist.
T- Oh, had some kink to it.
MM- Yeah, so we, uh, we met him there and we were doing the record. I reminded him that, and
we actually got him to grow a moustache. So while we were recording Antichrist Superstar,
Trent had a moustache. Sometimes you can hear that in the production of some of the songs, you
can hear it,
T- You can hear it rasping against the faders or something?
MM- Yeah.
T- That, that's nice. So are you going to be making another record in the, uh, in the near
MM- Uh, if, uh, if we're not all dead we might go ahead and make another one.
T- Oh, why would you all go and die on us?
Twiggy- Well, everyone's going to die.
T- Yeah, eventually. No, I mean soon? Armageddon, is that what you're referring, so I mean, I
Twiggy- You could call it that.
T- What, we're going to be two years away from the year 2000. Is that when it's coming or is
it coming early or later?
Twiggy- 97
T- Is that because you're sort of speeding the process up or,?
MM- We just push the fast forward button.
T- Right.
MM- You know, why bother waiting?
T- Yep, because,
MM- 'Cause all that's going to happen is that there's going to be another Pearl Jam record
that we'll dislike and there's gonna be,
T- You think you've got problems with Pearl Jam, you should listen to what we've got in
MM- What you got here?
T- I'm not even going to mention it.
MM- Dio?
T- No (whispers:Ocean Colour Scene)
MM- Kula Shaker?
T- (Oasis)
Twiggy- Dio?
T- (no, Kula Shaker, it's hell)
MM- I like Oasis because I keep reading these interviews and they talk about, uh, sex with
minors and, uh, drug use,
Twiggy- I never heard the record but I got about five copies of it, somehow. That's probably
why they sold so many but I like their interviews.
T- Sell it. Yeah, they give good byte, you know. So when, when are we going to expect another
record from you, then?
MM- I think you're being a little pushy. This one just came out seven weeks ago.
(Twiggy sneakily steals a candle)
T- I know but it's going to be a while 'til you come back to Europe, isn't it?
Twiggy- We're going to put one out, um, a week ago.
T- You're going to put one out a week ago, I like your approach to time, there Twiggy. Erm,
so, alright, we'll, we'll see you when you get back to Europe I guess. Thanks very much.
MM- We're doing a new video.
T- OK.
MM- Which will actually be out in about a week.
T- Super.
M- Tourniquet.
T- Tourniquet.
MM- Yes.
T- I've heard that song. It's a bit (rubs arm), it's a twister, isn't it?
Twiggy- Actually, Ronnie James Dio wrote it for us.
T- Yeah? Cheers. Picture of Trent Reznor with a 'tache on the cover maybe? (mimes moustache)
MM- (shakes head) It's not a pretty sight, you know, and a lot of, sadly a lot of the people
that are watching this show will be very depressed when they do actually, in his new video,
I think he'll, everyone will get to see that moustache.
T- Good, ok. Thanks for coming.
Twiggy- Actually, Ronnie James Dio and Trent Reznor are the same person.
T- Really?
Twiggy- Yeah.
MM- Ronnie James Reznor.
(Toby laughs.)
Twiggy- Reznor was in Rainbow, he was in Black Sabbath, he was in Dio,
T- Rothchild.
Twiggy- Lock Up The Wolves.
T- Bolt Thrower, Striper, and on that cheerful note, we'll leave you with Devo.
Twiggy- Dio.
T- And, uh, next week, James from the Manic Street Preachers. It gets better and better.
MM- Jimmy, we like to call him.
T- Yeah?