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Ancestors of Suzanne (Hemmelgarn)Oudejans

We will begin with a little history of the family.

Our knowledge of the family begin's with

Heinrich and Katharina Wernecke Hemmelgarn

Heinrich and Katharina's children:

Johann Heinrich Hemmelgarn

b.June 20 1797 in Hanover, Germany

..d. Oct 15 1899 in St. Henry Oh.

Johann married Anna Maria Dierkes

Aug 5 1823 in Neuenkirchen, Hulsen , Hanover,Germany

b. Feb 18 1798 in Neu. Hulsen, Han. , Germany

..d. July 2 1899 in St. Henry, Oh.

Johann and Anna M. had the following children:

Johann Heinrich Hemmelgarn Jr.

b. June 30 1824 in Neu. Hulsen,Han., Germny

..d. Oct 1849 U.S.

Anna Marie Hemmelgarn

b. May 22 1826 Neu. Hulsen, Han., Germany

..d. July 2 1899 St. Henry, Oh.

Anna married John Bernard Drahmann Jan 27 1844

Elizabeth Hemmelgarn

b. Dec 19 1827 in Neu. Hulsen, Han. , Germany

..d. Sept 25 1888 Boston, Mass.

Johann Theodore Hemmelgarn

b. Sept 4 1827 Neu. Hulsen, Han., Germany

..d. Sept 30 1915 Burkettsville, Oh.

Johann married Anna Maria Huelsman April 14 1853

Heinrich Paul Hemmelgarn

b. July 2 1829 Neu. Hulsen, Han. , Germany

..d. Feb 2 1908 in Cranberry, Oh.

Henry married Catharina Schmidt July 30 1852

Maria Theresa Hemmelgarn

b. Nov 1835 Neu. Hulsen, Han., Germany

..d. Sept 10 1914 Cincinnati, Oh.

Maria married Johan Gerhard Hackman May 16 1852

Maria Catherine Hemmelgarn

b. May 26 1841 Cranberry, Oh.

..d. Nov 17 1859 St. Henry, Oh.

This is the Family of Bernard J. Hemmelgarn the seventh child of Johan and Anna.

Bernard Joseph Hemmelgarn

b. Apr 21 1838 in Minster,Oh. .. d.Oct 7 1891 in Perham, Mn.

Bernard married Gertrude Marie SCHMITT on May 24 1859 in St.Henry,Oh.

b. Jul 20 1840 in Germany ....d. Dec 14 1917 in Perham,Mn.

Bernard J.and Gertrude M. had the following children:

1. Paul Hemmelgarn

b. Sept. 16, 1860 in Cranberry (Mercer Co.),Oh. ...d.. Feb. 18, 1937 in Pendleton ,Or.

Paul married Anna Elizabeth Wourms on Oct. 18, 1881

b. May 5, 1861 in Ohio ....d. Oct. 11, 1920 in Penham,Mn.

2. Mary Katherine Hemmelgarn

b. May 10, 1862 in Cranberry Prarie,Oh...d. Aug. 1, 1925 in Two Inlets,Mn.

Mary married Jacob Schmitz on Oct. 27, 1880

b. June 19, 1855 in Cleveland,Oh... d. Mar. 27,1947 in Two Inlets, Mn.

3.Maria Clara Hemmelgarn

b.Oct. 5, 1864 in Cranberry Prairie,Oh. ..d.

Maria married John Robbins on Apr. 3, 1883

4.Joseph Henry Hemmelgarn

b. Dec. 18, 1866 in St. Henry,Oh. ....d.

5. Mary Elizabeth Hemmelgarn

b.Nov. 19, 1867 in St. Henry Oh. ..d.Jan. 15, 1927 in Penham, Mn.

Mary married Andrew Matthias Fuchs on Nov. 15, 1887

b. Nov. 17, 1863 .....d. May 31,1891 in Penham, Mn.

Mary married again in 1892 to Alphonse Lederman

b. 1865 in Oberstrau, Bavaria, Germany ....d. Nov. 2, 1932 in Penham, Mn.

6. John Joseph Hemmelgarn

b.Mar. 20,1870 in St. Henry,Oh. Ivenmere , B.C., Canada

John married Elizabeth Fehr

b. May 28, 1871 in Rush Lake Twp. , Mn. ...d. June 15, 1917 in Rush Lake Twp.,Mn.

7. John Hemmelgarn

b.Feb. 7, 1872 in Gibson Twp.(Mercer Co.)Oh. ....d. July 11, 1938 in Mn.

John married Mary Waldorf in 1891

b.Mar. 17, 1872 in St. Cloud,Mn. ....d.May 15, 1901 in Two Inlets Twp. ,Mn.

John married again on Nov. 11, 1902 to Rosa Kruse

b. Mar. 23,1882 ....d. Aug. 15, 1964

8.Rudolph Henry Hemmelgarn

b.Jan. 9, 1874 in Sharpsburg,Oh. ....d.Feb. 28, 1944 in Saskatchewan, Canada

Rudolph married Helena Lena Fehr on Nov. 9, 1897

b. Aug. 2, 1876 in Rush Lake Twp.,Mn. ....d. July 8, 1954 in Penhem, Mn.


b.June 28, 1876 in Mercer Co.Oh. ...d.Feb. 1964 in Saskatchewan, Canada

Charles married Susanna Elizabeth Huss on Apr. 26, 1898

b. Jan. 8, 1880 in Penham,Mn. ....1959 in Kelvington, Canada ....d. 1959 in Kelvington, Canada


b.Dec. 14, 1878 in Gibson Twp.,Oh. ....d.Aug. 25,1908 in Two Outlets, Mn.

Anna married Rudolph Esser on Oct. 22, 1898

b. Jan. 21, 1875 in Gibson Twp., Ohio ....Aug. 25, 1908 in Two Inlets, Mn.

Unnamed Stillborn Baby HEMMELGARN

b.Nov. 14, 1882 in Gibson Twp., Oh.

This is the Family of Bernard and Gertrude's first son Paul


b. Sep 16 1860 in Sharpsburg, or Cranberry, Oh. ..d. Feb 18 1937 in Pendelton, Or..

Paul married Anna Elizabeth WOURMS on Oct 18 1881 in Sharpsburg, Oh.

b. May 5 1861 in Oh. ..d. Oct 11 1920 in Pendelton, Or.

Paul and Anna had the following children:

1.Veronica Elizabeth HEMMELGARN

b. Mar 1884 in Minnasota .d. Feb 23 1960 in Tacoma, Wa..

2.Edward Peter HEMMELGARN

b. July 23 1882 in Ohio ..d. Sept 27 1953 Colfax, Wa.

Edward married Clara Inman

3.Clara Marie HEMMELGARN

b. Dec 22 1885. .. d. Aug 31 1898.

4.Elizabeth Brigita HEMMELGARN

b. Oct 8 1887 ..d. Mar 30 1889.

5. Wilhemina Barbara HEMMELGARN

b. Feb 28 1892 in Oregan City, Or. ..d. April 3 1963 in Gardena, Ca.

Wilhemina married Harold James

This is the Family of Paul and Anna's son Wiiiiam Anthony Hemmelgarn Sr.

William Anthony HEMMELGARN SR.

b. Nov 5 1889 in Canby, Oregan ....d. March 23 1965 Eugene, Oregan

William married Carol Van Orsdall

b. Aug 27 1888 in Pendelton,Oregan ..d. Jan 1 1946 in Creswell, Oregan

William married Vera Lyons after Carol died

William Sr. and Carol had the following children:

1.Cecila Carol Hemmelgarn

b. Mar 1 1916 in Oregan

This is the family of William Sr. and Carol's son William Anthony Jr.

William Anthony Hemmelgarn JR.

b. Aug 19 1912 Portland, Or. ..d. Nov 2 1992 Anchorage, Alaska

William Jr. married Susanna Jane BLACKWELL (before )1936

b. Jul 8 1912 in Calexico Ca..

William JR. and Susanna had the following children:

Suzanne Edith HEMMELGARN

Suzanne married Neil Wilhelmus OUDEJANS Nov 9 1957 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Suzanne and Neil 's family:

Cynthia Ann Oudejans

Vickie Sue Oudejans

Vickie married Richard Contreras Benavides

Vickie and Richard's children:

Gabriel Benjamin Benavides

Valerie Suzanne BENAVIDES

Natalie Dianne BENAVIDES

William and Susanna Jane's son Daniel Paul 's Family:

Daniel Paul Hemmelgarn

b. Mar 5 1941 Lynwood Ca. ...d. Nov. 14, 2000 in Corona, Ca.

Daniel married Geraldine Junell COOPER

Daniel and Gealdine's children:

Scott Paul Hemmelgarn

Danelle Susan Hemmelgarn

Danella married Curtis Jay Fletcher

Jeffery Paul Hemmelgarn

Daniel divorced Geraldine

Daniel married Cynthia Kay WILLIAMS

William Jr. divorced Susanna in 1941

William married Helen Georgia Weldon

b. Mar 31 1918 in Albuquerque, N.M..

William JR. and Helen had the following children:

Charles Gerard Hemmelgarn

Charles married Marilyn Ann Sihvo

Charles and Marilyn's children:

Kristen Marie Hemmelgarn

Bryce Charles Hemmelgarn

Nicole Hemmelgarn

Jared William Hemmelgarn

Tony Hemmelgarn

Tony has a daughter

Roxanne Hemmelgarn

Carol Ann Hemmelgarn

Carol married Erik Lynn Wood

Harriet Lee Hemmelgarn

Harriet married Randolph A. Loeb

Harriet and Randolph's children:

Shane Michael Loeb

Sherie Marie Loeb

Samuel Paul Loeb

Andrew Alexander Loeb