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Delores and Charles Lucas

Delores HEMMELGARN was born on Jun 10 1913. In Ft. Wayne, In.

Delores died on June 28 1998 . In Ft. Wayne, In.

Charles Lucas was born on Sept 15, 1909 in Monticello, In.

Charles died on January 12, 2000 in Warsaw, In.

Delores married Chuck Oct.14, 1936 in Ft. Wayne, In..

Delores and Chuck had the following children

1. Tommy Lucas died an infant

2. Rosemary L. Lucas B.

Rosemary married Paul A.Crowe,

3. Jimmy Lucas died an infant

4. Ruthann Lucas

5. David Lucas.

6. Sandra Lucas.

7. George Lucas

George died Feb. 16 1999 in Maryland

8. Mary Lucas

Delores and Charlie were like parent's to their Nieces and Nephews. Their home was always open. they will be missed by all.


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