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Johann Jacob & Mary Elizabeth (Sherry) Borne

Jacob Borne

b. 1829 in Germany .......d.June 9, 1898

Jacob's parents were Peter and Katherine (Dauber) Borne

In 1850 Jacob with many other friends came to America to invest in some farmlands in Indiana. He came to Preble twp., Adams Co., Indiana and bought the farm, which became known as “The Borne Homestead”.

Jacob married Mary Elizabeth Scherry on Nov. 17, 1851

Mary Elizabeth Sherry

b.Nov. 14, 1829 .......d. Aug. 7, 1905

To these pioneers were born eleven children.

1. Jacob Borne Jr.

b. 1852.........d. 1942

Jacob married Elizabeth Wilhemina (Minnie) Bardlemeier; Aug. 17, 1876

2. Henry Borne

b. Nov. 19, 1853 ..... d. Oct 27, 1895

Henry married Elizabeth Easterday ; 1880 in Bryan, Ohio.

3. Sophia Borne

b.1856 ..............d.

Sophia married Gustof Yager; June 11, 1878

4. Liessette Borne

b. Jan 8, 1858 ........d. Jan. 12, 1912

Liessette married Henry Fruchte; Apr. 28, 1878

5. Christian Borne

b.Jan. 12, 1863 .........d.

Chris married Katherine Korte; Sept. 19,1901

6. Mary Borne


Mary married Henry Peters; Jan. 24, 1886

7. Daniel Borne

b.Oct. 15, 1870 .........d. 1895

8. Susanna Borne

b. Apr.22,1873 ...........d. 1958

Susanna married Otto Reppert; Feb. 20, 1898

9. Adam Borne


10. Louise Borne


Louise married Martin Miller Feb. 24,1888

11. Infant Borne

An Article appeared in the Decatur Daily Democrat news July 29, 1914.

The Family History

Descendants of Jacob Borne one of the Pioneers who came here in 1850. Last Sunday July 26,1914 the Borne relationship, held their third annual reunion at the beautiful home of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Miller, Monroe St., Decatur,Ind.

Early in the morning the different members gathered at the Miller home bringing their baskets filled with many things of the season. The big dinner which was spread at 11:30 was very delicious and was certainly enjoyed by all. The day and the meeting was a joy to one and all. Immediately after dinner a carefully planned program was rendered.

The program consisted of solo’s (piano and vocal) duets, recitations, readings, and short talks. The history of the Borne family, which was excellently written up, proved to be very interesting.

The history was written by Mrs. Otto Reppert of Decatur is given here in the full and dates back to the year 1829.

Mr. Jacob Borne who was born in Bavaria, Germania , in 1829 remained in Germany up to his twenty-first year.

In 1850 Mr. Borne with many other friends came to America to invest in some farmlands in Indiana. He came to Preble township and bought the farm, which is at the present time known as “The Borne Homestead”. The following year he was married to Miss Mary Elizabeth Scherry. Mr. and Mrs. Borne resided on the same farm their lifetime. Mr. Borne died June 9, 1898, and Mrs. Borne on August 6, 1905. To these pioneers were born eleven children, six of whom are still living. Those who passed away were: Lusetta, Henry, Adam, Daniel, and one infant. Jacob lives on a farm two miles south of Magley, Christ on a farm one mile east of Magley, (The Old Homestead), Mrs. Otto Reppert in Decatur, Mrs. Gust Yager in Ossian, Indiana, Mrs. Henry Peters in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, and Mrs. Martin Miller in Decatur, Indiana.

Up to the present time 96 members belong to the Borne relationship. In the division of the world’s labor the following isolated facts were given.

The relationship so far has had: 61 prosperous farmers and most of them are well to do, 3 mechanics, 5 stenographers, 3 merchants, 1 soldier, 4 school teachers, 1 druggist, 1 banker, 1 composer in music, 7 musicians, 1 jeweler, 1 architect, 1 coal dealer, 1 watchmaker, 1 hardware dealer, 5 clerks, and 2 confectioners. All but 3 are church members. The record of the family has been free of any arrest so far.

The members of the reunion voted to meet next year at the Old Borne Homestead occupied by Christ Borne. During the business session the following officers were elected for the coming year. President—Mrs. Gust Yager Secretary—Mrs. Henry Peters Treasurer—Mr. Christ Borne The president appointed the following committees: Program com.; Mrs. Otto Reppert, Lydia Miller, Clara Peters, Mrs. M. F. Worthman, Com for games; Flora Peters, Gusta Yager, and Bergeta Borne. The reunion selected the Pansy as the family flower.

July 28, 1936

Newspaper clipping from the Decatur Daily Democrat Newspaper telling about the Borne Reunion.

Borne Reunion Held at Park, July 27, 1936

One hundred and ten persons attended the Borne reunion held Sunday at Memorial Park. Mrs. Susie Reppert was elected president for 1936 and 37. Henry Borne was selected as vice president and Myrtle Morton, secretary and treasurer. After the business meeting an amateur hour was enjoyed, each family being required to put on a stunt. The program included yodelling, speeches, songs, accordion and harmonica selections. A telegram of greeting was read from Henry Taylor and Family of New Orleans. The Reunion next year will be held at Sunset park the last Sunday in July.

Those present were Joe Kiess and family, Mrs Jacob Hoffman and children, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Borne and children, Mrs. Anna Mechling and children, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Borne and children, of Ft. Wayne, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Hemmelgarn of Ft. Wayne, Mr. and Mrs. George Yager of Ft. Wayne, Mrs. Lydia Worthman, Mr. and Mrs Art Smith of Ft. Wayne, Elizabeth , Christine, and Lucinda Borne, and Lewis Borne of Muskegon, Mich., Mr. and Mrs. William Bihlman Sr., Mr. and Mrs. R. Huekler and Children, Mr. and Mrs. William Bihlman Jr. and children all of Cincinnati, Mr. and Mrs. David Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Hahn and Mrs. Ida B. Borne of Canton, Ohio, Mr. and Mrs Walter Deitsch and son Robert, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Miller, Mrs. E. C. Little of Canton, Ohio, Mrs. Otto Peters and son Billy, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Walker and family of Ft. Wayne, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Brown and daughter, Mrs. Rosella Crum and daughter of Ft. Wayne, Mr. and Mrs. Christ Borne, Mr. and Mrs. Jay Yost, Mrs. Louise Scaffe of Bluffton, Mrs Roy Sprowl and children, Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Jaberg and children, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Butcher, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Houck of Muncie, Mrs. Susie Reppert, Mrs. Anna Crum and son Charles, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Morton.

Visitors present were Marie Murphy of Ft. Wayne, Radel Andrews of Decatur, Lawrence Riehle, Marcia Steir of Ft. Wayne, John Feralery of Muskegon, Carl Reeves Bluffton and Hazel Mankey.

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