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Henry and Elizabeth (Easterday) Borne

Henry Borne

Son of Johann Jacob and Maria Elizabeth (Sherry) Borne

b. Nov 19 1853 in Adams County, Indiana d. Oct 27 1895 Magley , Indiana

Henry married Elizabeth Easterday in 1880 in Bryan Ohio

b. Jul 8 1857 in Tiffin, Ohio d. Jul 27 1938 in Magley, In

daughter of Dr. Louis and Elizabeth ( DAUBER ) Easterday

Henry and Elizabeth had 8 children

Albert Rudolph Borne

b. Feb 15 1885 Kirkland Twp , Adams Co. Indiana d. Apr 7 1936 Ft. Wayne, Indiana

Louis Ludwig Borne

b.Sept 9 1880 Adams Co., Indiana d. Nov 8 1955 Muskegan ,Michigan

Mary Christina Borne

b. 1882 Adams Co, Indiana d. 1960 Goshen, Indiana

Clara Louise Borne

1883 Adams Co. , Indiana d. Feb 1951

Edward Benjamin Borne

b. 1888 Adams Co. ,Indiana d. 1977

Anna Caroline Borne

1890 Adams Co., Indiana d. 1968

Henry Franklin Borne

b. 1893 Adams Co., Indiana d. 1968

Gustov Martin Borne

b. 1895 Adams co., Indiana d. 1963